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Reiden Palpatine Karr
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

7 ABY (age 35)

Physical Description





5'10" / 1.78 m


155 lbs / 70.3 kg


Light Brown



Personal Information

Amyla Karr


Darin Karr

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information
  • Debt collector
  • Bounty hunter
  • Mercenary
  • Dark Jedi


Personal Ship:


Known masters:
Known apprentices:




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Reiden Karr is a Dark Jedi of Clan Scholae Palatinae. While younger than some of the other members, Reiden strives to do his best in all things tasked to him. He is loyal to his House and those who prove to be allies. He has been in Scholae Palatinae since joining the Dark Brotherhood and it has been a new home for him from the very beginning. He will remain in Scholae Palatinae until it ceases to feel like a home to him, which is very unlikely to occur.

Character History

The Beginning


Born as Hiten Karr on the planet Corellia in the year 7 ABY to parents Darin and Amyla Karr. Hiten had always been interested in battle and striving to perfect himself and his skills that he had learned, even at a young age. He led a simple life as the only child in his family, always helping his parents the best he could.

When Hiten was around five years old he was enrolled at a local academy where he spent his time studying various subjects. Those subjects that interested him the most were mostly history courses and a few philosophy courses. He loved to learn of the old societies that had come before his own, the various views that each society held, and their beliefs and customs. Another thing that Hiten enjoyed was learning about different battles that had taken place and various strategies used in battles, both the basics and the more advanced ones. These things he learned mostly from reading about them, since there were no courses at the academy that covered such material.

As the years passed, Hiten found himself wanting to learn more about battle and its tactics. As such, he asked his parents if he could transfer to the local military academy. While his parents were not huge supporters of fighting, they believed that everyone should be able to defend themselves and that it is sometimes necessary to fight. They understood well their son's desire to learn more of battle tactics and the likes so they reluctantly allowed him to attend the academy. This particular military academy had a program that taught much younger children than were allowed to officially enroll, which was at the age of eighteen. This program taught children from the ages of ten to seventeen, and covered exactly what Hiten had become interested in: the battles and tactics of ages far in the past - almost ancient by some standards. Hiten was enrolled enrolled at the age of eleven and enjoyed his time there very much. However, he was only there for two years before he found that this path was perhaps not the one for him that he had thought it might be. He left the military academy and returned to his regular schooling for one year. That was when disaster struck.

The Last Supper (21 ABY)

One night, as Hiten and his parents were sitting down to dinner, as they had done every night for as far back as he can remember, there came a vicious pounding on the door. His mother Amyla went to open the door but was knocked back as it was kicked open, followed by three men. The men were dressed in full combat gear, high-powered guns strapped across their backs. At that moment his father Darin turned to him and Hiten nodded in response, silently and quickly slipping from the table to his hands and knees and crawling past the distracted men, most likely bounty hunters. He reached his room where he closed his bedroom door until only enough space was left for him to watch what was going on. One of the men was clearly the leader, judging by the black star symbol outlined in red with a background of fire that was emblazoned on the sides of his shoulders and his left breast. He pointed a blaster at Darin and asked him a question, to which Darin replied that he had no idea what the man was referring to. The man, who the other two referred to as Ka'tor, then trained the blaster on Amyla, pressing it against her head and repeated the question. Darin gave the same answer, which apparently was not the one that Ka'tor was looking for, so he fired the blaster and the woman fell to the floor, limp; Darin let out a yell and Hiten bit the sleeve of his shirt, stifling his own cries and yells. The question was repeated yet again and met with the same response, earning a blaster shot to his foot. Ka'tor asked Darin one final time, and Darin, through tears and sobs, told the man to go to hell and that he will never find what he was looking for. With this, Ka'tor became enraged and whipped Darin with the end of the blaster then aimed it and shot Darin repeatedly, killing him. Hiten watched in terror as his world came crashing down around him, his parents dead, murdered by some psychotic man, for reasons unknown to Hiten. Paralyzed by fear, Hiten then watched as the men proceeded to set fire to the house. Luckily, they did not check in any other rooms of the house and left the house to burn to the ground. Hiten worked quickly and grabbed what little few precious possessions he had: a small vibroknife he had been given as a gift the previous year for his birthday, and a necklace of a golden phoenix which had been his birthday present this year. He then put his robes on over his clothes and tightened the belt and grabbed his cloak, pulling it on and rushing out of the window and into the night. Running and not stopping or looking back, he fled from the world he knew. Away from the conflagration; away from the death and pain...away from home...

