Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor

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Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

3 BBY (age 41)

Date of Death:

38 ABY, Korriban

Physical Description

Human cyborg




2.04 meters


114.13 kilograms






Infected with a techno-organic virus

Personal Information

Old Folks' Home



Lightsaber Color(s):

Pearl White

Lightsaber Form(s):

See Lightsaber Forms

Fighting Style(s):

See Hand to Hand Styles

Chronology & Political Information

Psychopath killer


Viceroy Emeritus of Altur


Rise of the Empire Era to Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Chi Long

Known apprentices:

Markus Krane (former)



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"Tarax is just a pole, and nothing more; quoted Shadow, the awesome whore."
Shadow Taldrya

Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor is a Human cyborg male Dark Jedi holding the rank of Obelisk Primarch from Clan Taldryan. In the past he served the House Dinaari of Clan Taldryan as first Aedile and then Quaestor, alongside a myriad of Dark Summit positions. For his loyalty to the Clan, Tarax was awarded the title of Son of Taldryan.

Tarax died in the final moments of the 11th Great Jedi War, a casualty of bad writing by published authors.

Character History

Let's Start at the Beginning


Tarax Kor was born in Munto, one of Commenor's largest cities, to suspicious and tragic circumstances. While giving birth to her son, Margaret Lefay's health took on a sudden and mysterious turn for the worse, putting Tarax's own life at risk; Tarax's mother did not live long enough to hear her son's first cries. Born with a myriad of health complications, the hospital staff's only chance of saving the newborn's life was to attach him to an experimental techno-organic prosthetic, which would strengthen and reinforce the baby's rapidly-weakening physiology. Tarax's father, Malcolm Dresden Kor, would go on to raise his son by himself.

Given that Malcolm Kor worked as rare artifacts dealer, his job would take him and his son all over the galaxy. By the age of 6, Tarax was already developing a deep resentment to the fact that he didn't have a place to call home; his dad kept them on the relatively run-down cargo ship, flying from port to port, with not much to show for it. Tarax knew that his father was a good, hard working man that wanted to make the best of the situation for his son, but that did not prevent the hate from festering within the child's heart. It would be during one of his father's many trading runs when Tarax's world would go from bad to worse.

Tragedy and Rebirth


A few weeks after Tarax's 6th birthday, his father's business led them to the homeworld of the Hapes Consortium, the planet Hapes itself. It was in this place that Tarax would have his reality turned upside down, and the course of his life changed forever.

It was almost time for them to leave Hapes and head to the next leg of their trip, when Tarax's father had scheduled a last-minute meeting with a surprise buyer for the older Kor's collection of ancient Sith artifacts. Unknown to his father, the buyer was a Hapan noble with rumored but unproven ties to the Sith culture. Days passed by without a deal being agreed upon, and each night Malcolm came back to his shuttle more frustrated and complaining of every-increasing headaches. After a week of failed negotiations and increasing headaches, Malcom Kor suffered a sudden aneurism on his way to meet the buyer, dying instantaneously. The death of Tarax's father hit the young child though the Force like a hammer, inciting Tarax to violently lash out and send a scream through the Force, causing him to black out. Elsewhere, a hooded figure standing over Malcolm Kor's lifeless body looked towards the spaceport, its posture fully alert.

The death of Tarax's father made something snap deep within the young boy. The Hapan authorities, unable to find any next of kin and unsure what to do with the young boy, placed him with a family of lower nobility. This moment of relative peace did not last, as soon after Tarax was adopted by another Hapan noble named Justin DuMornek.

The Shaping of a Monster

Tarax as a child
Justin DuMornek

Life with DuMornek was not what the young boy had expected: instead of the usual Hapan narcissism and selfishness, DuMornek showed a near-obsessive interest in Tarax's newfound abilities and their limits. Over the course of the following years DuMornek taught the young man plenty about the use of his powers, oftentimes pushing their abilities and Tarax's willingness to use them on others beyond what most civilized peoples would deem moral, even acceptable. It was during one of their many lessons together that the young man's set one of DuMornek's prisoners on fire, at which point the old Hapan dubbed his apprentice Eosphoros, which was Old Tionese for "the Lightbringer."

Heading Down a Dark Path

Suddenly it all came to an end. Tarax, believing he had learned enough about his powers, demanded that DuMornek cease his strict oversight of the young man. Believing he could still control his protegé, DuMornek attempted to enthrall Tarax and break him to his will, but he had underestimated how powerful his apprentice was, and how much he had learned. Tarax fought off against DuMornek's attacks, killing him and bringing the Hapan noble's villa down on his former master's broken, lifeless body. It was at this very moment when Tarax Eosphoros Kor realized the true potential of his powers, and with the only man being able to stop him now dead, he set off from Hapes to test himself and his boundaries.

