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Explosives are small hand-held weapons that typically emit a powerful blast of energy. Usually thrown towards the target, some can also be placed in a spot and remotely detonated.



A mobile, robotic explosive is used to mine open areas. They have a limited range, but their mobility allows them to be set down in an area and they disperse themselves. Like standard landmines, they bury themselves just below the surface and lie waiting for someone to step on them. Unlike landmines, they can also move periodically, making their recovery nearly impossible.


A round bomb used by smugglers and mercenaries. They are essentially a casing which contained a shaped charge of baradium. The use of baradium made the weapon extremely dangerous, even for the being who threw it, as the element was highly unstable. Depending on the size of the charge, a thermal detonator would essentially atomize all material within a spherical area centered on the charge itself. Anything outside the range of the blast sphere remained virtually untouched.



A grenade which covers a 4m area in a bio-adhesive glue which can effectively trap anyone in the target area. It dissipates in only 15 seconds.


A vicious weapon that collects and freezes any moisture in an area so swiftly that the resulting violent explosion sends shards of ice in all directions. Due to the extreme temperature shift, beings can be slowed exceedingly.


Standard fragmentation grenade. The metal shell becomes hot splinters when the grenade explodes, which makes frag grenades much more lethal than concussion grenades against unarmored infantry.

G-20 Glop

Manufactured by Merr-Sonn, these detonation devices release a chemical foam when triggered. The foam has incredible adhesive properties, and clings to everything it touches. When lobbed into a mob or battle phalanx, glop grenades can quickly immobilize attackers. It required a special "glop dissolver" agent, often in aerosol form, to remove the glop.


An explosive device that used ionized plasma gas to create a localized detonation. These grenades release a quick burst of the incendiary agent to ignite immediately and cause severe thermal damage.


Developed more than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, this form of explosive device released a chemical poison into the air when it exploded. This poison could be of many forms, from deadly vapors to toxic liquid, although it was usually a fast-acting poison that killed any being that was sprayed in the explosion. The ACC versions are considerably tamer, often causing most combatants to become violently sick rather than causing death.


An explosive device which uses shock waves, instead of shrapnel, to cause damage.


These grenades explode loudly, but the majority of the effect is delivered in disorienting frequencies that the ear can barely perceive even as it is damaged. While not as harmful as other grenade types, it can prove very confusing for the enemy and slow them down considerably.


A spherical bomb with a 10 m blast radius. Anyone caught in the blast is potentially rendered unconscious for about fifteen minutes. Often used for crowd control. Primarily developed by Merr-Sonn Industries.


Firecracker Mine

This form of weapon uses a group of small charges combined into a single mine. When activated, the firecracker mine sets off several small explosions which are used more for distraction than destruction.