Arx System

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The Arx System is located in the depths of Wild Space, far away from the core worlds and isolated from the galaxy at large.

Arx System

Wild Space

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Arx Primus

Arx Primus is the yellow dwarf star at the center of the Arx System. It is a near-perfect sphere of plasma and gas that produces the majority of the energy needed to sustain life on the surrounding planets. Orbiting around it is the system’s capital, Arx, its moon, and Arx Fleet Systems.

Arx Primus, Arx, and Arx Minor

Planet Arx

Planet Arx, or simply Arx, is the heart of the Arx System and the current seat of power in the Brotherhood. It is ruled over by the Grand Master and the Dark Council.

Arx Minor

Arx Minor is the smallest of Arx’s satellites. Originally used as a remote trading post, it has since been repurposed to house the Envoy Corps base of operations. This has transformed the moon into a living, productive gear in the Brotherhood's controlling presence in the Arx System. Associated facilities include the Exarch's Office, the Flitz, and the Lunar Training Facility.

Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard

The Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard is the flagship enterprise of Arx Capital Exchange and the Brotherhood's primary source of ship construction. Employing tens of thousands of employees and capable of building two Imperial-II class Star Destroyers and an entire support fleet simultaneously, the ACE Shipyard is the most technologically advanced and costly industrial works within the Arx System and the Dark Brotherhood territories as a whole. Owing to the technical data shared with Kuat-Entralla, Corellian Engineering Corporation, and Sienar Fleet Systems and ample funding from ACE Financial Services the Shipyard is truly a marvelous piece of engineering that allows the Iron Throne to build and sustain its war machine internally.