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Morotheri Mithfaron
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Morotheri is a Jedi Knight of House Odan-Urr.

Early Life (5 BBY - 23 ABY)

The Homeworld

"you are destined for greatness young apprentice, but do not get ahead of yourself. Lust for power will only lead to the Dark Side. Trust instead that patience will grant you the knowledge you seek."

- One of Kaizen Nar's many lessons to Morotheri

Alphredies, the Miralukan homeworld
Morotheri was born and raised on the adopted Miraluka homeworld, Alphredies located in the Abron System. along with his sister, Katara, who was much alike him in many ways, and also nearly identical. They also shared a unique Force Bond, allowing each of them the ability to track each other, no matter their location in the known Galaxy. At the age of four standard years, his parents had left Alphredies and vanished into the Galaxy, years later presumed dead at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Before they had vanished, Morotheri's parents had been a well-respected and wealthy family of Alphredies. As the young Morotheri had no extended family, a friend of the family who was a Zabrak by the name of Kaizen Nar taught both Morotheri and his sister in the ways of basic lightsaber combat as well as using and understanding the force down the path of the Light Side. Throughout his childhood, Morotheri often grew impatient during his training. Because of this, Kaizen had made the lesson of patience one of importance, lest the Miraluka follow Dark-sided teachings. Kaizen Nar believed Morotheri to be destined for greatness in his early age and worked exceptionally hard to prepare him for the rest of the Galaxy. During childhood, Kaizen Nar also taught them both in the ways of the Jedi Sentinel, often resorting to Bastila Shan as an example. His master also instructed them to follow the Jedi Code of Odan-Urr strictly. Everyday his master taught him the virtue of patience by meditating with him for hours a day, as well as reciting the code at least three times a day. A habit that Morotheri still remembers from his childhood.

The Galaxy Ahead

At the age of 26 he sought to leave his homeworld behind in search of a greater understanding of the Force at the guidance of his former master, Kaizen Nar. During his childhood, Morotheri experienced an irrepressible desire to experience the rest of the Galaxy. Kaizen later granted Morotheri passage off of his homeworld after receiving a message from a friend who had recently become a renowned Mercenary by the name of Allan, who had been one of the few who often came to Alpredies on business. Allan successfully took Morotheri offworld in exchange for a favor, Morotheri would become part of his mercenary band, for a time until his debt was paid in full. Morotheri's life on his homeworld was one of great isolation from the rest of the galaxy, being that there had been no need for trade on Alphredies, thus he is often uncomfortable when socializing with ailens. Upon his departure of his homeworld, Morotheri had been gifted with a carefully crafted ornate lightsaber. The likes of which Morotheri had never seen in his life. Upon receiving the weapon, Morotheri had ignited the blade, which produced a glorious Amber blade.

Morotheri was not accustomed to the resonant drone of the engine while on board theDynamic-class freighter that Allan had become familiar to. He frequently found their journey uncomfortable, nonetheless, he was appreciative that he was able to depart from his homeworld to experience the rest of the Galaxy. Kaizen Nar, in his age retired to take on more apprentices on the Miralukan world, Alpredies.

Debts Owed (23 ABY - 25 ABY)

The Mercenary's Life

Before he received the message from Odan-Urr his debt to Allan landed him a job as a notorious mercenary. The mercenaries had acquired a Dynamic-class freighter that was used most often on operations, although Morotheri was often manning an old Delta-7 craft titled The Redeemer. The rest of the mercenaries were often ex-republic special forces, some with dishonorable discharge from the ranks. As a mercenary, Morotheri was the brains of the operations, often using the force to pull the occasional mind trick on security forces who insisted a search on the Dynamic-class freighter, or pulling strings to avoid a conflict at all with his ingenuity. Knowing the Force to have it's limitations, Morotheri also took firearms stealth training from his fellow mercenaries. As a mercenary Morotheri took great pleasure in helping orchestrate a well-planned infiltration. His mercenary group was a small 6-man group of what Morotheri considered some of the galaxy's most fierce, efficient mercenaries who always got the job done. No matter the cost.

