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Sa Ool
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Physical Description

Kel Dor






80 kg/176 lbs


Black with silver irises

Personal Information
  • All Dark Jedi
  • Anyone who threatens where Sa calls home
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Royal Purple lightsaber called “No Name”

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Gray Jedi



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Known apprentices:
  • Suur
  • Jo Mizu fictional apprentice
  • Hiset Tval


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Sa Ool is a Gray Jedi and a member of Clan Odan-Urr and the house of Satele Shan.

Character History

Younger years

Sa Ool's home planet Dorin
Sa Ool was born on the planet Dorin to his parents Val and Kan Ool in the year of 11 ABY. His parents worked under the government, where they studied the weather to build more efficient satellites to better predict storms and their strength. Sa was born to a family of mostly non force using Kel Dors. At the age of five, Sa was sent to the Baron Do Sages to train under them because of his force sensitivity.

During the span of two years, Sa became one of the best students in his age group. Sa’s parents became well respected and well known for their knowledge in their field, which led them to leave Dorin to help other planets. Since his parents had started to be off world more often, Sa had been living with his aunt and uncle while his parents are away.

On one of the trips off world, tragedy struck Sa and his family. On Sa's parents last trip, a pirate ship and crew attacked the ship and killed everyone aboard. Once news hit Dorin and Sa's ears, he was devastated. Not being able to control his emotions, he let go with a large blast of the force, knocking his aunt and uncle’s house down and accidentally killing them. Not knowing what to do, Sa ran and went into hiding, living off of scraps. Sa lived for a month like this before he met his savior, T’la. He was a Kushiban Jedi Master from the Old Republic who was hiding from Order 66. Sensing Sa’s strong force connection, T’la made the move and asked Sa to become his apprentice.

Life as a Jedi

Sa was a quick learner under T'la's teachings, despite his anger issues. Over the next five years, the pair traveled to many planets and participated in many teachings. Near the end of this time, the Jedi traveled to Corellia, which T’la had claimed a pull to for some time. While walking along the streets of Doaba Guerfel, they saw a human do something only Force-sensitive beings could do. They trailed the kid, who they estimated to be about Sa’s age, until they finally confronted him. The kid ran off, the Jedi realizing he lived on the streets and had no real home. They spent the next few weeks following him, allowing him to see them. They gave him food and clothes to keep him well. Eventually, the boy warmed up to them, the pair telling him why they had been following and helping him. They discussed being a Jedi and the Force, and the boy, named Paet Silmians, agreed to become an apprentice under T’la.

The falling

Sa and Paet traveled with T'la for 6 more years, learning about the force and what it meant to be a Jedi. Under T'la's tutelage, they discovered that Sa was not only strong in the Force, but he also excelled at hand-to-hand combat and lightsaber combat. Paet, who had become Sa’s best friend, was found to be almost the exact opposite, excelling academically and preferring datapads to fighting.

By the time Sa was 18, he had traveled all across the galaxy. But, his journey with his Master would draw to an end. The last planet he would be with T’la or Paet was Naboo. T’la came to the conclusion he didn’t have much more to teach them, so he took them to Naboo to learn diplomacy from some of the greatest politicians. On a starry night, Sa and his two companions were camping away from the city, where T’la left Sa and Paet for a bit to go talk with their other teachers. Paet finally learned why Sa had left the Baron Do Sages and became T’la’s apprentice. Paet and Sa fought, which nearly killed them both. Sa was burnt by the campfire, while Paet lost part of his left arm and leg. He would have died had T’la not stepped in to defend him, driving Sa back from them.

the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

After the fight, Sa stumbled into the nearest city, only to run into another Force user. With his mind not being in the right state, he followed him, which led them to into a fight which Sa would lose. The man introduced himself as Balia Donos, a native from Naboo and a Dark Jedi on his path to being knighted. He offered Sa a chance to live, as long as he came back with him. With nowhere else to go, Sa accepted, leaving Naboo and his Jedi ways to start a new adventure. Once the two arrived into Dark Jedi Brotherhood occupied space, Balia went back to his clan, Clan Tarentum, while Sa was shipped off to the Shadow Academy to learn and study the Dark Side. Sa endured the tests given to him and passed, leading him to be sent to Tarentum to become a member of one of its houses, House Gladius.

