Sato Tarentae

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Sato Tarentae
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

1 ABY.

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.86 meters


64.4 kg




Brown/yellow when immersed in the Dark Side (left eye missing)

Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

House Cestus, Clan Tarentum, Shadow Academy

Personal Ship:

Heretic's Faith



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Arak X'lor is an erudite Sith scholar, and warrior. A former Quaestor of House Gladius and House Cestus.

Early Years

Reared on the backwater planet Dathomir in the Outer Rim, Arak's early life was one of casual brutality. The second child and unwanted son of the Dathomiri night sister Valaia X'lor , Arak spent his earliest years serving as a slave of his mother's Spider Clan. The casual use and display of the Dark Side of the Force by the nightsisters was to have a profound impact on the psyche of the young man.

At the age of seven Arak's mother was killed in an ambush whilst tracking a group of escapees from the nearby Imperial prison complex. For years, the nightsisters had abetted local authorities in the tracking and recapture of convicts in a bid to garner permission to leave the heavily quarantined planet. Although the boy's mother never so much as looked upon him with affection, her death in aiding the Empire would cultivate a life long hatred of all things Imperial.

Orphaned and set aside by the matriarchy-obsessed nightsisters, Arak was renamed Sato by his elder sister, a Dathomiri word meaning "forgotten one," and left to his own devices for survival. Adrift from the only life he had ever known the youngster wandered through the domains of his former Clan a child exiled by the happenstance of fate. Rather than the death in the jungles the nightsisters had envisioned for the youth, the boy survived by a mixture of luck and his emergent force sensitivity.

By the age of 10 summers, Arak had taken refuge along the coast of Dathomir's great sea, hundreds of kilometres from his former home and away from the jungles where the native rancor ranged. The boy's Force perception honed out of necessity ensured that the bountiful coastal waters did not often fail to yield their fruits. With plentiful food and a year long warm climate, young Arak found himself in relative peace and comfort for the only time in his life. This sense of calm like all things in his short life was doomed to destruction with the arrival of Dark Jedi on the planet.


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