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Seabr'imsto'nedansr aka Brimstone
Biographical Information

Yashuvhu, Chiss Ascendancy

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





75 in.


225 lbs




Blood Red



Personal Information

Jedi Order

Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Custom Lightsaber - red blade
  • Armory Lightsaber - purple blade
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Vapaad
  • Shii-cho
  • Charric Blasters
  • Lightsaber
  • Sapphire Blade
Fighting Style(s):
  • Carinor
  • Broken Gate
Chronology & Political Information





Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Plagueis

Personal Ship:

Nssis-class Clawcraft - Brimstone's Yashuvhu

Known masters:
  • Frosty Romanae (deceased)
  • Ashura Isradia
  • Anshar Kahn
  • Cypher Isradia
  • Telona Murrage
  • Sato Kahn
Known apprentices:


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"You may break my body or my soul, but you won't break my honor. I will never break my honor against the Brotherhood "
― Brimstone during his capture by the Vong

Seabr'imsto'nedansr is a Battlemaster in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. His fictional character is a Dark Jedi that was born on Yashuvhu, and belonged to House Seabr of the Clan Nedansr within the Chiss Ascendancy and Star Wars universe. He goes by the name Brimstone in Galactic Basic due to the native Chiss language of Cheunh being hard for non-Chiss to speak much less, pronounce.

Before Brotherhood


Prior to his birth in 0 ABY, the Chiss Ascendancy was very unknown outside the Unknown Regions.

Early Years

House Seabr of the Clan Nedansr

From the time Brimstone was born (5 BBY), he was raised to be a commander and leader in the military branch of the Chiss Ascendancy. He was very well liked when he was younger.

As he grew up, Brimstone joined the Naval Forces of the Chiss. He was appointed to the Lt. Commander of the Chiss 4th Expansionary Defense Fleet at the age of 18. During his time in the position of Lt. Commander, it was found out that he was Force-sensitive and banished from the Chiss Ascendancy. His family then disowned him as an inferior and he was put into exile to stop him from tarnishing the family name. The Chiss Academy then erased all records as they saw his abilities had helped him achieve his almost perfect grades and considered him to be a dishonorable cheat.

Due to heavy military training and scientific advanced studies from medical personnel, Brimstone and others of his race, soldiers that is, have been chemically advanced to heal and recover from wounds (minor and mid-major), poisons, and loss of consciousness. See Military for info on training and background


Joining the Brotherhood

After being exiled, he took off into the Outer Rim Territories. He liked the planets during his prior years of exploration from the Chiss Military. He also wanted to learn more of the Force and who none better to learn from than the Jedi.

He found one that was an exile himself. His name was Jaester Kronus. The new friend started to teach him the ways of the Force, and after two years of training, started to teach him how to build a lightsaber. Before he could complete his training however, he was confronted by a Dark Jedi by the name of Ashura Isradia. The Krath told him about the dark side and the narrow-mindedness of the Jedi, which intrigue Brimstone.

But his master Jaester confronted the Krath. Brimstone tried to break it up, but the two argued about their points in the Force. Brimstone then made an offer, who ever won in a fight, he would follow them for good. Jaester didn't stand a chance as Ashura lopped off his head within minutes of the engagement. Brimstone made his choice.

Brimstone followed Ashura to Yridia to the Brotherhood home of the Clan Tarentum and met with different masters, like Spears, Frosty Romanae, and Sith Bloodfyre. The convinced Brimstone to join their cause and Brimstone was then given as a student to Ashura.

Ashura months later would switch clans and abandon Brimstone, which resulted in a deep hatred of his former master. A month later,Cipher Isradia was introduced as his new master. This was the same person who showed Brimstone the workings of the clan and house. As part of Cipher's promotion to master, he took on Brimstone as his student. This would not last long when the war with the Yuuzhan Vong erupted and Cipher turned up missing.

Great Jedi War 8

In year 21 ABY Brimstone was instrumental in the defense of the Brotherhood against the invading armies of the Yuuzhan Vong. Along with his expertise of prior battles against the Yuuzhan Vong, he helped show the Masters different tricks and secrets of his race. One was the introduction of the Vong Killer Grenade that was used from the ideas of the NJO (New Jedi Order series).

During the war he destroyed over two dozen starfighters in space combat and 12 Yuuzhan Vong warriors in melee combat. He used his knowledge of the Vong, along with the help of his expertise in firearms and the Vong Killer Grenade. He also did kill one with a lightsaber he acquired from the weapons locker room. This encounter resulted in a broken arm.