The Wandering Shadow

At the age of fourteen, Hiten was orphaned, left to wander through Corellia, not knowing where he was going or what he would do next. Hiten – tired of traveling throughout Corellia, found a ship heading off-planet – was able to talk the pilot into allowing him passage aboard the ship. Once reaching the planet, Hiten bid the man farewell and began his travels once again. As time passed by, Hiten grew older, as all people do when time moves on; one and a half years later, at the age of fifteen, Hiten soon found himself in need of credits, for how else was the young boy to survive? As such, he started to take on various odd jobs – helping people with small problems, infiltrating buildings with relative ease – some whispered that the ease he demonstrated in doing so must have been the result of magic of some sort. He even took on jobs to test out security measures and even corporate espionage - besides, who in their right mind would ever suspect someone so young of being a spy? The years went by and Hiten grew to be the age of eighteen. As his age had increased, so too had his talents, becoming somewhat of a mercenary, even collecting the odd bounty every now and then. In his trade he had earned himself the nickname of “Wandering Shadow”, due in part to his constant travels and never staying in one place for too long and also from the fact that no one seemed to know anything about him, where he came from, or what his purpose was – aside from earning money, of course. He was like a ghost, a shadow.

Home Again, Home Again (26 ABY)

Now eighteen years old, Hiten had the sudden feeling that he should return home, as if it was calling out to him for a specific reason that had yet to reveal itself to him. He reached out to a few trusted contacts that he had made during his time as a mercenary and doing the various odd jobs and asked if any knew of a ship that was heading to Corellia. It was about a week before Hiten heard back from his most trusted contact. There was a cargo ship departing for Corellia the very next day from the planet that Hiten was currently on, but he would have to hurry to secure his spot on the ship.

After retiring for the night, Hiten awoke the next morning and hurried to the spaceport, bribing his way in and then requesting a spot on the ship from its captain. The ship, Heart's Content was transporting luxury items of an undisclosed nature to Corellia. The captain could not stand transporting such items without knowing what they were any longer and hated that his ship was a high-value target among pirates seeking such goods. But, most importantly, he was fed up with being paid so little for the type of items he transported, especially given the dangers involved. Hiten easily solved the man's problems and put an end to his worries by supplying him with a rather significant amount of credits, when compared to what he would have made otherwise. The captain gladly allowed Hiten to board the vessel and it soon left the planet. Upon the end of the journey, Hiten was sure to thank the captain for his hospitality, but not before robbing the man of roughly half of the amount that he had given as a bribe for passage on the ship - without the captain knowing, of course.

Call of Duty

Home on Corellia once again, Hiten's first order of business was to find a place to stay. It was then that he truly returned home, walking the distance from the spaceport to his childhood home. He had not been there since that fateful night four years ago, the very night that his world had come crashing down around him, forever changing him. He made his way through the kitchen quickly, not wanting to relive that particular moment again. He immediately went to his room and reached under his bed to pull out an old box. He opened it and found the gift that he had been given on his fourteenth birthday: a small golden phoenix pendant made out of a semi-precious metal on a leather cord. He quickly slipped it around his neck, wanting a slightly happier reminder of his previous life as he continued on in his new one. He spent the night in his old home and when morning came he got ready for the day and set off for the military academy he had been in when he was young.

Once there, Hiten requested to be enrolled at the academy. Knowing that he had previously spent a brief period of time there, the administrators decided to allow him to try his hand there once again. This time would be different however, since he was now of age to enroll and would go through a few classes as well as basic training. Although Hiten had been working with weapons for some time now, he could not wait to learn how to handle them more effectively. The very same day that he enrolled would also be his first day of classes; he had thought that they would have him start the next day but it seemed as though they wanted to see what he could do - he would make sure not to disappoint them. The classes he would take were combat tactics, combat history, weapons basics and armed combat training.

The first class he would have that day was combat history, which he did very well in, mostly due to his keen interest in the subject when he was younger. Next he went through combat tactics and weapons basics, which were more or less uneventful, though they were interesting to him. His last class of the day was armed combat. While Hiten had been working with weapons for some time now, his experience was mostly limited to blasters and the extremely rare use of a vibroknife which had been his gift upon turning thirteen. In this new setting, however, Hiten found that he preferred close combat over ranged combat, especially when using blades. After learning this, he decided to do the best he could with a blade whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Hiten quickly made his way through what was offered at the academy and soon found himself thinking that he had now learned all that he could from the establishment. Two years after returning home, now at the age of twenty, Hiten desired more. He thanked the instructors at the academy for teaching him what they had and then took his leave of the place to wander through the worlds once more. He easily slid back into the rhythm of being a mercenary again, this time taking with him all that he had learned at the academy. He caught a ship that was heading off-planet, as he had the first time he left home, and made his start on the next planet the ship was scheduled to stop on.

