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House Dorimad Sol
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Dorimad Sol



Historical information
Formed from:

5,073 BBY


13 ABY


28 ABY


15 ABY, 23 ABY


18 ABY, 27 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

Clan Scholae Palatinae, Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era, Hyperspace War

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Dorimad Sol (commonly abbreviated as HDS) is one of two active Houses of Clan Scholae Palatinae along with Acclivis Draco. Named for the legendary swordsman known as Dorimad Sol, the House has a strong tie to the Obelisk order. Over many years, there was much speculation as to the identity of the House’s namesake. Through diligent effort, Thran Occasus established a deeper understanding of the House’s lore. However, the true identity of this legend is still unknown. More information about the House proper be found in the House's Prospectus.

The Legend of Dorimad Sol

As the Legend goes, nearly five millennium before the reign of Emperor Palpatine, The Sith Empire ruled the Galaxy under the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos. During his time as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos had established the “golden age” of the Sith. United under his banner, the Galaxy fell under the power of his Empire. As a Master of the Dark Side of the Force, Marka Ragnos taught many students the secrets held within the Sith. According to one legend, one such student was a legendary swordsman known only as Dorimad Sol. Sol, like Ragnos, was a Human-Sith hybrid, giving him an extraordinarily strong connection to the Force. However, after reviewing many documents, the general consensus among scholars is that Dorimad Sol was not a student of Marka Ragnos. In fact, Sol might have been instrumental in the instruction Ragnos.

Records mentioning the name “Dorimad Sol” extend before the reign of Marka Ragnos to the time of another great Sith, Tulak Hord. Hord was said to have an overwhelming prowess with a lightsaber. This Legend tells the story differently; Tulak Hord was buried with a Holocron containing all of his techniques. However, this holocron was never recovered. Again, scholars speculate that the mysterious Swordsman, Dorimad Sol, may have in fact taught the Dark Lord Tulak Hord his skills with a lightsaber. It is generally maintained in scholarly circles that Dorimad Sol was neither a student nor a teacher of Tulak Hord or Marka Ragnos. Most scholars believe Dorimad Sol was a contemporary of the Dark Lords or may have even been Ferran himself. However, There is little debate in one area; Whether or not Dorimad Sol was a Dark Lord of the Sith. Every scholar who has reviewed the legends relating to this swordsman agrees that Dorimad Sol was never a Dark Lord of the Sith. Some indicate that he was a rogue Dark Side User, or that he simply expressed no interest in assuming the throne of the Empire. There is a great deal of difficulty sorting out which legends are true and which have been fabricated. Accordingly, this has significantly contributed to the difficulty of identifying the mysterious swordsman.

There is only one quote attributed directly to Dorimad Sol in all of the accessible archives. This lack of information relating to the House’s name sake provides a great deal of ambiguity and mystery. However, the general information does confirm that Dorimad Sol may have been the greatest Saberist to have ever lived.

"I am an instrument of war. I end conflict, not create it."
― Dorimad Sol, speaking of himself

The Legend of The House of Dorimad Sol

Records indicate that Dorimad Sol was originally created as the militant arm of an Ancient Sith Cult possibly created by Tulak Hord or Marka Ragnos himself. Little is known about this Cult other than that they were designated as the Guardians of Korriban. While they had a great deal of power, they never tried to steal the mantle of the Rulers of the Sith. It is believed that this is the case because of the traditional Obelisk mentality held by the Cults members. They were firm believers that true power laid in combat alone and this may have lead to their eventual downfall.

Nearly 2 millennia later, under the rule of Darth Ruin, the House of Dorimad Sol suddenly reappeared. Records from this era are distorted or have been destroyed, leaving the details of this resurrection unknown. One significant passage does indicate that the Dorimad Sol himself might have been alive until this time, though it may only be a verse of prose.

" And he descended on them like an eagle from the skies. With grace and precision, he exterminated their entire nation. So then the Sun went dormant, resting until the true dominance of the Sith could show itself again."
― Taken from the Epistle of Darth Ruin

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood and Clan Scholae Palatinae

Fifteen years after the battle of Yavin, while the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was still part of the Emperor's Hammer, Clan Scholae Palatinae was destroyed by Arconan forces. Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus were offered sanctuary in Clan Arcona. House Dorimad Sol was destroyed rather than accepting defeat and joining the victors.

After the reformation of Clan Scholae Palatinae, House Dorimad Sol returned to life. Under the direction of Mike Halcyon, House Dorimad Sol began to wage war against every available enemy. After 8 years of continued fighting, House Dorimad Sol finally came to combat House Caliburnus in an interclan rivalry in 23 ABY. Under the watch of Dakari Tamalar, House Dorimad Sol wagered it's existence against that of House Caliburnus. Unfortunately for the warriors of Dorimad Sol, Caliburnus was victorious. Once again, House Dorimad Sol was destroyed.

Four years later, Clan Scholae Palatinae was attacked by the extragalactic Yuzhaan Vong. The Cocytus system was overrun, forcing the Clan to flee for their lives. After taking the 2nd place spot in the 8th Great Jedi War, Clan Scholae Palatinae was to return to Judecca. Under Emperor Braecen Kaeth, in anticipation of the Reclamation campaign, House Dorimad Sol was reformed with Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana as Quaestor. The limited numbers in the House fought valiantly (most notably Braecen Kaeth and Prajna Berkana) to reclaim their home and lead the Reclamation for the majority of the time. Inevitably the House fell to third place, losing the event.

