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Order Of The Guardian
Organizational Information
Governing Body:

The Jedi Council Of Odan-Urr


New Tython

Official Language(s):
  • Galactic Basic
Affiliated Organizations/Governments:
Notable Locations/Temples:
Historical Information
Date of Founding:

~3 ABY

Other Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"The Jedi ferrets out deceit and injustice, bringing it to light."
Jedi Master Dorak

"We Guardians are the Republic's first line of defense against the thousand enemies who seek to destroy it."
―Guardian Crix Sunburris describes the role of the Guardians in a chapter of The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force[src]

The Order of the Jedi Guardian was one of the three orders that make up House Odan-Urr. The path of the Guardian is one of martial prowess and peacekeeping, a position of action. The Guardian will hone their skills with a saber, often using it to engage in policing actions and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Their primary concern is to keep peace.

Description and History

Eli Denan, Jedi Guardian

Jedi Guardians are needed to prevent the spread of evil and keep the peace, through combat if necessary. Concentrating on martial training and their combat skills, the Jedi Guardians will engage in combat more often than the Consular or Sentinel Paths of the Jedi Order. Descended from their Progenitors whose role were to defend the weak and uphold the laws of the Galactic Republic. The Guardians are often seen as the representative of the Jedi Order.

Spending most of their time honing their Martial skills, Jedi Knights who chose the path of the Guardian are often seen choosing a blue coloured crystal for their saber. Although they spent much of their time honing their Saber skills, their force abilities were in no way inferior to that of the Jedi Consular, they were just as capable of using the force, be it telekinetic abilities like force push, pull, wave and repulse, mind tricks, alter environment, tutaminis or any other kind of ability.

According to the Jedi Archives, it was two Sage Masters that were said to have joined two Warrior Masters in the founding of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant circa 4,000 BBY. These four Masters were honored with bronzium depictions on the main entrance stairs at the terminus of the Processional Way.

Specialized paths

Blue lightsaber crystals are typically used by Jedi of the Guardian Order

Because not all Guardians can specialize in every field of study, there were several different paths a Jedi could take to improve their own skills to better serve the Order. Separated into four major divisions, this class not only focused on martial skills, but piloting and space combat also.

Jedi Weapon Master

A Jedi Weapon Master was a title given to those Jedi Masters who pursued the study of exotic weapons. Some of the greatest fighters of the Jedi Order, they have existed for many centuries though were always few in number. Weapon Masters would spend years of study, honing their skills in the art of their chosen weapon. Often mastering the use of a double-bladed lightsaber.

Lightsaber Instructors

Cin Drallig a Light Saber instructor during the clone wars

The art of lightsaber instruction is practiced by Guardians who had perfected their skills on the battlefield or on long journey-missions, mastering all seven forms of combat. Not believing in the practice of teaching for life, instructors first had to demonstrate their knowledge of their art through various tests and missions. All instructors were Jedi Masters and were recommended for the role by the standing battlemaster; the lead instructor.

Jedi Ace

V'yr Vorsa, Jedi General and Peacekeeper

A Jedi ace was a specialized path, Aces combined their connection to the Force with their piloting skills to be able to perform almost impossible and daring maneuvers to down their enemies or avoid being downed themselves.

Those Jedi who pursued this manner of training would fly in specialized starfighters in order to master the art of space combat. Flying on instinct and trust in the Force, victory in battle was achieved through a special Force-bond known as a Force Meld, a binding of two or more minds to coordinate attacks.

Jedi Peacekeeper

A Jedi Peacekeeper was one of the oldest and most common roles a member of the Jedi Order could specialize in. This specialization focused on police and security operations, working with local law enforcement agencies to suppress violence before it erupted.

The group of Peacekeepers stationed on Coruscant were based out of the Jedi Temple and many worked for the Temple Security Force. Charged with protecting the Temple's occupants and treasures, they also watched over the Temple Precinct and the civilians which called it their home.

Role In The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood however, the Guardians are given a more specific role. Although there used to be many paths that the guardian can walk they are now a path in itself. Used as the leaders of foot soldiers and defenders of the Peace, they are often sent on policing missions and to help those who cannot help themselves.

During war, they would often be split into small task forces or given a squad of non-Jedi to lead. Because of this, most Guardians will spend plenty of time mastering their skills with a saber so that, when the time comes, they can provide themselves as a force to be reckoned with.