Arx System

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The Arx System is located in the depths of Wild Space, far away from the core worlds and isolated from the galaxy at large.

Arx System

Wild Space

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Dark Council

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Arx Primus

Arx Primus is the yellow dwarf star at the center of the Arx System. It is a near-perfect sphere of plasma and gas that produces the majority of the energy needed to sustain life on the surrounding planets. Orbiting around it is the system’s capital, Arx, its moon, and Arx Fleet Systems.

Arx Primus, Arx, and Arx Minor

Planet Arx

Planet Arx, or simply Arx, is the heart of the Arx System and the current seat of power in the Brotherhood. It is ruled over by the Grand Master and the Dark Council.

Arx Minor

Arx Minor is the smallest of Arx’s satellites, and a moon serving as a trading post. It is also the site of a Colosseum that once held a tournament between members of several Clans.

Arx Fleet Systems

Arx Fleet Systems is the Brotherhood’s primary shipyard currently orbiting Planet Arx. It is fully automated and requires no more than a skeleton crew of overseers to operate. Massive docking arms lead to the larger vessels undergoing construction or maintenance while starfighters are assembled within an inner manufacturing line dedicated to the mass production of TIE fighter models. It possesses automated defensive systems; turbolasers, laser cannons and tractor beams act as deterrents to those able to slip through the ever-present fleet of operable fighters and Star Destroyers.