Imperial Scholae Guard

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Imperial Scholae Guard
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Scholae Palatinae


Land-Based Operations

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Scholae Palatinae Military

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The Imperial Scholae Guard (ISG) is the main branch of the Scholae Palatinae Military responsible for land-based military operations. It is made up of the most advanced soldiers of the Cocytus System. The ISG is headed by a Field Marshal with support from top military officers from within its organization. With vast experience, ability and potential in the field of battle that very few military powers can rival, the ISG prowess has solidified the Scholae Palatinae claim as one of the militant pillars of the Dark Brotherhood.


History is not entirely accurate, as the founder of the Clan has long since embarked on a journey with an end unknown, but scrolls seemingly indicate a large deposit of soldiers were granted by the Emperor Palpatine to a devoted task force of guardians: Scholae Palatinae (The Palace Guard). These warriors were instituted to act as mystic extensions of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Additionally, they were tasked not only with executing his will, but safeguarding the Dark Lord. So, in his divine wisdom, he entrusted his Sentinels with the authority to command. With his downfall, upon the planet Byss, these soldiers swore fealty to the former Clan - becoming their personal guardians... the extension of Scholae Palatinae's will.

With their departure from dark lands, they became a solidified House within the Emperor's Hammer; acting as the Guardians of the Grand Master. However, the Dark Brotherhood broke away from the oppressive Emperor's Hammer - thus, the defenders of the Grand Master sought out a new home. Making peace within the Cocytus System, on the planet Judecca, where they have continually added to their elements, both soldiers and officers. They are the military backbone of the House


The command structure, or element breakdown, of the Imperial Scholae Guard complies with Imperial Armed Forces criteria. With a single exception, the term battalion is instead replaced with the Royal Title of Legion. The identity of many components adopt this nomenclature.

Because the army is made of such a large number of soldiers, it must be organized into units, each with its own leaders and reporting structure. Each unit, whether it’s a squad or division, was created to respond to any mission, regardless of size or complexity.


Element Composition Minimum Rank
Corps: 3 Divisions Field Marshal
Division: 3 Regiments General
Regiment: 4 Legions Lt. Colonel
Legion: 4 Companies Major
Company: 4 Platoons Captain
Platoon: 4 Squads Lieutenant
Squad: 10 Troops Sergeant
LAAT/i, transporting 90th Legion troops
Expeditionary Force in battle

Cocytus System Defense Force

Each major planet has an Imperial Guard unit garrisoned on it and equipped for rapid response to maintain order for the Empire and defense of the planets. To ensure protective of the entire Cocytus System and provide a main defensive unit, they are organized into the following elements that make up the Cocytus System Defense Forces.

Imperial Judeccan Guard

  • 1st Infantry Legion
  • 2nd Infantry Legion
  • 3rd Infantry Legion
  • 1st Airlift Squadron
  • 5th Light Artillery Battery

Imperial Cainian Guard

  • 4th Infantry Legion
  • 5th Infantry Legion
  • 6th Infantry Legion
  • 2nd Airlift Squadron

Imperial Ptolomean Guard

  • 7th Infantry Legion
  • 8th Infantry Legion
  • 9th Infantry Legion
  • 3rd Airlift Squadron
  • 25th Light Artillery Battery

Imperial Antenoran Guard

  • 10th Infantry Legion
  • 11th Infantry Legion
  • 12th Infantry Legion
  • 4th Airlift Squadron

Expeditionary Force

Made up of the major elements that act as the main offensive units known as the Expeditionary Force. There are two major Forces, each assigned to a Flotilla within the Fleet for rapid deployment to their objectives all across the galaxy.

2nd Expeditionary Force

  • 20th Expeditionary Division (deploys with Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Warspite)
    • 20th Infantry Legion
    • 20th Armored Legion
    • 20th Heavy Airlift Squadron
    • 20th Airlift Squadron
  • 25th Expeditionary Division (deploys with the Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship Vanquisher)
    • 25th Infantry Legion
    • 26th Infantry Legion
    • 27th Infantry Legion
    • 28th Infantry Legion
    • 25th Special Forces Team
    • 22nd Armored Legion
    • 25th Airlift Squadron
  • 90th Airmobile Legion (deploys with the Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship Vanquisher)
    • 91st Company
    • 92nd Company
    • 93rd Company
    • 94th Company
    • 95th Company
    • 96th Company
    • 90th Heavy Airlift Squadron

3rd Expeditionary Force

  • 30th Expeditionary Division (deploys with Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Indomitable)
    • 30th Infantry Legion
    • 30th Armored Legion
    • 31st Armored Legion
    • 30th Heavy Airlift Squadron
    • 30th Airlift Squadron
  • 35th Expeditionary Division (deploys with the Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship Victorious)
    • 35th Infantry Legion
    • 36th Infantry Legion
    • 37th Infantry Legion
    • 38th Infantry Legion
    • 35th Special Forces Team
    • 35th Armored Legion
    • 35th Airlift Squadron
  • 95th Heavy Artillery Brigade (deploys with the Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship Victorious)
    • 95th Infantry Legion
    • 96th Infantry Legion
    • 95th Artillery Battery
    • 96th Artillery Battery
    • 97th Artillery Battery
    • 98th Artillery Battery
    • 95th Heavy Airlift Squadron

Special Operations Command

Made up of a specialized group of soldiers capable of carrying out specific small scale missions of both a defensive and offensive nature all over the galaxy. Garrisoned close to the headquarters in Ohmen, Judecca and deployed with the flagship, although teams will deploy as necessary with any of the Imperial Scholae Guard units as needed to achieve their objectives.

  • 101st Special Forces Legion (deploys with Nebula-Class Star Destroyer Excidium II)
    • 187th Special Operations Group
    • 327th Special Operations Group
    • 502nd Special Operations Group
    • 506th Special Operations Group
    • 101st Airlift Squadron
Scholae Palatinae Ground Forces

Praetorian Guard

Imperial Scholae Guard

Antenoran GuardCainian GuardJudeccan Guard • Ptolomean Guard

Expeditionary Force
Expeditionary Force WarspiteExpeditionary Force Indomitable • Heavy Artillery Force

Special Operations Command

90th Airmobile Legion • 101st Special Forces Legion • 102nd Airlift Wing

Imperial Scholae Intelligence

Tempest Division