Brimstone also helped Clan Tarentum escape from Antei Space pursued by the Yuuzhan Vong. Due to his courage and expertise against the enemy Brimstone was promoted to Jedi Hunter. He spent time working alongside the likes of Master Spears, Master Bloodfyre, and Mistress Telona. Brimstone's master Cipher, turned up missing, possibly a casualty of the war.

Overall, he killed 12 Yuuzhan Vong in hand-to-hand combat, 15 in space combat, as well as a dozen Clan Naga Sadow and Scholae Palatinae enemy starfighters.

Rogue Status

After a major war with the Yuuzhan Vong, Brimstone during a ceremony, requested Rogue status and to learn on his own to becoming a Dark Jedi Knight. He did this due to the fact that he kept losing masters and got tired or being abandoned.

Brimstone took off with to begin his searches for components and power sources for his new lightsaber he was building. During this time, Master Frosty took him on as a student along with fellow Jedi Hunter, Levathan. The two of them would begin to work together to build their lightsabers.

Levathan and Brimstone traveled to Tatooine to get Krayt Dragon Pearls and was ordered to look into a Jedi Tusken raider on the planet. They both finally met up with the Jedi and spent a week with him in his encampment learning how to turn the pearls into lightsaber components. After a week however, they got worried that the Jedi would find out who they were and kill them, so they left, not before rigging explosions in his camp.

But as time went on, his new master moved on to a promotion and left Brimstone in the hands of another master,Sato Kahn. This new Master showed up and met them on the planet Onderon. But after another week of working with this new master, and finding some Sith crystals called Qixoni, the jedi from Tattooine showed up and a battle ensued between their master and the Jedi. Both Brimstone and Levathan left the planet in a hurry. Brimstone took off for the planet Dathomir. Levathan took off for a different location. Brimstone had then lost all contact with his "new" master Sato and assumed the worse that the jedi defeated him.

Upon arriving at Dathomir, he was in search of Lord Bane's hidden fortress in hopes of finding a holocron or other material that will help him become a better Sith. He met up with a Nightsister witch by the name of Jara. A week later, he was contacted by his now 5th master, Anshar Kahn. Brimstone has since continued to get to know Jara as well the planet towards his goals of finding Darth Bane's hidden fortress. During his arrival to the fortress, he was encountered by his Master Anshar Kahn and another female dark sider. Brimstone was rendered unconscious and has no memory after this encounter.


Brimstone and his new master, Anshar Kahn, traveled to the mysterious planet Colomar. Brimstone and Anshar worked with the council member Maryis to help find out the hidden order of terrorists led by her apprentice Jara. Brimstone was captured by both Jar and her co-conspirator Dar who tried to turn him to their side of views, even going as far as using his "Dream Walking" techniques to try to ambush Anshar which was their main goal for revenge who years earlier had killed their leader.

Brimstone helped to defeat the two and the terrorist group was destroyed in a counterattack.

Ghosts of the Past

Brimstone and Anshar made their way back toward Yridia when they ended up instead with the fleet checking out what looked like an abandoned derelict ship. But once on board it was actually controlled by spirits that intended to destroy the Clan Tarentum and take over their bodies.

Brimstone was injured from an attack by his master, Anshar, who was possessed by one of these spirits. After coming to and trying to help, the spirits were eventually defeated by the "psychic web" that the entire clan finally melded in unison. Brimstone also learned about some of the Clan's powers in necromancy. He is hoping to learn more when they return to Yridia.

Trials of the Knight

Brimstone took on the tasks assigned to him from the House, Clan, and his Master towards promotions. After a few months of the trials, he was awarded the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and after a brief celebration, proceeded to start learning the newer forms of lightsaber styles.

During his trials, Brimstone met a tuskin on tattoine that claimed to be the Jedi A'sharad Hett. Despite his attempt to kill the Jedi, he failed but escaped. In his ongoing hunt for his parts to a lightsaber, he went through three more masters until finally taken by Anshar.


Brimstone joined his fellow brethren of Gladius in a competition with Cestus that was made to the by the Elders of Clan Tarentum. Him and other went to the planet Samur inside the Antei system that was taken over by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion the prior year. They were given the task of finding parts of the Shards of Tears that happened to make it intact from their destruction.

Upon arrival, tension was mounting between the two houses as each sought to gain control of the shards for themselves. During this hunt/expedition, Cestus member Ronovi, a former member of Gladius, had found one of these shards. During a plan ambush by the Gladians, Brimstone did help to recover the shard from her grasps. After intense infighting for the shard between the clans, they agreed to work together to get others. The shards influence was detrimental as it tried to control anyone who held onto it.