Feud With House Caliburnus

After some period of stagnation, long time Dorimad Sol hero Dakari took the mantle of Quaestor. Leadership was unsteady and the house shook until late in 28 ABY, when Thran Occasus, The First Dark Paladin of Clan Scholae Palatinae, took the mantle of Aedile. As all Sith are destined, Thran yearned for more power, and it didn't take him long to assume full leadership. He drafted the Liberator of Caina, Prajna Berkana, to his side and asked him to teach the now Quaestor how his house of soldiers really think and work.

Shortly in the tenure, the Sith mentality of the leadership became evident. Seemingly unprovoked, the Quaestor incited war with longtime rival Caliburnus. After placing bounties on the heads of several prominent members of the House, Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven, leader of the opposition, quickly fought back. Hostilities quickly grew and in no time, the Houses were in full out war. Though outnumbered, the forces of House Dorimad Sol valiantly ousted the more established House. In what would be ruled a crushing victory, by the historians of the victorious house, many heroes emerged among them, Robin Hawk, Korvyn, and Angelo Dante. These three would later go on to continually build the strength of House Dorimad Sol, by gathering many victories on many fields.

Independence Games

Sometime after the peaceful resolution of the conflict with House Caliburnus, the Independence Games began. Quickly taking up the same battle ready positions, the now seasoned veterans of House Dorimad Sol contributed greatly to the games. The mindset of the House became vicious; Win or Die. Steadfast as always, the Obelisk linage of the House lead the House forward. The usual performers rose to the forefront to take many of the games events by storm. Through dedication to the cause, the Clan achieved dominance of the Independence Games. After the conclusion of the Games, Aedile Prajna Berkana relinquished his post. The toll of aiding the directors of the Games had worn the Obelisk thin. Instead of allowing the House to suffer, War Hero Angelo Dante was appointed Aedile.

Uneasy Alliances

Still celebrating the gigantic victory in the Independence Games, House Dorimad Sol reached unprecedented levels of success. Across the Galaxy, in the Jusadih System tumultuous times befell Clan Plagueis. A large invasion force of the infamous Yuuzhan Vong threatened all life in the system. Former Consul and member of House Dorimad Sol Braecen Kaeth had become the Consul of his former Clan, to the chagrin of many member of CSP. Calling upon the allied forces of Scholae Palatinae, Braecen was forced into defensive positioning near the Plagueis Capital.

Though reluctant to endorse the rescue effort, Quaestor Thran Occasus sent the might of Dorimad Sol to aid the orders issued by the Emperor Phoenix Palpatine. During the heat of battle, many skirmishes were won by the forces of Dorimad Sol. Angelo Dante, Aedile of the House, lead a great deal of the ground assault and lead his forces to victory.

The House slowly atrophied, caused in part by the apparent vacancy in the Quaestor position. Struggling with completing the House’s new Headquarters and a failed coup, Thran Occasus kept his distance for some time. Once completing the epic building, named Arx Ondorii, the Quaestor stepped forward again leading the House back to the right path. This took a vast restructuring, much of which is still in progress. Rejuvenated by a resume full of victories and a shining new home House Dorimad Sol surges forward towards its destiny: Domination.

As Thran moved onwards and upwards with his appointment to the position of Proconsul, Dante had taken over the reins of the House to lead it into further glory. With the appointment of Ric "Blade" Hunter as Aedile, they prepared to battle against the Order, a group of rebels who want to rid themselves of the perceived oppression of the Clan. It was during this time that Ric stood up and led the house into victory, which seemed to be the start of a tradition for the Aediles.

The Future

After the Emperor, Lucien, disappeared into the outer rim, the reins of power fell to Thran the Usurper. With his rise, he took Dante as his Proconsul. After a right of succession, Ric was appointed as Quaestor of Dorimad Sol with Robin Hawk becoming his Aedile. Korvyn Elvendar was appointed a Roll Master again and the summit was complete and ready. They rushed to prepare the house for the fast approaching war...

A List of Quaestors and Aediles

Quaestor Aedile
Vally Mage
Vally Exodius
Magnus Exodius
Magnus Phoenix
Phoenix Mage
Pred Mage
Vally Mage
Vally Horus Blackheart
Dakari Horus Blackheart
Dakari Hideki Tetsuya
Dakari Brujah Tamalar
Dakari Hideki Tetsuya
Dakari Aksle Tamalar
Disbanded Disbanded
Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth
Koskian ‘Psyko’ d’Tana Malevolent Blade
Dakari Kaeth Malevolent Blade
Dakari Kaeth Thran Occasus
Thran Occasus Prajna Berkana
Thran Occasus Angelo Dante
Angelo Dante Ric "Blade" Hunter
Ric "Blade" Hunter Robin Hawk
Robin Hawk Jeric Cyrin
Robin Hawk Angelo Dante
Angelo Dante Kael Fayne


House Dorimad Sol is traditionally an Obelisk House. Warriors in this house tend to excel in lightsaber combat.


  • Referred to as the Progeny of the 10,000 Suns
  • Undefeated in Battle under new Leadership
  • Smallest House in CSP
  • Has been open in Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Arcona

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