House Cestus

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House Cestus
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Koros, Yridia System

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15 ABY




32 ABY


27 ABY

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Blade Cannabisia

Clan Tarentum


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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House Cestus was one of the former houses of Clan Tarentum.


Cestus was the third of Clan Tarentum, specifically created to be part of the Obelisk Order. Throughout the House's history, there have been several periods where the members of House Cestus gained certain honors and victories throughout the Brotherhood and Obelisk Order. After the Fifth Great Jedi War, the House was overrun with undead created by an experiment gone wrong, leading to the dissolution of the House.

Following the war with the Force-devoid Aliens, an incident occurred on Koros, which led to the destruction of the old Cestus Complex, and a new one "formed" with the VSD Corsair being implanted onto the moon's surface. The wreckage of Tarentum's former flagship served as the House's headquarters until it was closed in 32 ABY.

In 31 ABY, the Cestus house summit decided to restructure the house proceedings into a sacred band known as the Hieros Lokhos ton Taras. The Lokhos, integrated into the body of Cestus, and operated as one of the clan's many offensive forces as well as the enforcers of the clan summit's orders. However, following civil war within the house's ranks, the Lokhos were disbanded along with the house as the clan underwent Oberst's re-militarization.


The VSD Corsair implanted on the surface of Koros
The old Cestus Complex served as the base of operations and headquarters of the House until its closing in 22 ABY. Cestus was re-opened five years later, in 27 ABY, and used the (repaired) wreckage of the Corsair as its headquarters. The interior of the ship has been remodeled in some places to serve the needs of the House, while the exterior remains the easily identified hull of the Victory-class Star Destroyer. Following the closure of Cestus, the Cestus Complex was turned over to the Tarentum military to be used as a new military academy as well as a replacement for the funcations of the Aegis platform.


The Nightwraiths are a more recent battle team formed in 29 ABY, formerly known as the Hands of Malice. They were recognized as the primary espionage/commando unit of the Hieros Lokhos, as well as a team affiliated with Clan Tarentum I Corps operations. However, along with the closure of Cestus; the team was disbanded.

Quaestors Emeritus

  1. Sithspawn
  2. Sameal
  3. Gryffon De'Urtha Cantor
  4. Zsinj
  5. Ziguarath
  6. Gelton Torr
  7. Glorfindel
  8. Zekk
  9. Blade Dranal
  10. Blade Cannabisia
  11. Gryffon De'Urtha Cantor
  12. Karel Tarentae
  13. Sato Tarentae
  14. Kazarelth Talismarr
  15. Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae
  16. Ji K'awiil