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Telona Murrage
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Telona Murrage is a woman of many emotions, all of which she uses to her advantage. She has held many positions, the most notable was Krath High Priestess. She is an extremely loyal member of Clan Tarentum and the DB as a whole. There are many who claim to know her and many more who claim to have trained under her. Strangely enough she harbors no real enemies in the DB. There are a few who would like to take a crack at her but they are warned, she likes to bite.

Character History


Telona was born to a Jedi couple that were killed by a Sith. Or so she is told. Her parents used lightsabers to defend themselves against a dark robed man with a red lightsaber. The people of Togoria took her twin brother and her away at the request of their mother. She and her brother grew up on the beautiful planet, not knowing who they really were but always hungry for the story of their birth. They played with their force powers and wondered how they could do such things. Then one day, as they played in a field, a Liphon came down from the sky and took her brother away. She was only five at the time and the loss of her twin pushed her down the path of the Dark Side.

Through her play with the other Togorian cubs she developed better senses than most other Humans. She also showed the confidence of a hunter and after much begging, convinced her father to take her with him. It was all her dark plan to build up her strength and skill to exact her revenge on the Liphon. She did stand out, being a five year old Human female, when she was introduced to the hunting tribe. She was brought before the tribe's shaman along with the other new male cub additions. It was their tradition to have the new additions fight a ceremonial fight for a hunting partner.

Though spunky and confident, only one Togorian challenged her. She fought hard to prove herself to him and the others. Her life was nearly lost that day as her challenger accidentally tore her belly open with his claws. The shaman was strong in the Force and his skills saw her healed in a matter of weeks. Yet while he worked, he performed an old ritual he and his predecessors did not understand. He crudely bound Telona's soul to that of her hunting partner.

After her recovery, Telona got to know her hunting partner. Meroku was his name and his creamy fur made him stick out as much as she did in the tribe. Still, they spent many years getting to know each other and developing their hunting abilities. It was, after all, hunt and kill or die.


Telona was 16 when a major change happened in her life. She and Meroku were finally allowed to join in the Liphon hunt. The old pull of revenge surfaced in her mind and drove her forward. She had developed a forbidden love with Meroku but she pushed that all away to seek out her revenge. It cost Meroku his life. When he died, a portion of Telona's very soul ripped away from her, leaving an unquenchable void within her. Lost, she went back to the villages of the females and began studying the galaxy around her.

When she was 19, a ship visited the isolated world. They were mercenaries in need of ship repairs. With them was a Dark Jedi. He quickly found her and started to teach her how to use her powers. When the repairs were complete, she went with them. She stayed with the mercenary group and continued to learn valuable skills.

Path to the Brotherhood

Telona was 20 when she learned of the Dark Brotherhood. Its lure of arcane knowledge and training was irresistible. She left the mercenary group on good terms and headed for her next calling. Now her goal was to grow strong in the Dark Side and take her ultimate revenge upon that Liphon that took her brother and Meroku from her. It is a goal she still holds to this very day but knows the time has not yet come.

DJB History

Clan Tarentum

Clan Tarentum has always been Telona's second home; particularly House Gladius. She rose through the ranks and became Tetrarch of the elite Mystics of the Black Arts Phyle. Many months later she was asked to start a new project. She developed the Jedi Trials for Gladius but at the cost of being a Tetrarch. A move she regretted for a while as she greatly enjoyed being the Mystics leader.

A little while later the QUA stepped down and she was asked to take his place. While she took up the leadership position, she still had a lot to learn about Humans and their ways. Things went well for a while for the most part. She was often lusted over and had to learn how exactly to deal with such things. She grew greatly in knowledge and fighting skills. Then the Exodus happened that split the DB and EH apart. A few from her ranks left while she remained strong to her true calling. The other houses were not so lucky.

Shortly after things settled down, Telona was called to return to Togoria. She had kept her ties with her adopted family strong and the loss of her adopted parents was a huge blow. She sadly left Gladius behind while she morned her loss.

A tug in the Dark Side brought her back to Gladius and her search for more powerful knowledge. She came back and embarked up rebuilding the Wizards of the Crypt. The phyle was renamed The Keepers of the Night. She lead the phyle on many missions and won much fame through her exploits. She enjoyed her time with the phyle but a higher calling needed her. She was chosen to take up the title of PCON. This was a highly different challenge and one she took on head first. By now she had the respect of many and the attention of those outside her clan. She was taken under the wing of Alanna to replace her as Krath High Priestess.

Still holding strong ties to Clan Tarentum, Telona became the last of the Krath High Priest. She took up training Initiates in combat and challenging others in prose. She delved into the ancient texts to dig up much information on the past history of the Krath. With this, she sought to fully write out the Krath history. Sadly though, the Grand Master of the time decided to dissolve the power of the Order Leaders and Telona's work went unfinished though she gave what she had gathered to the Shadow Academy so that one of their scholars could finish it.

An Elder of the Brotherhood, Telona's faith had been shaken by the dissolution of the Order Leaders. This has lead to her brooding hatred of Human kind. She returned to Gladius a very different person. She was silent and reclusive. Yet the Dark Side pulled at her once more. She was convinced to become PCON once again to help the CON in his workings. She also began running the Dark Voice newsletter and enjoyed being the chief editor even after she was no longer needed as PCON.