Sa quickly rose up its ranks, proving he was a worthy Sith despite his alien nature. While in Tarentum, the Church of Infinite Perception invaded Yridia space, occupying Yridia IV. Demanding conquest against it, Sa was knighted. The invasion led to many deaths and changes in Tarentum. Balia Donos perished, leaving freshly knighted Sa Ool to take over Balia’s apprentice, Pendell.

The return to the light Side

"How can one move forward if they can not look back?"
― Sa Ool's writer real life Grandfather

During his time as Pendell’s Master, Sa became a prominent member of Taretnum. He went on many missions, not expecting his past to catch up with him. While he and Pendell were on the planet of Adarlon hunting down the remnants of the Church of Infinite Perception, they encountered Sa’s old Master and fellow apprentice. After being convinced by T’la and Paet not to fight, the group talked. T’la and Paet told Sa they had forgiven him, also asking him to leave the Dark Side and join them and the rest of the Jedi Knights.

Sa sent Pendell back to Tarentum, allowing himself some time to think. After a month, Sa finally came to a decision. He contacted his old Master and told him he would join them, leaving the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and House Tarentum for good. T’la brought Sa to New Tython, explaining that the Jedi that they were with called themselves the Disciples of Odan-Urr. After being accepted by the Grand Master, Sa finally felt that he had found a home worth protecting.

GJW X the invasion of New Tython

Sa Ool had been in the midst of enjoying his new home and re learning what it meant to be Jedi. It was during one of his spars with Paet and T’la that all three felt a disturbance in the force that caused all three of them to look up into what they originally thought was a nice blue sky to see the ship's and shuttles of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Once being a part of the brotherhood, Sa knew what it was and he knew he needed to do what he could to help stop the invasion of his new home. This invasion has become what is known as the Tenth Great Jedi War. Sa and the rest of the Jedi’s fought as hard as they could with their Mandalorian allies. Even though they fought their hardest the Jedi of Odan-Urr was still defeated with the capital Menat Ombo destroyed and was brought under the rule and control of the Dark Council. The war also showed that no matter what he does that Sa can not get rid of the dark side that was a part of him.

Pillars of Menat

The Pillars Of Menat was a time of change and rebuilding and more chaos for Sa Ool, the Jedi and people of New Tython. After the war the capital Menat Ombo was reestablished and rebuilt. A meeting was held in the Ooroo Abbey with the topic of the Jedi’s stepping back from being the leaders of the planet and let the people of the colonies lead and run the planet. During this meeting a man who had a bomb strapped to himself went off and killed and injured a lot of people with it leading the Gand Jedi Masters death Ji, who was the Grand master that allowed Sa to come and be a Jedi again with the order. The bombing of the Abbey and at the time temple of the Jedi confirmed again that what Sa believed about humans are generally evil and most of them should not be trusted.

Bastions of Knowledge

Sa had help build the new praxeum and library for the Jedi that soon after words was attacked by a mercenary group. During the attack the group of mercenaries went to the vaults in the Library to get a device that had the information of Odan-Urr and its people in it. Sa was upset that he was not chosen as part of the group to investigate the attack. One Morning after the original attack Sa and few other jedi with the K.U.D.F. comrades found themselves in the midst of an another attack. After the attack was over and the Jedi’s have defeated their oppressors Sa and the other force sensitive jedi had come under a strange illness later known as the Horizon Plague. It took a while but the plague was cured but not before some of the Jedi that Sa had fought with succumbed to the plague and became no more.

Fall of New Tython

The Fall of New Tython was a darker time then what the Invasion of the first war Sa fought in as a Jedi. At this time Sa had become a member of a team known as the Knights of Allusis and had helped as many people he could before almost falling again to the dark side of the force. A Human male by the name of Cy Thuron and his hidden master made a regime that had stormed all over of New Tython. The K.U.D.F tried the best they could and after a long time of fighting The Jedi Leaders knew that they would have to leave their home till they could rebuild their strength. As a part of the KoA Sa and the team went into Menat to free the captives before they was to leaver with the help from another team that called themselves Ooroo. It was during this freeing of the captives and slaying the regime of Cy that Sa came real close to using what he was taught by the Sith to help speed up that leaving process. With everyone that they could save SA left under the Guidance of Liam to a new planet that they called Haven.