Stacking Up the Body Count

Nearing the end of his teenage years, Tarax needed to find a way to indulge his sadistic, violent nature without getting into trouble with various galactic law forces. Finding himself in the Corporate Sector, the large cyborg realized the easiest way to do what he wanted and evade capture was to contract himself out as a bounty hunter; he signed up as a contractor at the local House Paramexor offices on his 20th birthday. For the next four years Tarax would use what little he learned of the Force from DuMornek to hunt other murderers across the galaxy and kill them in every conceivable, pleasurable way.

Into the Darkness: Joining the Brotherhood

Nineteen years after the Battle of Yavin, Tarax stumbled across the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Hunting one of his bounties, Tarax quickly learned that his target was a member of Clan Scholae Palatinae, one of the Brotherhood's major factions; instead of deciding to pursue and kill the lowly Dark Jedi, Tarax decided instead to join the organization and start a new life within. Knowing only of Scholae Palatinae at the time, Tarax joined their ranks as a Novice dark Jedi of the Obelisk Order.

However, Tarax soon discovered that Scholae Palatinae weren't a people that were knowledgeable or useful, and decided to look for a suitable home elsewhere.

The Search for a Worthy Home

"Home is where the heart is...unless I've ripped out your heart and shoved it down your throat."

Setting out from Scholae Palatinae, Tarax set his mind on exploring the different factions of the Dark Brotherhood with hopes to learn as much as he could from them; the only group he never wished to near, however, was Clan Tarentum.

Despite spending a very brief time in Clan Naga Sadow, the two factions which proved the most useful to Tarax in his early years as a Dark Jedi were Clan Arcona and Clan Exar Kun, which eventually became Clan Plagueis.

Clan Arcona

House Galeres logo

The first stop after leaving Scholae Palatinae, Arcona was a place where Tarax felt he could easily grow in power and status. Friendships and rivalries were quickly forged, most notably with later fellow Taldryan allies Halcyon Rokir and Syn Kaek. Steadily rising through the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood, Tarax was persuaded by a fellow Arconan to leave the Clan and follow her to Naga Sadow, despite arguments against such a decision by fellow members of House Galeres.

Realizing that the move to Naga Sadow was a mistake, Tarax came back to Galeres and once again focused on obtaining as much knowledge and power that he could; this drive ambition caught the eye of the former Grand Master and then-Consul of Clan Exar Kun, Chi Long. Tarax reached the rank of Jedi Hunter and was given the position of Aedile of House Galeres, yet he could not deny the feeling he had that Arcona could offer him no more of what he sought and desired; sensing this change within the ambitious Journeyman, Chi Long offered Tarax the chance to become his Master and teach him all that was needed to finish his Knighthood Trials, whereupon the young Arconan would finally earn the rank and power of Dark Jedi Knight.

Without a second thought Tarax left Arcona to train under his new Master, this time never to return.

Clan Plagueis

Training under the Grand Master was short but rigorous; Chi Long was an apt teacher, and Tarax was a skilled and talented student. Right after he earned the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, Tarax's Master and Consul decided the Clan should honor the Sith Lord Plagueis instead of Exar Kun, changing the Clan's name and starting a new chapter in its Holocron.

The new beginning also brought in new rivalries. Soon after Clan Plagueis asserted its position within the Dark Brotherhood, a new faction of Dark Jedi opposed to the Consul rose within its ranks. It was not long before the rival group took over the Clan and deposed Chi Long from power, forcing him to flee Plagueis and the Brotherhood.

With his Master gone, Tarax did not have the power or support to strike down the rebels that had taken over his Clan. Not willing to become their pawn or ally, Tarax quickly left Plagueis for a better Clan.

Clan Taldryan: Joining the Best

Taldryan Emblem

"A brotherhood within a brotherhood"
―Taldryan Motto

Due to luck or the will of the Force Tarax found a home with Clan Taldryan, finally laying his roots in House Dinaari.

As he gained more knowledge and experience, Tarax realized that Taldryan was a place he belonged to from the start; the end of one long journey, but the start of a new one. He was reunited with his old friends Halcyon Rokir and Syn Kaek, and made plenty of new ones like Hel-Pa Sklib, Shadow Taldrya, Kir Taldrya Katarn (who is totally gay), Benevolent Taldrya Whiner, and many more. These friendships would later become stronger as part of the Old Folks' Home, an elite Taldryan unit.

House Dinaari

"D-I-N-A-A-R-I, there's no other way to spell Pwnage"

Settling down at his destination, Tarax knew that his newfound home was the source of some of the Brotherhood's greatest leaders. This knowledge, along with the suspicion and skepticism that treated him upon his arrival, led the Knight to commit as much of himself as he could to the brotherhood of Taldryan.

