Drake Starfire

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Drake Starfire
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

15 ABY

Physical Description





1.778 m


72.574 kg





Personal Information

Dr. Poopernickel

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form Zero

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information

Pilot, Dark Jedi




Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

"Storm Hawk" (X-Wing)

Known masters:

Zagro Fenn



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"Some men fear the idea of revolution, because if it were working properly, they'd be dead."
―Drake Starfire Sr.


"Come on guys, you don't wanna see a nice handsome and perfect kid in the streets right? So buy my Blue Milk!"
―Drake Starfire

As the heir to a highly profitable Blue Milk empire at a very young age, Drake lived a very worry free life. He showed aptitude with the force at a very young age with his parents keeping it a secret. Drake spent his free days training in martial arts and boxing with his top of the line trainers, his other days were filled with schedules to be a poster boy for the country and learning to take command of his future empire. At the age of 12, a dark jedi by the name of Griever Datch became very angry that this family would keep the talents of young Drake a secret, and found it as the most vile crime. So he murdered both of Drake's parents and kidnapped the boy, training him in the ways of the dark side. Drake finished his training rather quick by the age of 16, murdered his master Griever whom he never forgave and returned to his home planet of tatooine, returning to the mantle of his empire. Drake found it rather easy to manage the day to day functions of the vast company and decided to lend his talents to the Imperial TIE Corps, keeping his force training a secret for the time being, never carrying a lightsaber.

Early Career

"Drake is like a machine in the simulator, nothing gets past him... alive."
―Fellow TC Cadet

Graduating top of his class, the young teenager had options given to him, join the academy for the Imperial military, or join the academy to become a diplomat. He choose neither, and instead followed a encrypted message to Aurora Prime and met Landon Cruise, who then was the commander of the Auroran Aces, Alpha Squadron, of the TIE corps.

Drake joined the TIE corps, an elite Imperial Navy that only accepted the best. Most recruits never make it past cadet and get put into the regular program as enlisted being mediocre or are just thrown away. But of course, Drake graduated, beating every requirement and was assigned to Alpha Squadron. As part of a newly reinstated squad under the command of a newly appointed commander, Drake and his fellow flight members took on top missions involving life threatening dog fights in deep space.

Drake made sure he was the best of the best n the squad, always coming up second to none other than landon himself. Landon wasn't so much as a better pilot than Drake as to say he was just an opportunist, always making the right calls. But together alongside the rest of Alpha squad, they were a deadly force in the arms of the Empire.

Drake had the honor to be promoted up to Lieutenant Commander in Alpha, until being promoted to Commander and given control of Kappa Squadron.

Taking the Reigns

―Drake Starfire

Drake was appointed Commander and in charge of Kappa squadron after the previous commander left. He was in charge of a bunch of old legends who were burnt out, so he did what almost no TIE commander would do... he gave up on his team and took on every mission solo, letting his squad just be lazy and talk about "old times" saying how good they were. Drake even took on an invitation to a squad v squad competition against Sigma and won, crushing them in a landslide victory.

The TIE corps high ranking officials were furious with the way Drake was handling his current situation, so they did there best to force Drake into retirement or exile. Drake made his stand continuing to shine throughout the corps as if saying F U to the whole Navy. Commodore Frodo acknowledged Drake's bravery and added him to the Hall of Fame aboard the ISDII Warrior where Kappa was stationed.

Having heard news of Landon quitting the TC, Drake came to confront his old Commander, and apparently Landon was leaving to join a brotherhood. A brotherhood of the ways of the Dark Side. Intrigued knowing Drake himself to be force sensitive, he went along with Landon quitting the TC as well. And Drake went on to try and get his name deeply recognized within the entire galaxy...

Physical Description

Drake, being probably the only human you will ever see with natural blue hair. He his tallish for a human and weighs at an average standpoint. Though he wears robes that cover his entire upper and lower body, you cannot see that his figure is chiseled and fit to its peak, he is not however a bulky and body building giant. he just is physically fit, and has the abs to show for his hard work.

Personality and traits

Aside from being a rampaging warrior on the battlefield, and a destroyer of unimaginable heights as a pilot, he his still and always will be that off the wall guy that you may hate to love. But he is always serious when it comes to combat, and may tend to still underestimate things when he becomes prideful.

Drake has been known to be crazy, and may as well be legally psychotic. He spends his time studying to become the best Dark Jedi in the galaxy, and perfecting the art of Blue Milk. He's really cool, smart, and an amazing pilot. He doesn't really have a bad side unless of course you're his enemy!

Drake is easy to adapt to harsh climates and conditions, and due to strenuous training in the form of the Broken Gate and Shock Boxing, he is able to perform tasks while burdened with heavy weight. he has also been boasted to have Iron Skin and Lightning Reflexes.

Drake is really young but as smart as someone five years older than him. (Give or take...) and is known entirely as a young ace looking for trouble. He has been summed up, under estimated, frowned upon, dishonored, and has been in a torture situation, but with his skill he has overcome all of those hardships, feeding on hs rage as a source of Dark Side power.

Drake believes many things, and one is that he thinks that he is going to become the next best thing that the Brotherhood has ever seen. He believes he's matured and ready to take on anything, but he only lacks experience.

Powers and abilities

Though Drake is new to his Sith training, he has picked up some force powers to help him along the way to becoming a master of the dark side, like Amplification, Mind Trick,and Control Self.

Drake has had some experience with fighting in his early career as well as being a pilot, He is proficient In piloting Star fighters, using Bladed Weapons, And In his primary Martial Art, Broken Gate.

Drake once went to naboo and stumbled upon a gungan gym in the city, which was odd almost. He entered to find it was a martial arts gym teaching Paonga, he purchased a couple data chips and uploaded them to his datapad. He began to study its technique and is continuing to master it.


Drake Starfire was originally a Star Wars D&D pencil and paper RPG character. As a Jedi Padawan during the "Clone Wars". During the campaign,Drake had become a power ranger, owner of an ancient parasite that gave him sith powers (pretty much Spawn, you know, that black guy with that weird cape thing...). Defeated werewolves and vampires, Tag teamed with count dooku (because he was a good guy in the campaign), and eventually became a Jedi Knight and had to carry around his "Padawan" because he would be knocked out in one hit. Oh and btw, he got to meet superman... And killed an entire race by dropping a building on them... and even saw his home ship crash into the building he just jumped out of.

Drake Starfire also had a debut in the Emperors Hammer, and was an accomplished pilot in the TIE corps, before leaving to join the DJB.