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Fleet of Scholae Palatinae
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The Fleet of Scholae Palatinae was a branch of the Scholae Palatinae Military that comprised of the collective identity of the entire Clan Naval Forces of Scholae Palatinae, tasked with the defense of the Clan and all of her territories. It was made up of a three Floatillas and a Home Defense element, each comprised of a collection of destroyers, cruisers, frigates, corvettes and assault craft. The Fleet was headed by a War Councilor, answering only to the Grand Marshal and Emperor, with support from a collection of top military officers and strategists.


The command structure of the Fleet is organized to allow independent execution of orders, with the top Admiral of the Fleet sitting on Imperial Scholae Command along with a collection of top military officers and strategists. It is made up of three distinct Flotillas, each operating independently but all under the orders of Imperial command, while trained and prepared for specific primary types of engagements as outlined.

  • The First Flotilla is primarily tasked with defense of the Cocytus System, and serves to house the officers and top leadership of the Clan as a centralized mobile command center. The rest of the Flotilla serves to protect the Dark Paladin and its primary objective to ensure security of the system. When deployed outside the home system, this portion of the fleet primary serves in reserves in support of the other elements, in relief of duties or as need arises as determined by Imperial Command.
  • The Second Flotilla is primary tasked as the lead spear and offensive unit deployed into conflict. During deployment, it carries the 2nd Expeditionary Force into engagements with the Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship Vanquisher landing on planets for large scale deployments under protection of the elements of the Second Flotilla. During times of war, the flagship of the Second Flotilla, the Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Warspite serves as the tactical base of operations for military engagements.
  • The Third Flotilla has flexibility as either an offensive or defensive unit depending on the requirements of the engagement, and carries with it the 3rd Expeditionary Force into engagements with the Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship Victorious landing on planets as needed for large scale deployments under protection of elements of the Third Flotilla.


First Flotilla

NSD Dark Paladin, current Clan Flagship

Second Flotilla

Third Flotilla

Home Defense


The Fleet of Scholae Palatinae was the Clan's primary defense against rivals and usurpers of their fraction of space known as the Cocytus System. The Fleet was established when the Clan was still a House under the military regime known as the Emperor's Hammer. Though those original ships have been either retired, dismantled or destroyed - the original vessels began a long, proud heritage of Naval Command under the banner of Scholae Palatinae.

Thus, when the Dark Brotherhood broke away from their oppressor, and the Royal Clan was able to assume control of the Cocytus System's inhabitants through a show of force. Shortly thereafter, the ground forces were able to establish control of the system's government by capturing the capitol upon the surface of Judecca. Yet, this amazing feat could not have been achieved without the blockade and bombardment provided by the Fleet.

VSD Excidium, former Clan Flagship

Many changes have come to the fleet, mostly additions during the time of peace through the Galaxy; however, many skirmishes and space defense scenarios have threatened the existence of elements in the Fleet. But great stability was found during the rule of the Clan's Consul Timbal, who was passionate about the maintenance and command of the Clan's warships. Under his steady hand and all-knowing gaze, the Fleet of Scholae Palatinae established a sense of duty, hard work ethics and unbreakable stratagems to ensure the defense of the Royal Clan.

This heightened sense of purpose was not enough for the self-appointed Emperor of the Cocytus System, Braecen Kaeth. With his wide-sweeping advancements - for better or ill - he seized control of the Naval Forces of the Clan, forcing them to defer to his Right-Hand, the Grand Marshal, and the combined, entrusted Leaders of the Royal Clan. But a sole voice cried out, insisting that the Naval Forces act as an independent military structure when need be. Then Quaestor of Caliburnus and Surface Marshal, Thran Occasus, pleaded for an Imperial structure for future development and advancement within the Fleet. His counsel was not refused, thus the Sith's hand still factors heavily into the current mold of the Scholae Palatinae Naval Forces.

After massive losses sustained by all of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's fleets in the Eighth Great Jedi War, steps were taken to recoup the losses. Then High Admiral Timbal helped the Consul in the bid to replenish the Clan's Fleet, successfully acquiring three heavy cruisers, the Renown, the Relentless and the Repulse, two Imperial II-class Star Destroyers and a relatively new design of star destroyer, the Nebula-class.

The Nebula-Class Star Destroyer would be appointed as the flagship of the Clan's fleet, and would be named for the Victory-Class Star Destroyer which was once the Fleet's flagship, the Excidium. The Excidium II would be put to use soon enough, with the Ninth Great Jedi War taking center stage in the Brotherhood.

ISD-II Warspite on patrol

The two Imperial II-class Star Destroyers to be acquired via Operation: Strike Back, named Warspite and Indomitable, would be the primary attacking force for the Clan as they assisted the Dark Council in the retaking of Antei from Omancor Crask. While both vessels bombarded specific targets, softening them for the attacking ground forces, the Warspite dropped troop carriers and drop ships almost constantly during the first few hours of the attack.

All the vessels of the Fleet fought admirable, with special honors being awarded to the Captains of the three Star Destroyers of the Fleet for their presence under fire. For their efforts in the Ninth Great Jedi War, the Clan was awarded with two Escort Carriers, named Subjugator and Monarch, and four Corellian Gunships, named Dauntless, Daring, Defiant and Dagger.

The Dark Crusade would push the collective Clans and Houses of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to the edge. A true test of the Fleets capabilities to carry out missions beyond the familiar confines of the Cocytus System in service to the Dark Throne. Once again the Warspite and Indomitable were pushed to the tip of the spear carrying the troops of the ISG into the field. The feedback of this campaign, combined with the driving Imperialistic nature of the now successful Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, saw a deeper collaboration between the Expeditionary Forces and Naval Fleet. For their efforts in the Dark Crusade, Scholae Palatinae was given a chance to further grow its fleet, choosing to bring two Acclamator I-Class Assault Ships to the Fleet to drop troops directly into combat. In addition, eight VT-49 Decimator were brought in as Picket support in defense of the growing Fleet.

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