Rajhin Cindertail

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Rajhin Cindertail
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2.2 m / 7'3"


140.0 kg / 309 lbs



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Sith Sword, Beskar Spear

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"’"What do you mean you can't concentrate when I'm yelling!? Relax!" RELAX!"
―Rajhin Cindertail

Rajhin Cindertail is a Togorian male Force Disciple Adept currently serving on the Dark Council as Fist of the Brotherhood.

Initially trained as a Guardian adherent at the Jedi Praxeum, Rajhin quickly became frustrated with the more pacifist side of Jedi philosophy and left the order. Finishing his training in the Shadow Academy as a Force Disciple he strived to uphold the honorable warrior aspects of the Guardian tradition while taking a broader and more activist view of the Force and its use by Force-sensitives.

Rajhin was recruited into the Grand Master’s Royal Guard and quickly rose through the ranks. He did not achieve any notoriety until making a heroic stand alongside heroes of the Brotherhood Clans during the Battle of Eos City. After serving as an aide to Dracaryis Sunstrider Rajhin was eventually selected to serve as the next Fist and tasked with preparing the armed forces of the Brotherhood for conflict with the Children of Mortis.

Behind the Scenes

Rajhin was initially created as an homage to Lord Shaxx from the Destiny series of videogames. The aspect titles for Raj’s character sheet are in-game quotes from Lord Shaxx.