Vassago Shax

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Vassago Shax
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Vassago was born into a mercantile family in the great city of Tasjon on the planet Corulag.

Tall and imposing, heavy set muscles and a square jaw. Piercing blue eyes and closely shaved blonde hair. A fanatic when it comes to training he frequently forgoes meditation and more scholarly pursuits for weight lifting, running and combat training. Highly skilled with both standard issue rifles and pistols he also displays an unnerving appreciation for small bladed weapons.

Completely without empathy for others and possessing a paranoid and highly suspicious personality he makes few friends. He remains a fanatical believer in the One Sith and given half a chance would happily murder every member of the Dark Brotherhood. Above all he believes in the survival of the fittest. That only the strongest deserve to live and that all the weak should be exterminated without mercy. He also has a special hatred towards women, having suffered at the hands of his domineering mother and the cruelty of his sisters.

Character History

Vassago was born into a mercantile family in the great city of Tasjon on the planet Corulag. The Shax family was a successful broker of all manner of goods from power convertors to minerals. He had three sisters and a domineering mother who took every opportunity to belittle and exclude Vassago. A quiet boy he grew to hate and despise his family. As soon as he was old enough he left for the capital city, Curamelle and attended the Corulag Academy where he studied for a number of years. Though passing all his classes he did little to distinguish himself and frequently finished towards the bottom of his class. Much like his prior family life, he remained a loner making few friends.

Things changed with the arrival of Darth Krayt and the One Sith. Corulags prior loyalty to the Empire proved a fertile recruiting ground for the armies of the One Sith. Promises of glory and conquest lured many young and ambitious to their banner. Vassago Shax seeing an opportunity readily joined and was quickly placed in the newly formed Corulag legions. For the next few years he saw extensive front line combat on numerous worlds from across the galactic core to the outer rim. Initial successes were easy as world after world quickly gave ground and collapsed under the onslaught of the One Sith.

Despite his unassuming impact at Corulag Academy, Vassago was a natural and efficient soldier. He quickly gained recognition for exploits on the battlefield for the One Sith. Aggressive and tactically aware he would smash through even the most well prepared positions. He quickly developed a fanatical loyalty which was only encouraged by his military leaders. His more vicious and cruel nature was soon further let off the leash when he was assigned to one of the many 'extermination squads'. Frequently deployed on whats considered worlds with a difficult population they would reduces small towns and villages to lifeless burning husks. Men, women and even children were not spared.

Specialist training was also given to hunt out Jedi, training that became useful when the war took a difficult turn when faced with the Dark Brotherhood. That proved useful and also fateful when Darth Krayt's armies began invading Antei enmasse. Vassago was stationed with one of the invading forces and like so many victories before him met with equal success. Enemy resistance was weak initially but soon stiffened as the invader approached key worlds held by various Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood. What became easy victories soon gave way as resistance stiffened. When the Dark Council finally struck the forces of the One Sith were forced onto the defensive before finally breaking under the relentless and ferocious warriors of the Brotherhood.

With the tide of war turning additional divisions were sent to the ice world of Ziost to bolster it's garrisoned forces. Despite considerable strength being present the combined forces of Clan Arcona and House Plagueis smashed through the defenses and quickly seized control. It was during the final stages of the war that Vassago Shax was captured. Cut off from their main force they made their last stand in bitter fighting in the cold, snow steeped plains about the ruins of the Great Sith Citadel. Though mortally wounded during the battle he managed to survive, being captured by the victorious forces of House Plagueis.

He was subjected to weeks of intense questioning and torture but refused to break. Frustrated they sought the talents of the Brotherhoods Dark Jedi to learn all they could from their prisoner. It was then discovered he was a force sensitive. In the wake of the war and the now depleted ranks of the Brotherhood it was decided instead of executing Vassago they would instead accept him into their number believing that with enough training and discipline he may yet prove to be a valuable member of the order.

His surprise at being spared quickly turned to contempt. Believing the Dark Brotherhood to be a pale imitation of the One Sith. Though accepted into their number he is kept on a very close reign, guarded and watched constantly.

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Vassago, in demonology, is a mighty Prince of Hell, ruling over twenty-six legions of demons. He can be persuaded to tell the magician of events past and future, can discover hidden and lost things, and has a "good" nature.

Shax (also spelled Chax, Shan, Shass, Shaz, and Scox) is a Great Marquis of Hell, and has power over 30 legions of demons on evil horses. He takes away the sight, hearing and understanding of any person under the conjurer's request, and steals money out of kings' houses, carrying it back to the people. He also steals horses and everything the conjurer asks. Shax can also discover hidden things if they are not kept by evil spirits, and sometimes gives good familiars, but sometimes those familiars deceive the conjurer. He should not be bothered too often.