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Journeymen are the most inexperienced within the Dark Brotherhood. The vast majority of the Brotherhood’s members are comprised of this Class. Ignorance defines their position, though they actively seek teachers and usually advance quickly with the proper attitude. What they lack in mystical or political influence, they make up for in devotion. The Equites rely on them to bolster the Houses and Clans, fighting the wars as they, and the Elders play their games with the hierarchy.

There is an unspoken separation within the Journeymen Class, simply because most Jedi are placed there for a significant portion of their careers. The Apprentices, Novices, and Proselytes are the lowest portion of the Class. They often have little more than the most basic of mystical knowledge, and are often in serious mortal peril. An Elder who might pause before slaying a Knight, will not usually hesitate to kill an offending Apprentice. They often have such low influence, that they are treated as expendable resources by many of their superiors.

Protectors, Guardians, Hunters and Knights often occupy position of relatively higher prominence. Many are the Battle Team Leaders or even Aediles, within their Houses. They treat their subordinates with much of the same contempt, if not more than the Equites or Elders.

These situations make the Journeyman class one of the most hostile of the Brotherhood. Though not as politically motivated as the Equites, or paranoid as the Elders, they will act with a surprising degree of malice when motivated. They lack the practiced control of the higher classes, and will even attempt to channel power beyond their grasp through sheer emotion. Time often sorts out those with the drive, determination and potential to take on various layers of leadership. Patience is often its own reward, considering the risks of haste.

Ranks Sith Order Force Disciple Order Jedi Order Mercenaries Loyalist Forces
JM4 Knight Knight Knight Professional Captain
JM3 Hunter Padawan/Hunter Padawan Yeoman Lieutenant
JM2 Acolyte Acolyte Acolyte Courier Sergeant
JM1 Neophyte Neophyte Neophyte Runner Private

Novitiate Journeymen