Renewal of Hope and the Dark Crusades

During the Dark Crusades Sa went with other Knights of Allusis to perform strikes against the Governor of Talus who shot them down towards the planet that was in the Corellian sector. During this warfare the Jedi brought the armaments and weapons to haven to stockpile so that they can begin the retake of New Tython from Cy. At the end of the Crusades the Jedi’s and refugees they took with them to Haven almost had a renewal of hope if it was not for Sa and the rest of his teammates being captured. Because of being captured Sa had to exercise every might of will he had to not fall back into the Sith that he once was knowing that every second he was captured was another second of his control being taken away.

Tides of Freedom

Sa came to and found himself and the other members of his team in a prison that he later on found out was called the Purity Rock. He did not know how long all of them was there, but one night a joint strike from the Teams Ooroo and Disciples of Baas had set the Knights of Allusis free along with several thousand other prisoners. There was a large fight before everyone was free and Sa enjoyed and when he thought no one looked he used his force lightning to strike down his enemies when he could. Knowing he fell again Sa knew he had to leave for a while to find himself and who is wanting to be as a Jedi. After escaping the prison Sa had gotten his hands on a old Star Fighter and left New Tython not knowing when he was going to come back but knew that the force would guide him to where he needed to be.

Self Imposed Exile

During his exile Sa followed wherever the force took him. Traveling across the Galaxy Sa visited more Planets than when he was a Padawan, Sith, and a Knight and it excited him to visit and learn about all of the new places he been to. There was three places that will stick with Sa Ool forever and he wishes that he can return to them someday. The first planet which also made him sad was Lothal on this planet he felt that there was a Temple on the planet but he could not gain access to it. He still plans on bringing more Jedi here to find out how to get into the temple. Even though he did not visit the temple he still stayed on the planet for a while to do some self thinking. The second planet he visited was Vrogas Vas and its very own Jedi Temple. At this temple Sa had found some holocrons from an Old Jedi Master that he viewed to learn more of the Jedi. The last of three planets that he spent the most time on was Devaron. On Devaron Sa visited theTemple of Eedit and practiced while also honing his martial arts styles and his lightsaber combat. From these visits with the planets did Sa found what he needed. He learnt that he will never be fully light sided again but to also never try to force the darkness in him but accept it and meld it to do good. With everything that he learned visiting the temples Sa knew he needed to pass on his knowledge for future generations and to do that he knew he needed to go back home to the other Jedi on New Tython.

Fading Light

On the way to New Tython, Sa stopped several times to refill and rest up on his long trek home not running into many people who could tell him what was going on in the brotherhood and with the Disciples of Odan-Urr. The last three planets Sa stopped at he had found some Sith from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, only for them to attack them thinking he was one of the competitors against the One Sith. After defending himself against the Sith, Sa finally was able to leave and arrive on New Tython. It took a while with the discussions of the leaders of Odan-Urr with finding out what Sa have been doing for almost a whole year that he has been gone, and for Sa finding out what is going on in the Galaxy.


Korriban The planet where the 11th GJW was fought over
During the GJW XI, battles was fought on the planet Korriban and in it's atmosphere against the Sith of the brotherhood, Sa spent almost all his time in orbit during the war. Sa Ool had a mission with some fellow Jedi’s: Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, Seraphol Ceartas, Lambow, Korvyn, and V’yr Vorsa to stop the loyalists fleet of three capital ships lead by the "Suffering" anyway possible. With the six ships in the Jedi fleet after a long naval battle the Jedi’s came up with the plan to blow up a ship's reactor in the SSD. After a long debate it was decided that Sa and V’yr would lead some volunteers to take over the enemy Assault Cruiser “Undaunted” and use its reactor to destroy it or cripple the SSD enough. The two Jedi and their volunteers once they got the “Undaunted” close enough to set the reactors off was to escape using the Pride of Owyhyee if it wasn't totally damaged or escape pods. Even though the two Jedi lost many of their volunteers was able to escape from their own deaths and had a successful mission on destroying the loyalists fleet. The Jedi's of Odan-Urr may not have fully on the war, but they was successful with the other rebel sided members of Taldryan and Scholae Palatine was able to make it where Darth Pravus was in charge of the brotherhood instead of Muz.