Dark Rumors: The Brotherhood

Throughout his travels he had heard many mumblings and whisperings. The fact that he was a mercenary helped him in the process of gathering information and hearing about rumors, and talk of whether or not most people believed such rumors. However, none of these rumors intrigued him more than that of a certain Brotherhood, where it was said that all of its members had some sort of strange powers. This last bit of information sealed the deal for Hiten. For years, he had wondered what allowed him to gain entrance into a building simply by saying that the security would let him in, just after they had told him that he would not be allowed to enter. He always thought he had a special ability, and now it appeared as though this Brotherhood was full of people like him, most likely everyone within its ranks - finally, he would be able to get some answers! Not only did it appear that Hiten could coerce people into doing things for him simply by talking to them and asking, but he had experienced many odd events in the past when he was a child, having strange dreams of people that he had never met or seen before. His parents had simply waved it off as him imagining things; oh, if only they could hear what he was being told now!

The Second Shadow: Kadain

Nal Hutta

On one occasion Hiten found himself at a bar on Nal Hutta. While there, he happened to overhear a patron mention a Brotherhood to a passerby. His interest piqued, he questioned the drunkard about what he had been saying. In the middle of this, a cloaked man stepped forth from the shadows of the bar’s back corner and approached the bar, nodding to the bartender who quickly poured him a drink. The drunk glanced at the newcomer and his look turned from one of drunken happiness to that of fear and immense terror. He hastily vacated his seat and fled the bar, as if he had just glimpsed an irate Zabrak on a speeder that was looking to take his head off. The cloaked man took the empty seat and pulled back his hood, revealing the most startling detail about him – his eyes, yellow ringed in red. Hiten had never seen anything like them before, and as they pierced his gaze, he felt as though they were full of power. He thought the eyes hinted at untold rage being held back almost constantly, so as not to terrify those around him wherever the man went.

The man introduced himself as Kadain Thorne. He claimed to be a simple traveler, wandering various worlds for years. But Hiten sensed that he was not revealing everything, and voiced as much. A smile crept across Kadain’s lips and he gave a faint nod. He indicated the bar’s entrance and said that Hiten should pay no attention to the patron that had just fled, that he knew nothing and was merely spouting off rumors that he had heard. His piercing yellow eyes stared at Hiten, Kadain could tell that he was not one to give up once he heard whispers of something until he uncovered what he was looking for. So the man nodded to himself before beginning to reveal the truth. He claimed that over the years in his travels he had been searching for someone promising, worth his time in training. He told Hiten that there were people across the galaxy and beyond that were known as Force-sensitive, and that some even had special powers – accelerated healing, increased strength or speed, even powers of persuasion. Hiten thought that this turn of events was almost too good to be true, but there was something about this cloaked man that made him trust his words. Hiten was stunned at the confirmation of the rumors he had heard, unable to speak for a moment. Kadain took this time to fill him in on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, of which he claimed to be a member. He said that he had been traveling to find someone worthy of training, and even went so far as to say that he had been watching Hiten for some time now, carefully observing and evaluating him. He said that after taking close note of him, he extended an invitation, feeling that Hiten would do well to train and join the Brotherhood. Hiten took it almost immediately, wanting to learn more about the Force, the Brotherhood, and what else he might be capable of. After the two agreed to meet at the spaceport the following morning, Kadain finished his drink and departed. Hiten stayed behind and finished his as well, before heading to his apartment nearby and packing what little belongings he had with him, then he slept, night fading and giving way to the morning. After waking and getting ready, Hiten took his things and left the apartment, heading to the spaceport. He met up with Kadain and they boarded his ship together, beginning their journey. Hiten could almost feel the danger that lay ahead…and could only grin at the thought.