As both houses worked to find the others, they were attacked by a Yuuzhan Vong patrol and many injuries ensued. During evacuation procedures, Brimstone was unable to make it to the rescue shuttle and it took off. Master Oberst had to make a difficult decision to leave the Gladian behind as it was too risky to return with so many injured.

Brimstone fought as hard as he could, but eventually he was captured and taken away by the Vong to their ships. His whereabouts are unknown to the rest of the Gladians and Clan Tarentum. During the transport of Brimstone as their prisoner, the Vong were attacked by a Jedi force that eradicated the Vong and saw that Brimstone was a force-user. When they tried to coax him into joining their cause, he made his escape after stealing his captor's lightsaber and killing him while he slept.

Brimstone made his way back to Tarentum, but refused to explain to the leaders on how he had escaped. Brimstone found out later that the person responsible for his being left behind was wanting to get rid of the Chiss.

Great Jedi War 9 - Antei

Between 22 ABY and 29 ABY, after DJK Brimstone returned to the Tarentum fleet, they were summoned with the Iron Throne to take back Antei from the Vong. Brimstone spent the time waiting and meditating till Mistress Telona had assigned him to work with Protector Severon Vercingetorix and help train him for the upcoming war with the Vong.

It wasn't until they reached the Shroud did the Iron Throne discovered that the Vong had been destroyed by some sort of biological weapon and that the droid forces of a renegade Jedi, Crask, had taken over the planet Antei for his own.

Brimstone and Severon helped set up AA (Anti-Aircraft) batteries and defend the landing area from attacks. After a few battles with droids and a Tank Droid that was a relic, Brimstone and Severon made their way with the rest of the Tarentum forces to overtake many outposts and the prison the Jedi were believed to control. Brimstone questioned Master Oberst's tactical plans for sending in ground forces when they could just bombard the landscape from the atmosphere. This didn't sit well with Oberst, who had left him behind on Samur.

The platoon that Brimstone rode with finally came upon one outpost and after intense fighting, succeeded in taking control of it. Brimstone and Severon were ordered by Telona, to search for underground bunkers and enemy forces.

During their searching, they did find more droids that they took out, but in the end, Brimstone discovered that the enemy had started a self-destruct of the outpost. Brimstone ordered everyone to evacuate immediately. Before they could finally get cleared, Brimstone sensed the imminent destruction and channeled the Force to throw his squad and Severon out of the path of the explosion. Brimstone ended up taking extensive damage as he was hurled from the blast and knocked unconscious.

After surgery, Brimstone use the Force to recover from his injuries. He had found out that some of his platoon didn't make it and Oberst was extremely upset about it. When Brimstone finally made his way from the medical tents to the rest of Tarentum, Master Anshar, his former mentor, advised him that he was no longer welcomed to the clan Tarentum and banished him from the clan. Despite his pleas, Tarentum left him alone and in exile on Antei.

Brimstone was once again captured by the Yuuzhan Vong.


Scholae Palatinae

Brimstone was temporarily with the House of Scholae Palatinae. *I lost internet for 2 years so had to go back to Rogues. Hence no story line for this time*

Exile on Csilla

Brimstone made his escape from the Vong after two years of captivity. He made his way back to his "old" home world and hid in seclusion as he recovered.

Brimstone now is on his way back to Antei and the brotherhood in hopes of returning to the prestige of his brethren.

Brimstone was hunted down by his brother, Mynop'atc'howrda, who tried to recover the families honor. During an escape from his clutches, Brimstone was able to contact Antei and the House of Plagueis sent reinforcements to recover the former Tarentae.


Dark Crusade

Brimstone is currently working with Plagueis in their battle against Darth Krayt and the One Sith. During the ongoing war, Brimstone helped Plagueis take over the planets of Nfolgai, Khar Delba, Ziost, and Ch'hodos. He is currently helping to eradicate the One Sith.


During the Battle of Athiss, Brimstone helped the House of Plagueis overcome odds and spearheaded the Spear squadron in helping his clan secure a fourth planet for the Iron Throne from the One Sith. He flew multiple missions to help the invasion land and take over the planet. For his excellent work, he was promoted to Sith Warrior by his leader, Ronovi and her staff Arden and Celevon.

Taranae Rhode

During the battle of Ziost, Brimstone met a victim of the war with One Sith by the name of Taranae Rhode. She was new to the ways of the Force and at first was a prisoner. Brimstone saw potentially an asset to the Brotherhood and took her as his first apprentice. During her training, she had many fears to overcome, but she accelerated in her training. During her trials to Knight, Brimstone ordered her to kill her family on Naboo, which she did with much hesitation. But before she could kill them, Brimstone secretly saved her family and knocked her out, and implanted memories into her to make her believe she did kill them.