Morotheri loved the Mercenary life. In his team of six, everyone was well and equally payed and never complained. Being the only Jedi in the group, Morotheri was generally put at the front lines of a firefight. The mercenaries were both fierce and intimidating to their opponents, having gained increasing notoriety throughout the galaxy. Morotheri was also assigned as the infiltrator when it came down to silent operations or staging them, thanks in no small part to his Force-sensitivity. Morotheri had become a great friend to Captain Allan, the group's gunslinging leader during his time as a Mercenary. During the pinnacle of the mercenary band's existence, credits were abundant. They had also enlisted a new recruit, an Epicanthix by the name of Xin Vorii. Xin had actually been a mercenary in the rival mercenary group, The Black Talons. Xin Vorii would be involved in a deceptive plot to stage the downfall of Allan's mercenary group, leading to Morotheri's abandonment of his allies.


It was four years until they had realized that they had been betrayed. Xin Vorii had already gathered all of the vital information necessary to relay commands to the Black Talons. During a thunderous night on Nar Shadda, the dimly-lit sky bursted with flashes of electricity. It was then when the Black Talons had found the outpost of the mercenary band in a long-deserted warehouse situated along one of the bustling city's quieter streets. The fray was deadly, both sides had lost much during the ambush, although Allan's team of six could not hope to best their sworn adversaries. Escaping into a large duct, both Allan and Morotheri escaped with their lives as the Black Talons stood victorious over the bodies of Allan's fallen comrades.

Having gained too many enemies and being too well known, as well as having paid off his debt a year prior, Morotheri was forced into leaving his comrades behind in that blasted warehouse and continue onwards to continue his quest in search of the Force. Upon his departure, Allan awarded Morotheri for his services with an exorbitant amount of credits to aid in pursuing Morotheri's quest, as well as an Aethersprite Delta-7 craft that had taken years to construct, originally intended for Allan himself.

A Galaxy in Peril (25 ABY - 29 ABY)

Yuuzhan Vong War

As a once-famous mercenary and devout follower of the light, Morotheri set about a new path, one that would grant him the knowledge he sought. It did not take long for him to plot a course for Coruscant, where he would ultimately start himself on to the path of greater understanding of the Force and all that surrounds it. Packing his Delta-7 Aethersprite into a tight-fitting cargo bay on a deteriorating freighter, he was able to secure passage to his planned destination from the Outer Rim. While the first three days aboard Fortune's Embrace were uneventful, the Fortune's luck quickly disentigrated as the first sightings of the Yuuzhan Vong were proven true. As the Fortune's Embrace neared the edge of the Outer Rim, a cluster of small rock-like coralskipper darted across the rusted hull of the unshielded ship. As cargo bays were opened to vacuum, little hope remained for the unarmed vessel when suddenly a transmission reached the doomed ship. From above the Fortune's viewport, a full division of starfighters comprised of mostly TIE-Fighters and X-Wings rocketed back and forth across the battlefield wreaking havok on the Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers. With major losses on both sides and the Fortune's Embrace no longer operational, Morotheri was taken aboard the Remnant's Glory, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer now tasked with gathering refugees from assaulted worlds.

The trip to Coruscant had been no less comfortable throughout the remainder of the journey. The Remnant's Glory had been completely restored and boasted tremendous firepower, the likes of which Morotheri had never before seen. Throughout the ship, numerous tents had been set up to accommodate the extra passengers as the ship continued in its mission to free refugees from the oppressive Yuuzhan Vong forces. Upon arriving at Coruscant, Morotheri had sought out the Jedi Temple, where he was ultimately recruited into the New Jedi Order and would serve as a weapon against the Vong for the duration of the War.

Understanding the Sentinel's Teachings

Morotheri's former Zabrak master had often resorted to following the teachings of Odan-Urr and Bastila Shan, as well as passing them on to Morotheri. As a result of this education and understanding of the Force, Morotheri continued to pursue and seek more knowledge into the teachings of Bastila Shan, all the while following Odan-Urr's Jedi Code. He began to seek out ancient sites holding any possible hidden knowledge of Sentinel teachings. He had disappeared to visit the Star Map locations to search for hidden relics. Eventually, this quest took him to find a secret message from New Tython, buried beneath an ancient Jedi Temple, where he realized he could continue to pursue his quest on New Tython.