Before too long, another Plagueis outcast would join Dinaari; Vladet Xavier quickly rose through the ranks within Taldryan and became the Quaestor of House Dinaari, appointing Tarax as his Aedile. Over the next four years Dinaari solidified its superiority within the Dark Brotherhood thanks to the powerful teamwork between Vladet and Tarax.

Becoming a Son of Taldryan

After four years as an Aedile and just under a year as Quaestor of House Dinaari, Tarax was awarded the Clan Title for his commitment and dedication to the Clan and its members. After many years of grueling work and self-improvement, he became a Son of Taldryan. Soon after receiving this prestigious honor, Tarax - now an Obelisk Exarch - left Taldryan to wander the galaxy and learn as much of what he could about the dangers beyond the Brotherhood's borders.

The Return

Tarax's return to Taldryan was not a pleasant one. He came back to the Clan he had loved so much to find it in a weakend, diminished form, stripped of its status and power by the foolish decisions of the Dark Council. During his absence Taldryan had suffered a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of its long-standing rivals, Clan Arcona. Adding insult to injury, Taldryan barely survived the effects of the Horizon Plague due to the Dark Council's inability to plan a proper containment effort. Tarax knew that for Taldryan to survive, he'd have to go back and help rebuild it from the inside, to once again make it the top Clan within the Dark Brotherhood. The Taldrya joined his old comrades in the Old Folks' Home and set in course a series of events that would see their beloved Taldryan rise again.

The Dark Crusades

The Dark Crusade dragged on for a long time, and Tarax was instrumental in helping Taldryan secure third place. During the Crusades Taldryan was able to regain the status of a Clan, and return to its former glory.

Fading Light


Fading Light, also known as the Dark Crusades: Crusade Harder, lasted for another year. Tarax was able to secure Ferran's sword Revelation for Clan Taldryan, aid in his Clan's victory, and in the process lose his bionic arm. With the help of Taldryan's healers and the Force, Tarax's bionic arm regrew and regained its strength.

Great Jedi War XI & Death

At the climax of the 11th Great Jedi War Tarax attempted to use Revelation to put an end to the Mad Grand Master and end the Civil War, but his bloodlust was not enough to overcome the sheer power wielded by Ashen. Tarax's death was the catalyst for the Rite of Immortality, and the end of hostilities between Cotelin's and Ashen's forces.

He's dead, Jim.

Personality & Appearance

Behavioral Traits


Tarax is a sadistic psychopath. He loves to see and cause pain in others, both often bringing euphoric - sometimes sexual - levels of pleasure and joy to him. He would rather slowly torture and maim a victim to death rather than afford them the mercy of a quick kill. The more gruesome a death can be, the more pleasurable and exciting it is for Tarax.

Combined with his love of massacres, genocide, and overall bloodshed, Tarax has a strong lack of respect for others; he is quick to insult and taunt his opponents - whom he refers to as his prey - using their rage as fuel to feed his fire. Only a select few have earned Tarax's respect, mostly his fellow friends and team-mates from the Old Folks' Home as well as some of the Taldryan Summit.


When sufficiently provoked by an opponent or by his surroundings, Tarax sinks into rage-fueled, mindless bloodlust that sends him on a vicious and massive killing spree. This is not a Force ability as much as a state of mind where the Equite loses all rational control and only has the urge to destroy everything in his path. The only way he can be brought out of this phase is if he kills every single opponent in his vicinity or if his system suffers a massive enough shock. This blood-lust is very similar to a berserker trance.

Physical Description

I work out.

Just over 2 meters tall and weighing almost 115 kilograms, Tarax is an imposing figure. His white hair and blue eyes brighten a face that hides a very dark and sinister mind. A body packed with muscle, Tarax is both blessed and cursed by the cybernetic techno-organic prosthetic that has claimed the left half of his entire upper body; while providing him with added strength and protection, it also proves as a handicap when exposed to extreme weather such as freezing temperatures or scorching heat.

Earned in battle against the Erinos family from Clan Arcona during the Selen Incident, the scar over his right eye serves as a constant reminder to the Taldrya Primarch of his maddening hatred of Mandalorian everywhere, especially for those within the Dark Brotherhood.

Given his size and strength, Tarax's role on missions is usually that of a fighter and brawler used for brute force, as opposed to finesse and Force mastery. In certain situations, he serves as an adequate human shield to the rest of his team mates, able to take a beating and to continue fighting. On more than one occasion he was used as a human cannonball, to varying degrees of success.


Regular attire
Tarax's robes

When he's not on a mission for Taldryan or the Old Folks' Home battleteam, Tarax prefers to wear colourful and loose clothing. Other members of his House constantly make fun of his choices for clothing, but Tarax prefers his unconventional ensemble to the traditional Dark Brotherhood robes often worn by his peers. Oftentimes this decision has worked in Tarax's favour, as he can wander around various cities around the galaxy without being identified as a member of the Dark Brotherhood or Taldryan, thus providing him a tactical advantage on numerous occasions.