Taranae made Knighthood in under three months and had since taken on other roles, including Battleteam sergeant, Clan Rollmaster, and currently Karness Murr Aedile. She also just became a Equite 1 / Sith Warrior, in eleven months.

NSD Predominant

Admiral Brimstone on Predominant

"vun'ur cart to ch'att csitan'ci. ran vun'ur, ch'a vuhn tuzir nah ttan'ocah rovsari. «honor is the highest accomplishment. without honor, a man can not achieve success.» "
― Admiral Brimstone on the Predominant

Following the Brotherhood's victory on Ziost, the leaders of the Houses and Clans were recalled to Antei by Muz Ashen. Following that meeting, the Predominant was patrolling the Khamar Krote Hyperlane awaiting the Dread Lord Montresor's return, under orders to escort him back to the Anchorage. Under the command of Seabr'imsto'nedansr, the Predominant was ambushed by hostile forces and destroyed almost immediately, unable to even get a shot off at the attackers. By the time the Ascendancy arrived, the Predominant had been reduced to rubble, with Seabr'imsto'nedansr's escape pod being one of the few recovered from the ambush site.

Vassago Shax

Brimstone was gifted a second apprentice, Vassago Shax, during a battle in the Fading Light campaign. Vassago, a former One Sith, had tried to murder Brimstone, but failed. House Aedile Callus Bo'Amar, who was part of the same strike team as Brimstone punished Vassago by making him the Chiss' apprentice.

Brimstone brutalized Vassago during his training, mostly for his failure at killing him. They ended up later going to Columar to continue Vassago's training, but the apprentice was kidnapped and went missing. Brimstone left the planet per Clan orders, not before leaving ways for his apprentice to contact him.

Fading Light

Brimstone and Plagueis fought the forces of the One Sith and Esoteric on the planet Nitch Ka. While they were not the overall victors of the planet, Plagueis discovered some intel that Esoteric was possibly a traitor to the Iron Throne's Dark Council.

Esoteric then escaped before being discovered on his identity and headed towards Korriban, the sith homeworld. Eventually, he would contack the di Plagia of the clan Plagueis and make them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Great Jedi War XI

Brimstone's Custom Saber

Brimstone and the rest of Plagueis had aligned with the One Sith against the tyrannical Grand Master Muz and GM Jac who was trying to stop him from destroying the Brotherhood while becoming immortal. Instead, it turned out the One Sith was playing all the clans against themselves to extract revenge for all their losses to the Brotherhood. After the battle on Korriban where the One Sith's leader was finally destroyed and the Brotherhood was saved from its own destruction, Plagueis decided to move to their hidden location and recoup their losses.

For his service and hard fought battles, including one of the few to question the One Sith alliance, Brimstone was promoted to Sith Battlemaster and receiving a custom lightsaber.

Kadrol Hauen

in 35 ABY, Brimstone took another apprentice in Kadrol Hauen. As the new apprentice trained, he decided to secretly try to circumvent his learning by assuming a secret identity and try to learn more ways to get power he craved. Unfortunately, he was caught by the Brotherhood and was arrested and found guilty in a trial with the Justice department. He lost his previous ranked promotions and was banned from the Brotherhood for a year. After he went on a sabbatical, he returned but was no longer following the Dark Side of the force. Fearing his execution from his master, Kadrol fled to a different clan, Scholar Palantae, and found himself a new master. Brimstone keeps in touch with his former apprentice and watched him grow into Knighthood.

Great Jedi War XII

Great Jedi War XIII

Great Jedi War XIV

DJB Facts

Current Status

Brimstone is a member of the Clan of Plagueis of the DJB.


Vendetta History

Notable Accomplishments

  • Awarded Sapphire Blade for work in Dark Crusade 2013
  • Awarded Sapphire Blade in 2019

Notable Positions of Leadership


  • Sith Mastery
  • Trainer in the ACC
  • Leader of a Fleet
  • Leader of a Clan
  • Return to the Chiss Ascendancy
  • Get Plagueis back to Clan **COMPLETE**

Trivia & Photos

Brimstone a year later
  • Brimstone is the name of his SWRPG Sith character, Darth Brimstone. Which is also known as Slayer Blaqflame. Character made in 2000.
  • Sea and Dansr is the shorten version of my name Sean Daniels Sr.
Brimstone currently
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  • Designed a Tie Fighter Advance/Defender about 15 years ago that looks eerily similar to the TIE Defender, except with more weapons and hydraulic wings.
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