House Odan-Urr (29 ABY - Present)

New Tython

The Miraluka's ship had been intercepted by a large Mercenary band, the Black Talons as the Miraluka followed his ship's coordinates for Alphredies, causing the Miraluka's ship to descend rapidly into the atmosphere of Harakoa. The Miraluka managed to slow his plunge into the planet below, draining him of any remaining Force reserves. Morotheri's crashed Delta-7 had been discovered by a travelling group of colonists, who found the unconscious Miraluka within. For months, the Acolytes of Urr had tended to the Miraluka's health. Unaware of times' passage, the Miraluka recovered three months later in Ooroo abbey, where he had first encountered an Acolyte of Urr. Until the Miraluka proved to be trustworthy, his lightsaber, damaged during the crash that had led to his arrival was confiscated from him. The crash had rendered him in a coma during the length of his treatment, also damaging his memories. With nearly no recollection of his past, the Miraluka had joined House Odan-Urr's ranks as an acolyte. His reasons for answering the call still remain a mystery and secret, while the Acolytes of Odan-Urr see him as a great addition to the cause. His allegiance to the light or dark side was initially unknown, although he claimed to not share the same views as the Sith, thus he is generally classed and respected as a committed Jedi of the Light-Side with the teachings of Bastila Shan and Odan-Urr. It is often speculated that he joined to fight a common enemy, the Dark Jedi and the Black Talons, of whom he had acquired a slight recollection of as he unraveled the mysteries surrounding the Force.

Morotheri, as the lightwatcher of the lightwalkers' battleteam, resided in a small room in the lightwalkers Takakoa Monastery, to escape the business of Menat Ombo's districts. Most often, he was found meditating in the Monastery or in the Gardens of Meditative Reflection while he is on assignment in Menat Ombo, and often enjoys company when he does. His past duties as a member of the lightwakers had been helping his Battleteam, the Lightwalkers and aiding the Harakoans when he is able. The Miraluka is also entrusted as a Militia Captain over the Melewati Bushfighters. When in Menat Ombo he is often found studying or honing his skills in the many facilities available to the acolytes of Odan-Urr.

A World at War (Tenth Great Jedi War)

During the tenth Great Jedi War, Morotheri defended valliantly against the onslaught of Brotherhood forces as they attempted to destroy the Acolytes of Odan-Urr. The young Miraluka had seen through the Force the damage wreaked upon New Tython and its inhabitants during the Great Jedi War and stood alongside Acolytes of Urr, as well as their Mandolorian allies of Clan Ordo to defend the planet of New Tython. As it appeared to the Miraluka, the destruction was horrid. Buildings lay in smoldering ruin, bodies lay dust-covered in the streets and war had taken it's toll upon those who call New Tython home. Morotheri had also stood against all odds in the epic struggle in preventing the Brotherhood from retaking Menat Ombo after it was regained by the Acolytes of Urr alongside the Mandolorian units until reinforcements arrived. This act eventually led to Morotheri's knighthood as the first Acolyte of Urr to ascend through each rank within this great house.

A Knight Rises

"For his outstanding performance through out the tragedy known as the Tenth Great Jedi War, the following declaration shall be placed upon him. It is with great pleasure that I announce the elevation of Jedi Hunter Morotheri Mithfaron, to the coveted rank of Jedi Knight."

- Jendan's speech during the knighting ceremony

Morotheri stood in the interior of the Great Hall in the Takakoa Monastery, as Desciples of Urr were brought together around the Miraluka. Bearing the components required to reconstruct his lightsaber, Ji, Jendan and JScumm approached alone as the hall grew silent. Morotheri had shown above and beyond determination during the tenth Great Jedi War and was to be elevated to the ranks of Knighthood. Gratiously, Morotheri accepted the gifts as Ji continued on with the knighting tradition.

To complete his knighthood, Morotheri was to complete reconstruction of his lightsaber. Morotheri journeyed on until he came across Ooroo Abbey, of which the Miraluka considered to be the heart of New Tython. Here the Miraluka lay the necessary components before him in the chamber of meditative reflection. Using only the force, the many components assembled, locking into place. The Miraluka recovered and ignited the saber, releasing a stream of amber light. His trials had been completed, and a new knight has risen.

A Leader Arises

It had not been long before the Miraluka took on the responsibity that accompanied being a Rollmaster. Following in his former master's footsteps, Morotheri had shown a great level of determination and initiative, thus granting him the title of Rollmaster. As a Rollmaster, Morotheri had immediately begun preparations for ensuring that new Acolytes of Urr did not sway to the Dark Side. In doing this, Morotheri had often spend long hours studying tomes of the Jedi of old. Over time, he had accumulated a massive array of rare tomes, scrolls and the occasional Holocron in his office to be used to train new Acolytes. Oftentimes, Morotheri refers to the new Acolytes as Padawans in reference to the Jedi of old. It is not uncommon for the Miraluka to spend many sleepless nights looking over ancient texts.