The Death of a Shadow & The Arrival

Towards the end of the journey aboard Kadain’s ship, the old man suddenly and quite unexpectedly grew ill. Upon landing on the planet where the Brotherhood was located, the pair slowly made their way across the planet to the Brotherhood’s main base of operations. Along the way, Kadain’s illness took a turn for the worse and his condition seemed to be deteriorating by the hour. When Hiten looked at the old man’s face, he knew what must be done. Without hesitation, he drew his blaster pistol and placed it against the man’s forehead and whispered two words, “good bye”, before swiftly pulling the trigger and putting the old man out of his misery. It would not be until much later, a while after joining the Brotherhood, and on the way back from a particularly violent mission, that he would recall the thrill that he had experienced in the moments before and after pulling the trigger, not to mention the very moment he pulled the trigger and ended the Kadain's life.

Hiten knew that he must continue on with the trek, so the young man took Kadain’s pack, emptied it of its contents and packed it with anything that would be needed later: food, water, a few pieces of clothing, and lastly, the old man’s weapons, including what Hiten would later come to realize was Kadain’s lightsaber. With that out of the way, Hiten continued on to the Brotherhood for luckily, yet at the same time foolishly, the old man had told Hiten of its location – perhaps he had known what would happen and had planned it this way from the start. Continuing on, Hiten reached the entrance of the Brotherhood and laid his hand upon the door, imprinting the memory in his mind for later, and then removed his hand and allowed the door to open.

The Name & The Brotherhood (26 ABY)

Logo of Scholae Palatinae

When Hiten first stepped inside the Brotherhood, he was immediately questioned, mostly about who he was and how he had gotten there. After giving them his newly decided name and his story, even daring to go as far as telling them that he had killed the old man Kadain, they simply nodded and proceeded to let him go. He called them back and asked them if he could join, and, after much thought, they agreed and he became the newest member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Hiten had already decided that he should have a different name before even entering the building, so that is why he gave them a false one, deciding to actually assume the identity of that false name. He had imagined himself as becoming another person when he would join them – he had assumed that they would let him join before arriving and he decided to take a chance with the assumption. As such, he would need a new identity, a new name. He also chose to take on a new name because he was still on the lookout for the man who killed his parents, and he was hoping to find some leads while within this group of people. In the end, his decision was to take on the name of Reiden – a link to his past, the name "Reiden" coming from a story that his mother had read to him as a child. Now known as Reiden, he would cease using his last name, partially because he was hoping to one day find the killer – to befriend the man, who would never be the wiser, only to kill him – and partially out of caution that someone would recognize the name either as part of the family of his that had been long dead and also from his days as a mercenary. Reiden also felt as though one wasn’t even really needed.

When Reiden first showed up, he was subjected to a short series of tests and examinations, used to determine his physical and mental health, as well as his abilities in the Force. Shortly afterwards, they had given him a brief combat test and told him the name of the Order to which he would be joining and then sent him off to the House and Clan to which they assigned him, explaining that they believed that they chose this combination based on where they thought he would thrive and succeed more. He had joined the Obelisk Order and was assigned to House Dorimad Sol of Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Upon his arrival at the Brotherhood and subsequently Scholae Palatinae and Dorimad Sol, Reiden realized that he had finally done it. He no longer had the need to wander; he had found a new home. Not only was the Brotherhood like a new home to him, but Reiden quickly gained new friends, something which he had never had many of previously. Then, eager to prove himself to everyone, he set himself to work, mainly within the Shadow Academy. Due to his eagerness to prove himself to everyone, combined with his immense amount of activity among the ranks of House Dorimad Sol, Reiden was awarded a Dark Cross within only four days of finding the Brotherhood. Afterwards, Reiden quickly rose in rank, attaining the ranks of Proselyte and then Protector.

The Path Towards Darkness

"Go work on your trials, Reiden. Mush, minion!"
Dante to Reiden upon his promotions to Guardian and Jedi Hunter
Angelo Dante, Reiden's Master

Over the course of his time within the halls of the Brotherhood, Reiden continued to stay active and eventually attained the rank of Guardian. Shortly after this promotion, Reiden was told that he would be assigned a Master. At first, he was not sure how he'd feel about this but, in the end, he decided to trust the decision of the Summit leading Scholae Palatinae and accept and respect their decision of who would be his Master. Reiden then met with his new Master, Angelo Dante, whom everyone simply referred to as Dante. The pair seemed to work well together, with his Master reminding the apprentice to get to work and get things done, sparking continued activity in the young Obelisk. After spending roughly three months within the Brotherhood, and with the tutelage of [[Angelo Dante|Dante], Reiden had continued to thrive within the Brotherhood.

