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House Wren
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Du Kang Island, Yuanming



Historical information

37 ABY

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House Wren was founded within Clan Vizsla by Rulvak Qurroc and Amira Lux following the events of Great Jedi War XIII: Discord in 37 ABY. House Wren was a Battleteam alongside Battleteam Saxon within Clan Vizsla before becoming the Clan's first official House. The House is currently led by Kanal O'neill (Quaestor) and Chrome (Aedile).


In 37ABY, following the conclusion of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War, Clan Vizsla's reputation began to spread throughout the core worlds all the way to wild space from their success. As a result, a myriad of contracts calling for these elite mercenaries began to come in. Many of which involved dealing with the underworld. This caused the formation of Battleteam Wren, a group consisting of those who were unafraid to dabble into the darkness of the universe's cesspits and scumhives to do whatever was necessary for the Clan. The demand of such mercenaries proved to require more administration than initially anticipated, thus steering Battleteam Wren to develop into House Wren. The formation of the House required, in turn, a battleteam for protection of their assets and members. That battleteam is Battleteam Deathwatch.

The quick rise of House Wren, and the clan as a whole, would send a ripple throughout the Brotherhood and its enemies which resulted in the Quaestor's life (Rulvak) being threatened by a Collective presence on Daemunn. Zsoldos' moon. This problem was dealt with by Battleteam Deathwatch.


House Wren is aptly named after the Mandalorian Clan Wren, more specifically "Sabine Wren". Whilst she was considered a light sided individual, she was a rebel who actively fought against galactic law and lived as a free spirit. So much so that she aided in the removal of Saxons from power on Mandalore as well as help destabilize the Galactic Empire

The criminal underworld is a huge part of being a Bounty Hunter. Some jobs just needed to be done outside of the law of the land. How they achieved these jobs was up to the Hunter, and such is the way of House Wren.

Base Of Operations

Upon reaching House status in 37 ABY, House Wren was recognized as an autonomous entity. Their base was then set up on Du Kang Island, initially within a series of offices inside Yuanming itself as its base of operations until the destruction of Yuanming after the attack of the Children of Mortis forces.

With the destruction of this city, House Wren, moved into the recently captured military base on the moon on Daemunn. It had been secured by Wren forces during the fifth Great Hunt for Clan Vizsla. It was taken from a pirate force led by a former Imperial with the name of Captain Mar'Vel Wonder.

Great Hunt

After the events of the war in the Lyra 3K-A system, Grand Master Declan Roark issued Clan Vizsla's very first "Great Hunt." Both as a way to celebrate the Clan's success during the war and to celebrate the opening of House Wren. Both inaugural House leaders, Rulvak and Amira, would finish first and second respectively. They would celebrate this victory at the Saga drinking hall on Zsoldos. The Great Hunts would continue annually from then on, bringing in the best of the best to duke it out for the title of "Hunt Master" and all the recognition that comes with it.

Unit Speciality

House Wren prides itself in working in the seedy underbellies of the galaxy. Therefore, providing they have the stomach for it, anyone can serve under House Wren. From Jedi to Sith, Loyalists and Mercenaries alike. As long as they have the guts to do the gritty work no-one else in the galaxy is willing to do, anyone can be successful in House Wren. However, due to the nature of the work and even despite the Houses inaugural leaders being Force Users, most of those within the House are Mercenaries not afraid of getting their hands dirty.

Summit Roll

Leaders of House Wren
Quaestor Service Dates
Rulvak Qurroc (as BTL) Jun 1, 2019 (Foundation as BT) - Oct 8, 2019
Rulvak Qurroc (as QUA) Oct 8, 2019 (Elevation to House) - May 25, 2021
Farrin Xies Tarentae May 29, 2021 - Incumbent
Aedile Service Dates
Arcia Cortel Oct 8, 2019 (Elevation to House) - Feb 4, 2020
Appius Wight Feb 4, 2020 - Apr 7, 2020
Farrin Xies Tarentae Jul 31, 2020 - May 29, 2021
Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr May 29, 2021 - Incumbent

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