The blue colours on his shirt bring out his bright, beautiful blue eyes, while the red reflects his passion and thirst for his enemies' blood.

When on a mission or in combat, Tarax prefers to wear the Brutal robes with a cloak; the robes provide plenty of protection, allow for a high level of dexterity, and most important of all don't chafe. The robes are accented with traditional Obelisk colours and are equipped with additional protective plates in vital areas.


Hand-to-Hand Styles

Not wishing to rely too much on his weapons, Tarax has devoted himself to studying and mastering various hand-to-hand combat disciplines. He is a master of the Dulon, Broken Gate, and Carinor forms, and an apt practitioner of the Kartranin, Hapan, and Shyarn-ado forms.

Lightsaber Forms

A skilled combatant with the lightsaber, Tarax rains death and destruction upon his enemies simply and efficiently. As his mastery of the Force increased along with his ascension through the Obelisk, the Taldryan Equite perfected the advanced style Djem So as his primary form, relying on the lower Shii-Cho and Soresu styles as a secondary form. The lack of diversity in Tarax's knowledge of lightsaber forms is made up with the ferocity and intensity he displays when utilizing these styles against his opponents.



Tarax's current lightsaber
Previous lightsaber

Tarax built his first lightsaber upon reaching the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, under his master Chi Long's guidance. It was a simple silver, brushed metal hilt with a purple blade. This was Tarax's primary weapon throughout his stay at Clan Plagueis and the first few years at Clan Taldryan. Shortly after Tarax reached the rank of Obelisk Prelate, the Dark Brotherhood held the Third Independence Games, a series of Brotherhood-wide events held away from Antei, celebrating the Exodus. It was during the Independence Games that the Dinaari Aedile's lightsaber suffered damage beyond repair, prompting Tarax to build himself a brand new one. After several days of hard work, concentration, and meditation Tarax successfully completed construction of his first fully custom lightsaber. The new lightsaber had an elegant dark chrome hilt mixed with red and bronze, while the focusing crystal was a coveted Krayt dragon pearl, giving the blade a powerful, eerily white glow.

Tarax would continue to use his custom lightsaber in many battles during the following years, relying on its pearl-white glow to cast a ghostly aura around him as he relentlessly massacres his opponents. It was after several such battles on Krayiss II during the first phase of the Dark Crusade after Taldryan managed to secure the planet that Tarax found an ancient but perfectly preserved lightsaber hilt while scavenging the remains of the ancient library-temple. Unlike his hilt used at the time, the scavenged hilt had a longer grip and a bladed pommel; it also featured two blades below the emitter, acting as guards for the hilt but in practice serving a much more nefarious and deadlier purpose. Given that Tarax's lightsaber used up until that point was beginning to shows signs of wear and tear, the war-mongering Primarch decided to build himself a new lightsaber using the newly found, ancient hilt; Tarax transferred the crystals from his old lightsaber into the new one, engraved the Taldryan symbol below the emitter so it was positioned perfectly between the two guards, and re-bound the leather grip. The Lightbringer had built himself a new lightsaber.

Melee Weapons

One of Tarax's daggers

Being the type of man that enjoys the up close kill, Tarax has developed a strong affinity for using various sorts of bladed melee weapons - most often daggers - along with his lightsaber. Depending on the situation and its circumstances, Tarax's arsenal would include a combat knife or dagger, a punch-dagger, and his most prized bladed weapon of all: a Zhaboka.

The Zhaboka came into Tarax's possession shortly after his departure as Quaestor of House Dinaari, whereupon to satisfy his need for blood and mayhem led him across the galaxy hunting various sorts of prey; oftentimes his prey ended up being Mandalorian. During one of these hunts Tarax came across a secret weapons cache belonging to his target, finding the Zhaboka within; it was with this weapon that Tarax's prey met his gruesome, painful, bloody demise.

When faced with a combat situation Tarax prefers to use his melee weapons instead of his lightsaber, usually to taunt and tease his opponents. The use of a cold-bladed weapon to maim and kill his opponents brings causes euphoric satisfaction to Tarax, which leads to him rarely using his lightsaber against his foe unless he is outmatched, outclassed, or decides to top playing around and go for the quick kill.


Positions Held
Before Position After
Syn Kaek Aedile of House Galeres
22 ABY
Kuddam Wrath
Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib Praetor to the Master At Arms
29 ABY to 31 ABY
Halcyon Taldrya
Vladet Xavier Aedile of House Dinaari
27 ABY to 31 ABY
Corax "Baron" Zarjin
Vladet Xavier Quaestor of House Dinaari
31 ABY
Corax "Baron" Zarjin
A total eclipse of the heart