Telona devoted a year of her life to the Dark Voice. She brought about a good number of changes not only to the staff but to the equipment that was used to print the paper. On the side, she continued her training duties at the Antei Combat Center. Yet she was missing a part of her she had left behind. Her lust for knowledge. Being the editor of a newsletter did provide her with knowledge on those around her, it did not satisfy her desire for the arcane. She pledged herself once more to Gladius and Clan Tarentum. She once more took the Keepers of the Night under her wing and started her studies on the path of the Death Dealers. She retired her position as Dark Voice Tribune and her long standing time as an ACC staff member.

She enjoyed a brief time as battleteam leader before she handed things over to Dranik. Telona pursued the duties of Roll Master and House Envoy before taking over once more as Quaestor. It was her second term and she did a little improvement to the House. Unfortunately, the House was infested with Droch that mutated after feeding off the Dark Side energy permeating the base. The parasites took over while she was out on a mission with a few other members. Upon returning she found it necessary to hold off most of the Equites of the House while her companions freed the rest of the House. The battle was a harsh one that left her in a deep comatose state. Only the Elders of the Clan knew she was still alive, the rest thought she was dead.

Telona was quickly taken to the castle where she was sealed away to recover. While she was down the Clan went away on a major mission. With the presence of the other Dark Siders gone, the woman was able to recover at a speeder rate as the latent energies could now focus just upon her. The Dark Side took her mind into places she had never ventured before. She refuses to speak of what she experienced. Upon their return, however, the members of the Clan that knew her best could sense a change in her.

The invasion by Force-devoid Aliens of the Brotherhood was perhaps her breaking point. She could not continue down the path she had been on. After helping her Clan push the invaders out, Telona left and returned to her home planet. Here she found a new purpose. She forced the refugees out by any means she could and helped the planet as a whole repair itself. Telona will not talk about what she did to the refugees but there was talk of a hooded figure that brought death in the night to those who did not leave when told.

In the years she was on her home planet she experienced more loss and betrayal than she thought possible of the noble inhabitants. An upstart from another family clan killed the eldest of her adopted family clan. He took over as Margrave and declared that she was banished. The elders did not approve of the move, understanding all she had sacrificed for the whole, but they did not bar the upstart from his decree. On top of that, she finally said goodbye to her beloved little lizard, Icku. The lizard left her with two eggs and rather than fight the upstart and potentially damage the eggs, she decided to head out into the galaxy.

Dressed as nothing more than a low life on the street, Telona ventured from planet to planet. She watched the peoples comings and goings, listened to conversations, and explored myths that interested her. She tried hard to not think about her beloved home planet. What she failed to think about were those who had never shoved her out. The Dark Side nipped at her every day until she finally did. Her Clan had never ousted her, never turned her away, and always welcomed her with open arms. She had been there for them but they had also been there for her. Her travels finally found her back on Tarentum soil and back home for good.



From Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic


Telona has a fiery temper and equally fiery passion. She is usually upbeat but will fall into periods of sadness. She tries for a level head to further express her understanding of the situation but she usually falls prey to her temper. One can always sit and talk to her as equals.


DuraSteel Gauntlet - The gauntlet starts on the forearm just below her left elbow as a large ring that locks into place. From there thousands of tiny handcrafted rings make a light mesh that snugly covers the entire forearm, hand, and fingers. The mesh ends at the fingertips where solid metal has been twisted into cruel two inch claw like daggers kept razor sharp. Telona treasures the many medals and weapons she has been awarded. She has each initial medal framed and placed on her walls. The weapons are stored in a clear container unless they are being used.

On Togoria, Telona has been granted a Mosgoth to ride. She leaves the creature in the care of her adoptive family members. Or she did until her family was taken over. The health and condition of her Mosgoth is unknown.

Telona had one pet named Icku. It is a small flying lizard like creature about four inches long native to Togoria. It has gossamer wings like a dragonfly and the body of a four legged common lizard. The body is green with molted brown mixed in. It mostly eats nectar but enjoys the occasional insect. For defense, it boasts a mildly poisonous bite. The little critter was always on her while she is in her office but never outside unless she allowed it. The two had a strange kind of bond that can be seen if one walks in on it. They talked to one another. A Journeyman once reported seeing the small lizard dictating while Telona furiously wrote whatever it was saying to her. Now, Telona has two young little lizards on her. The offspring of Icku. She calls them Mi and Li.

DJB Facts

Current Positions

Just another member of Tarentum and that's how she likes it.

Past Positions

Tetrarch of the Mystics of the Black Arts

Quaestor of Gladius of Tarentum twice

Tetrarch of The Keepers of the Night twice

PCON of Tarentum twice

Krath High Priest

Tribune: Dark Voice

ACC staff member

Roll Master and Envoy of Gladius of Tarentum

Outstanding Achievements


Seraphi Ater, The Dark Angel of Tarentum


Tattoos: One that can't be seen under normal light. A dagger on her back near her left kidney. The blade point rests right above the renal artery.