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Located on the planet: Nythaspir, In the Kingdom of Va'lence

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Galactic Basic

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Dante Armand 'Sunflash' al'Tor and Drodik Va'lence al'Tor


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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A family mostly based in Clan Plagueis of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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The al'Tors have existed long before the connection in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was made. The absolute furthest trace of al'Tor lineage was in 300 BBY. Vorsel al'Tor, an offworld Kaminoan, settled himself and his wife on Kamino. Through the years the young Vorsel became educated and a prominent member of a council devoted to the regulation and further development of cloning. The Council soon relocated themselves to Tipoca City, which in later times would become the pinnacle of the cloning process.

The Planet Kamino

Soon after, Vorsel and his wife give birth to a son, Rhylis. Rhylis al'Tor goes on to receive a full education and becomes a somewhat amateur scientist in hopes of following the footsteps of his father. Over the natural break down of time, Vorsel ages and soon after he reaches one hundred eighty-two he passes on. Rhylis who is eighty-three at the time of his fathers passing has his own family and his fathers seat on the Science Council, which through Vorsel and other top scientists have perfected cloning. But miraculously in his age and his wife's age they conceive a child, named Sao.

Sao's lifetime is short lived, at the age of forty he is lost to the waters of Kamino. Wracked by his son's death, Rhylis clones Sao in the traditional fashion of the Kaminoans. The cloned Sao grows and receives an education and lives his life as regularly as his father before him did. Sao bears three children with an unknown Kaminoan woman. His three children grow and become pillars in the community on a neighboring city on Kamino; one on the Scientific council, another in the engineering field, and the last had political ambitions.

Suddenly, Sao falls extremely ill and dies the same night. It was much later discovered that an error in his cloning process occurred him to spontaneously cease normal bodily functions. His children go on and have families of their own. The al'Tor family reaches to an estimated 700 individuals. The effects of the error in the cloning process begin to become repetitious and in the year 54 BBY, the al'Tor numbers are dropped to 129 blood-related family members.

The error in Sao's DNA was passed along to every al'Tor. Due to the strict Kaminoan cloning process the problem never was "watered down." The error in the DNA was as common in them now as it was in Sao.


In the year 54 BBY, the al'Tor family is no longer positioned on the Science Council, but they are still top advisors to the council. A relative of Sunflash, his alleged Uncle, finds the error in the DNA and in the six months following his discovery he corrects the error but only to a minimal degree. The cure for the DNA can only be administered to a developing al'Tor and could cause birth damage.

Another drastic occurrence appears in the al'Tors; the effects from Sao's DNA has made a number of the al'Tors impotent and many more begin to die off. Likewise, the cure administered has not completely caused the problem to cease existence. More and more al'Tor children die in the drastic effort to stop the discrepancy threatening to destroy the family. Ten years later, the assumed Uncle of Sunflash teams up with his brother, a diplomat with extensive scientific background, to create a strain of the cure. The cure completely ends the problems. It is later found out in tests that the cure actually increased the longevity of the recipient.

A few weeks after Sunflash's conception, the cure is administered. And in 44 BBY Sunflash takes his first gasps of air. The child is almost perfectly normal, but the cure removed him of his dorsal fin atop his head which is common among Kaminoan males. However, the missing fin is the least of their worries, as this is the first al'Tor born in 6 years and will also be the last born. The effects of the damaged DNA strand in all the al'Tors' finally takes its toll and exterminates the remaining al'Tors until they reach a mere thirty members. These thirty have all grown infertile and look to Sunflash as the hope of the name - and their future.


Sunflash is raised on Kamino by his father as a diplomat and just like Rhylis before him, an amateur scientist, as well as a military background which incorporated him into a 'jack of trades' as he learned martial forms of combat as well as the essential knowledge for an officer.

At the age of twenty, the dying numbers of his family spurs him to disband his diplomatic lifestyle and enters a life as a military leader leading an elite squad of ARC trooprs developed for the Republic. During the Battle of Kamino, the last handfull of al'Tor's perish and Sunflash is all that remains. During battle, Sunflashn mistakenly uses the force 'pulls' a pistol to him. With it he kills the owner and saves his men. At the time he believed this to be due to the al'Tor cure, which could have spurred the midichlorians to vast numbers. Strange visions about his troops turning on the Jedi made Sunflash go into voluntary exile with his troops.

Sunflash was scarred from the war and because he was the last remaining al'Tor he knew he must continue the lineage. He always knew he would be the last, he was as much, but once the moment finally came, he didn't want it. During the exile, he and his troops retreated to Deep Core. There, they sold themselves as mercenaries to whomever Sunflash chose as worthy.

In the Deep Core, Sunflash discovered word about a cult of a Jedi Brotherhood. He left his troopers and went into search for this cult. It didn't take him long to find them and he eventually joined them. He quickly learned the ways of the Dark Jedi and the Dark Side itself, but he was a believer in a balanced version of the Force and began to train in not only the Dark Side but also the Light. In due time, he learned and grew into his new lifestyle and soon attained among the most desired ranks in the Brotherhood, Dark Jedi Knight, from which he soon took his first apprentice who went by the name Gaidal Dupar. Gaidal took the al'Tor surname in homeage of his master's family and background, but soon left Sunflash's tutelage.

Within a few weeks, Sunflash gained himself another apprentice. An ambitious Nagai named Drodik Va'lence, who despite his surroundings, sided himself with the light. He too, took the al'Tor surname in homeage of his masters family and became Drodik Va'lence al'Tor.

After some time, and Drodik's own knighting to Jedi Knight, he coupled with Sunflash and Gaidal Dupar (Sunflash's former apprentice) to create the al'Tor family. From then on, the power was equal and the trio set up a tribunal between themselves and the family grew. Designs were made to make a base in a remote asteroid field. Though the cost and safety of such a project scrapped the plans. Finally, through King Elihy on the Planet Nythaspir, of which Drodik was top advisor to the royal family, the Supreme Advocate of Va'lence (Drodik) established a manor within the palace grounds. Sunflash's own mercenaries, which were still around, served as guards to not only the palace but also to each member of al'Tor.

After Gaidal Dupar departed from the al'Tors the Tribunal crashed. The family is now ruled by Sunflash and Drodik who share equal power now that the Tribunal has fallen.



Drodik started out as a newcomer to Clan Exar Kun. After a while Drodik came under the guidance of Sunflash al'Tor and became his student. Upon becoming Sunflashs' apprentice, Drodik was offered the choice to take the al'Tor name as his own alongside Sunflash, The Nagai did and has been ever since. At the same time Sunflashs' other apprentice Gaidal Dupar also took the name but soon left the tutelage of Sunflash and left the al'Tor name behind. Much later after Drodik was elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, he approached Sunflash and the two began to create the al'Tor family. Sometime later, Drodik requested the assistance of Gaidal Dupar his good friend and the three created a Tribunal which in turn began the al'Tor family.

After Gaidal left, the family was no longer run by three, rather two. With equal power Sunflash and Drodik now overlook the al'Tor family.


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