The Collective: Liberation Front

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The Liberation Front is a sub-faction of The Collective.


The Liberation Front is the founding pillar of the Collective. Rath Oligard is the founding member and head of the Liberation Front and the figurehead of the entire Collective. Rath and his closest confidants comprise the upper echelons of command. Due to Rath’s origins as a member of the Iron Navy, he keeps the Liberation Front organized in a military fashion.

The Liberation Front itself is broken down into subsections of the organization. The largest subsection of the Liberation Front is the Quasi-military that Captain Crimson has grow and trained. These soldiers are made up primarily of downtrodden and disenfranchised civilians from across the galaxy who feel like they have been wronged by Force Users and are seeking retribution, these members come to the Collective with no formal training but a burning passion and hatred. This makes them particularly dangerous. A few of the military arm of the liberation front come from a military background and find themselves working their way through the ranks quite quickly. Those that prove themselves particularly loyal and effective are often recruited into Arriris’ Guard.

The Guard are highly trained and highly loyal to Rath and his vision. These guards are primarily charged with the protection of their leader Rath Oligard and secondarily with the internal security of the Liberation Front. The Guards will stop at nothing to maintain Rath’s vision for a united galaxy, rid of Force Users.

The smallest group within the Liberation Front is also the most dangerous and deadly. Avitus Oligard leads a group known as the Zealots, for self explanatory reasons. The Zealots see themselves as the antithesis to Force users and are more than willing to throw their lives away to see Rath’s vision come to fruition. They are brainwashed to be completely and utterly devoted to the cause, it is their only remaining passion in life. The Zealots are considered the monks of the Liberation Front, they are willing to take anybody into their order regardless of age, race of gender, however all members must shave their head completely and have the three pillared logo of the collective branded into their forehead as a show of loyalty to the cause.

Quiet but essential to the success of the vision and the Liberation Front is the Medical branch, lead by Rath Oligard’s personal physician, Rado “Radio” Theon, who focuses on keeping the combatants of the Collective in their peak physical health. Radio has assigned Rakkas Kat as his head of research, while Horval Jume serves as the primary doctor in the field overseeing the wounded.

Liberation Front organization chart.


Following the Iron Throne’s assault on remote world XL374 in 30 ABY, a former Naval officer of the Iron Navy began to plot his treason against the Grand Master and the Clans of the Dark Brotherhood. The former prodigy known as Rath Oligard, was believed to be Killed In Action in the assault. Inquisitorius records indicate that Oligard was married with three young daughters, all of whom perished in the assault on XL374.

Unbeknownst to the Grand Master and his Council, Oligard quietly began to usurp power and followers across the Galaxy. Lost and broken, Rath and his cousin Avitus travelled the galaxy together to learn more about the people that had taken so much from Rath. As Rath traveled the galaxy he encountered others who had been affected in similar ways to himself, in an attempt to right the wrongs of those he once swore allegiance to, Rath tried to help others rebuild their lives. The more people he helped, the bigger following Rath gained. It was actually Avitus’ idea that Rath use the support of the people that had begun following them as a force to use against the Brotherhood and people like them, Rath dubbed his initial followers the Liberation Front. From there the Liberation Front grew in size as Rath and his followers moved across the galaxy, helping those in need and recruiting to their cause.

The core group of the Liberation front is known as the Founders Council. Rath Oligard, and his cousin Avitus formed the initial Council. Together, the two were able to collect the assistance of a Zabrak named Arraris Varken, who was tasked with forming the middle ranks of the Liberation Front. Together, they continued to recruit a band of devout followers who agreed with the Oligard’s visions.

Records indicate that early on in their formation, the Liberation Front was unable to survive without proper funding. The early Council spent months attempting to persuade wealthy families across the Outer Rim that their cause was worthy of investing. These early attempts were futile, as records indicate that a third of the Founders wound up imprisoned or executed. Following this humiliating defeat, Rath renamed the Founders Council simply as the Advisory Council. It became clear that alone, the Liberation Front was doomed to fail. Rath shifted his focus towards enticing Capital Enterprises, a rogue banking guild, and later on the brash but powerful Technocratic Guild.


Amongst the Front, the members highly respect one another. They were taught that this is the only way that the vision would succeed. Each member addresses each other by their rank followed by their surname. Despite his objections, they address Oligard simply as “Lord Superior”. Oligard takes the time to learn about his officers, and he expects them to do the same amongst themselves.


Rath Oligard

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.22.27 PM.png Name: Rath Oligard
Position: Lord Superior
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

The mastermind and visionary leader behind the Collective, Rath is also the head of The Liberation Front. A former Fleet Admiral for the Iron Navy, he possess a keen understanding for how the Brotherhood operates, and has deep rooted reasons for wanting to see it burn to ashes.

Avitus Oligard

Avitusheadshot.png Name: Avitus Oligard
Position: Chief Counsel
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

The enigmatic cousin to Rath Oligard has unique abilities that make him both an invaluable aide to the cause, but also a potential blight on Rath's mission to rid the Galaxy of Force users. Avitus has Rath's trust and confidence, but often turns towards self-loathing and harm to cope with the hypocrisy of his existence.


Zealot have been brainwashed fully into being willing to give their lives to the cause of removing Force Users from the galaxy. They are required to keep their heads shaved, regardless of gender. Their features point to a wide array of skin tones and facial structures, but they each bear the distinct three-pillars of the Collective logo as a blackened brand mark on the center of their foreheads.

Arraris Varken - "The Blade"

Arraris.jpg Name: Arraris Varken
Position: Chief Guardsman
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

The Guard is lead by deadly swordsman who has gained a reputation for defeating Force wielders in a duel despite having no special abilities or powers from the Force. Aside from his talent with a blade, Arraris Varken has dedicated his life to understanding the mentality and strategy of the art of dueling, making him a deadly counterpart to Rath's Chief Counsel, Avitus Oligar. The two often work in tandem to take down even the most formidable of Elder Sith or Jedi.

Captain Crimson

Captaincrimson.JPG Name: Chelsie "CC" Crimson
Position: Captain, Recruiting & Training
Faction: The Liberation Front
Character Sheet

Captain Crimson is the model soldier and one of the more respected leaders in the Liberation Front. Her position and importance often gets overlooked in the grand scheme of the Collective, but she has earned Rath's trust, and he has, in turn, gained her undying loyalty. Responsible for helping to recruit and then training members of the Liberation Front for combat operations, she is also often on the front lines spurring the troops on towards victory.

Captain Crimson.



Partisans make up the bulk of the Liberation Front. They are the recruits brought in from all around the galaxy. Most have no formal training, and are just regular mundane people that have either lost their homes or families or were inspired by Rath Oligard to join his cause. They range in appearance, but are all given training to be of use to the Liberation Front.

The Guard

Rath Oligard's personal Guard are highly trained commando's that wield z6 Riot Control Baton's and Riot Shields. They are also carry a standard DC-17 Blaster Pistol and Smoke Grenades . They wear dark gray plated armor with gold accents and don helmets with dark oval visors. Each has been hand selected by Rath himself, and each is willing to give their life for his vision and purpose.

Granted Feats

The following feat is granted to any member of the Liberation Front

As a member of the Liberation Front, The character has been trained to identify and be aware of the dangers and weaknesses of a Force User. They exhibit no fear when facing down a Jedi of any alignment, bolstering their Resolve. The character also knows how to better adapt to their surroundings without the use of cybernetics or mystic powers, granting a +1 skill point bonus to their Survival skill.