It was not long before the Miraluka settled into his new position. Shortly thereafter, Morotheri ordered construction a massive training ground east of Menat Ombo, a new Jedi Praxeum in reference to the Praxeums of both Ooroo and Luke Skywalker. Contained within the Praxeum are a plethora of tomes used to train New Padawans gathered and copied from his own array of rare tomes gathered throughout the galaxy. Seeing the flaws that had been apparent in the training of earlier Padawans, this training facility ensures that Padawans are tought all they need to know about the mysteries surrounding the Force, and the dangers that accompany it.


Morotheri is a Miraluka from the world of Alpheridies. Being a Miraluka, he was born without eyes and regularly wears a decorative visor crafted of silver with an amethyst gem encased in the center that exclusively covers his vestigal eye sockets for social reasons common to the Miraluka. Morotheri is a Miraluka of a thin, athletic build, thus he relies on his agility more than his physical strength. His usual attire is compromised of a crimson hooded robe lined with silver that he typically wears with the unusually large hood concealing his hair and topmost portion of his mask. Underneath, he often wears a white and gold tunic designed to be unobtrusive during long duels. It is rare that Morotheri is seen without his mask, as his dead gaze often makes his fellow acolytes uncomfortable, even through the mask he normally dons. The cloak itself is unordinarily long, in that it often trails behind him as he walks.

Personality and Traits

Living in constant isolation from the rest of the known galaxy during his early years had limited the Miraluka's contact with members of other species. Due to this, he is often uncomfortable while socializing with ailens of other species other than Mialuka, Humans and Zabrak. Being trained down the path of the Jedi Sentinel, Morotheri is a devout follower of the Jedi Code, however there have been times when the Miraluka had strayed slightly from common beliefs. Because of his teachings from such figures as Bastila Shan and Odan-Urr, Morotheri often follows the same mindset as the kinghts that existed during the Old Republic Era. Being trained from the very beginning into light-sided teachings, he had not truly experienced the powers of the Dark Side for himself, nor has he made any attempts to. Due to his limited contact with the rest of the galaxy, the Miraluka is generally shy, keeping his inner thoughts and opinions to himself. When he does voice his own beliefs however, he often comes across as cryptic. Other times when the occasion requires it, he is capable of delivering great, inspiring speeches when addressing a large number of Jedi, Tythonians or Harakoans. Because of this, his cold silence coupled with his appearance are often enough to make even the most skilled jedi feel uneasy at times.

Since his arrival to New Tython, the Miraluka had come into contact with many who had abandoned their dark-side teachings, and had begun walking the path of the light-side. Because of this, and due in part to his Sentinel beliefs, Morotheri believes that any Dark Jedi can be redeemed and will often make attempts to redeem a Dark Jedi, should he come to confront one. However, he often shows levels of distrust when dealing with newer redeemed Dark Jedi until they can receive basic instruction in warding off the Dark Side of the Force.

Powers and Abilities

Morotheri has received extensive training in the force and lightsaber combat from adolescence, given that all Miraluka are force-sensitives. Authough most Miraluka can see through the Force, it often takes a great deal of focus in order for Morotheri to preform this trait correctly, compared to other Miraluka. It was because of this that his master had been training him to keep his focus sharp, even in the midst of a battle, and to not always rely on sight, but to place his certainty in the very knowledge of the Force.

Although he has received lightsaber training, Morotheri also favors the use of swords in battle whilst adopting the stance used in Jar'Kai. Morotheri has also become experienced in hunting as well during his time around the Harakoan Tribes. Other techniques he had also learned include survival skills among the tribes. A few of these skills include the use of herbs to create medicine on New Tython, as well as carving wooden weapons in the wilderness, should he be found without his trusted lightsaber. Each of these skills, although rarely employed, have served him well during his travels as a Jedi Sentinel.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Preceded by:

Jendan Morgana

Rollmaster of Odan-Urr

35 ABY -

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Aedile of Odan-Urr

35 ABY -

Succeeded by:


Outstanding Achievements

  • Earned 10 seals in GJWX
  • Earned 1 Bronze Nova in GJWX
  • Earned 1 Silver Nova in GJWX
  • Earned a Dark Maven in the Flight Degree.
  • Earned two Dark Crosses


  • The name Morotheri is also Mortheri's main character's name in the game LOTRO.
  • Morotheri was also the first member to rise to the rank of Jedi Knight in House Odan-Urr.