Dark Covenant (original)

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This article contains obsolete data. It reflects a Dark Brotherhood policy, position, or object that has been removed or replaced. It is preserved here for historical purposes only and should not be used/referenced.

On May 16, 2003 the original Dark Covenant was posted by Telaris "Mav" Cantor, on former message boards used by the Dark Brotherhood. While the current version of the Covenant is the very lengthy document that governs all aspects of the club, the original Dark Covenant merely contained the "Bylaws" or rules that the club would abide by. This shortened, rules-based version of the Covenant was used by the Chamber of Justice to prosecute members before the comprehensive version of the Covenant existed.


We, the members of the Dark Brotherhood, do hereby declare the following codes of conduct, which must be followed by all members of The Brotherhood, regardless of rank, position or influence:

First, no member shall partake in an action that will hinder the enjoyment of another through the following actions:


Members of The Brotherhood should hold all others in equal regard regardless of gender, race, creed, nationality, or sexual orientation (heterosexual/homosexual/lesbian/bi/transgender). When considering individuals for promotion, medal(s), public praise/acknowledgment, merits will be judged equally regardless of before mentioned gender, race, creed, sexual orientating. In addition, no member shall be excluded from a position, rank, medal(s), or praise/acknowledgment because of gender, race, creed, or sexual orientation. Again, the service and merit of the individual will be solely given consideration. Acts of discrimination towards any member will not be tolerated and will be punished to the appropriate degree.

Sexual Harassment

No member of the Dark Brotherhood shall make, or attempt to make, unwelcome advances on another individual (regardless of sexual orientation). These can include, but are not limited to, comments on personal appearance, attitudes, beliefs or actions. In addition, the promising of promotion, reward, public praise/acknowledgment or offers of recommendation for before mention award in exchange for sexual favors (Cyber sex, pornographic photographs, adult literature, etc.) shall be considered sexual harassment.

Crude Behavior

It is expected that members maintain an amount of control over themselves in all proper Dark Brotherhood communication. There are certain things that should not be said in a public channel, as the larger the Brotherhood grows, the more likely it is that someone will take offence to something. Think before you type and keep derogatory and crude remarks out of official channels. This is to be understood as including the use of swear words, provocative speech, insults towards an individuals political opinions, insults towards nationality, and other disrespectful comments.

Dereliction of Duty

Upon accepting the appointment to a position, a member of The Brotherhood accepts all aspects of responsibility associated with said position. The duties of the lowest member are just as important as the highest, and therefore, must be fulfilled willfully and with the highest regard to the Common Good, that is to say that leaders shall work towards the betterment of the whole. Members who are unable to fulfill the duties assigned to them, after proper communication of the dereliction from their superior, shall be relieved of their duties.

Abuse of Power

Responsibility comes with power, and as such, leaders of the Dark Brotherhood are expected to maintain rightful and just manners of behavior and administration. Recognize that all positions within the DB are created in order to serve those below them. Your position exists not to give you power, but to supply fun for those you have power over. Additionally, you shall not use your position to unfairly promote, reward, or offer public praise/acknowledgment so as to give unfair advantage to that Person, House, Clan or Order. As a leader in the DB, you are a role model. People will look to you and your judgments to base their future decisions in this organization. Punishment for abuse of power ranges widely on the offence, from a simple reprimand to removal of position, and even to expulsion if the case warrants it.

Verbal Abuse

Members of the Dark Brotherhood are expected to remain civil with each other. Verbal abuse can take the form of swearing, non Star Wars related insults (both in words and phrases), implied negative meanings or "put downs" of any form. Members who are found to consistently verbally abuse other members will be punished according to the severity of what they have said.

Disreputable Behavior

No member shall willfully partake in an action that brings disrepute onto the Dark Brotherhood, as a whole, Order, Clan, House, Battle team, or individual member. They are expected to act in the organization's best interest. Dark Jedi found to be causing harm to the organization's image shall be punished based on their actions. This category includes many actions taken by members outside the club that reflect on the organization, such as treason, acts to sabotage, or stealing of property of Dark Brotherhood members or other organizations.


Members who willfully and knowingly exploit, abuse, or otherwise tamper with official game play or official activity in the form of competitions, tests, or other activities will be punished by a demotion to the rank of Apprentice an Official Letter of Reprimand and Probationary Terms. Further violations will result in additional punishment.


Cloning, as defined by having one real person acting out the character of multiple personas in the Dark Brotherhood (i.e.: having 2 PINs and Character Profiles) is illegal in the Dark Brotherhood. Anyone caught being in possession of a clone will be demoted by two ranks, and the clone deleted. Instances of multiple clones will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, however you can expect that the demotion will simply increase by two ranks for every clone.


Any member of the Dark Brotherhood who copies another persons fiction, artwork, or creative idea without giving credit to the source is guilty of plagiarism. The Dark Brotherhood will not tolerate the stealing of intellectual property from other members of the Club, or online Community, and as such, those found guilty will be issued an Official Letter of Reprimand, face the possible stripping of rank and awards, and other probationary terms.

Most importantly, members of The Brotherhood are expected to act with a reasonable amount of sense.

If any member of the Dark Brotherhood, regardless of rank or position, believes another member to be in violation of the above requirements of behavior they are entitled to file a complaint with the Justicar, however grievances should be brought up the Chain of Command. Only when the Chain of Command fails to come to a satisfactory conclusion of the issue should the Chamber of Justice be contacted.