Through continued activity and a drive to succeed in everything he does, Reiden achieved the rank of Jedi Hunter after only three short months. Not long after this promotion, Reiden was told that he should begin his Trials to Knighthood shortly. Upon hearing this, Reiden was thrilled, happily accepting yet another chance to prove himself to everyone in Dorimad Sol and Scholae Palatinae, not only to them, but to the entire Brotherhood as well.

The training was hard work, but Reiden did not mind. He merely saw his trials as yet another thing to be completed, something to be overcome. As with anything, there were some times that were tougher than others, but that did not stop him.

The Next Step: Knighthood

"Reiden is as tenacious as I am, which is both reassuring and unnerving."
Thran Occasus on Reiden's promotion to Dark Jedi Knight

After working on his trials, Reiden was rewarded for his hard work with a promotion to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. It wasn't long after this that Reiden was out on a distant planet, in search of a contact of his from his days as a mercenary, which he did every now and then to gain any useful information. The contact he was meeting had a key piece of intel related to the death of his parents. Though he had put this incident behind him, Reiden still wanted revenge on those responsible, and as such he met with the contact and heard what he had to say. Afterwards, Reiden went to his ship and plotted a course for his home planet of Corellia, which is where his contact had spotted the man responsible for the death of his parents, the one that the other intruders from that fateful night had referred to as Ka'tor.

Revenge at Last...Or Is It?

Apparently, Ka'tor was on the run from his own men, after having cheated them out of a significant payout from a job. Reiden made his way to Corellia and asked around if anyone had seen a man wearing anything with a symbol of fire with a black star in front of it. That symbol will forever be remembered by this young Knight, no matter how much time passes; the symbol that brought about the death of his family. A few people claimed to have seen a man fitting Ka'tor's description in a local bar called Light's End, so Reiden set out for the bar and instantly recognized the scar on Ka'tor's face and took the seat next to him and ordered a drink. He struck up a casual conversation with the man, getting on his good side, and then asked what was troubling him, as he clearly looked like a man who had been on the run. Ka'tor told him the story and Reiden then offered to help him out by double-crossing his men. The killer smiled and nodded, ordering them both more drinks.

Shortly afterwards, they went to the place where Ka'tor had been hiding and he contacted his men and told them that he would give them the credits he owed them. The next day the men landed on Corellia and contacted Ka'tor, demanding to know where he was hiding out, and he told them. Ka'tor couldn't believe his luck; he had actually found somebody that would help him out, and for such a small price! Reiden simply smiled at the man and then explained to Ka'tor about who he was and he could only laugh as the killer's eyes grew wide in disbelief. It was then that the other men entered into the compound that Reiden and Ka'tor were in and then Reiden knocked Ka'tor down to his knees and drew his lightsaber, igniting it and swiftly beheading the man before turning to the others with a grin on his face. He told the others of his story as well and they couldn't believe him either and began to fumble for their blasters, unsure of what would happen next. Reiden rushed at them and killed two of them quickly before turning to the two remaining, demanding to know who sent them to his home. One of the men started an explanation but Reiden could tell the man was lying and killed him. He wheeled on the last man and repeated his question. This man, being smarter than his now dead companions, began to tell Reiden the answer. Satisfied that this last man was telling the truth, he killed him too, then returned to his ship and set a course back to the Brotherhood, the man's final words running through Reiden's mind over and over again - "It was Kadain, he was the one that hired us back then. Some crazy old man nobody ever saw before named Kadain!". Reiden almost couldn't believe the words but he remained satisfied with the answer nonetheless. He had unknowingly taken his revenge on the mastermind behind the death of his parents two years ago when he first joined the Brotherhood.

With his need for vengeance fulfilled and the necessity for secrecy gone, it was at this time that Reiden chose to reclaim his last name. He decided to retain the moniker Reiden, since that was how everyone knew him. He was now Reiden Karr, a Knight of Scholae Palatinae and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Taking one final glance at his homeworld from the cockpit of his ship, he moved his focus back to the task of returning to the Cocytus System, where the empire of Scholae Palatinae made its home.

Darkness Elevated (34 ABY)


Collective Assault & A New Legacy (35 ABY)


A New Legacy (35 ABY)

Following the battles the Brotherhood waged with the forces of the Collective, and due to his many years of service and loyalty to Scholae Palatinae, Reiden was awarded the honor of being named one of the newest members to bear the Legacy of Palpatine. Scholae's Rollmaster Mune Cinteroph and then-Proconsul Braecen Kaeth were also inducted into the ranks of Palpatines.