Tides of Change had come to New Tython

A few months after the Great Jedi War had ended with the Sith Grand Master Muz disappearing tested Sa and his resolve when it came to the Sith. The O’reenian fleet came and assaulted The space station known as the sanctuary that is above the atmosphere of New Tython. If it wasn't for the Sith from the clan Arcona the defenses of New Tython would have been overwhelmed. It took Sa’s friends to control and divert his anger at the attackers instead of the Sith who originally attacked his home now helping it. In the end with everything Sa could do with the rest of the Jedi and Sith they still lost the sanctuary. Being as safe as he could on the planet Sa watched the sanctuary fall apart and some of it's prices came crashing all over of the planet. In the end of it all Sa came and saw that not all Sith was as bad as he thought and not as dark as some of the Sith he knew in Tarentum.

Almost reaching his Goals

After the Arcona Clan saved the Jedi, Sa finally got a small chance to be an instructor like he wanted. He wasn't a full time instructor but he did go teach basic lightsaber combat to the younglings and sometimes an older Jedi like his apprentice when she got knighted, Jo Mizu would come to him for instructions on the actual lightsaber forms that they wanted to learn. It made Sa happy he got use some of the knowledge he had learnt on his exile. After a few months of instructing with his assistant a blue female Nautolan by the name of Myra, Sa got called away to participate in the Order of the Force Ascendant trials. It took some time but Sa had completed the trials with the Ascendants with them in the end becoming the Jedi allies and him being allowed to go back to teaching with his assistant Myra.

A Tragic Dawn

In a single morning Sa and the rest of the Jedi lost their home and a few comrades. Grand Master Darth Pravus of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood had all the Sith use their ships to bombard and destroy New Tython. All the Jedi had was a single hour notice to try and evacuate everyone off the planet. During the evacuation, Sa along with Myra and Paet ran around to make sure that all of the younglings was aboard the spacecraft that was meant to take them off planet. Saving the younglings had costed Myra and Paet their lives, only driving Sa to be more recluse like.

On the Run

Thanks to the burning of New Tython the Jedi left the system to look for a new home without the influence of the Sith of the Dark Brotherhood. What is later known to become as the [Battle of Florrum]], the members of Clan Odan-Urr ran into the Dark Jedi Clan known as Clan Plagueis on the planet of Florrum. More Jedi and troops was lost and was forced to run even farther thanks to the Sith. After their lost the Jedi and Sa left Florrum only to find a System named Kiast System. The main planet also called Kiast with the native species of Sephi



Sa Ool has some scars by his left eye left over from being burnt by a fire during his fight with Paet. Being a typical Kel Dor, Sa Ool needs to wear a breather mask and goggles in any of the atmospheres that he can not breathe in. Sa Ool has red-orangish colored skin and wears the typical garb of the Jedi Order, but in colors that are closer to black. As a Kel Dor Sa also only have a total of four fingers on his hands.


Sa Ool usually prefers to push the rules to the absolute limit. While he is unlikely to actually break rules or disobey orders, he toes the line between what is allowed and what isn't at every opportunity. When Sa Ool does things, he likes to make sure everything is done correctly, no matter how long it takes. While generally laid back and more than happy to offer a quip of sarcasm, Sa Ool's entire demeanor changes once combat begins. he becomes focused and quiet, with his smile replaced with a look of grim determination. Through a combination of preparing, studying, and analyzing, Sa Ool creates detailed battle plans and tries to think two steps ahead of the enemy.

Sa Ool likes to wears out his opponents through use of the Force, agility, and evasion. Once he has sufficiently tired his foes through the use of the Force, physical, or mental assault, he quickly tries to find a means of cleanly and swiftly dispatching them.

Sa Typically hates humans and those who attack where he calls home. His hate for humans can be directed to the time he had fought his friend and fellow Jedi Paet. After their near life and death duel on Naboo, Sa had thought that humans is a species where they think with their mouths and not the brains in their heads. Ever since joining Odan-Urr thanks to Paet and T'la, his hate towards humans has lessen to where he does not want to be around them, but he will work alongside them if that is what is needed to protect his home.

DJB Facts

Sa Ool is one of the founding members of House Odan-Urr, the only light sided house currently in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Positions Held