Tenebric Conclusions

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Rise of the Brotherhood era

The Tenebric Conclusions

Are when a series of prosaic passages were uttered by Trevarus Sadow, and the Nameless Consciousness as the prelude to the Fifth Great Jedi War.


The Revelation:

We see from beyond the stars
Through the glittering of a million eyes
In a sea of glass
Our hatred has a thousand faces
As many hopes, and as many fears
In our slumber we have forgotten much
Even our own name
But we remember to hate, to see
With eyes that are not our own
Now, a new vessel comes to us
With ambition and fire
And a memory of our slumber
We shall find new sights, new memories
A new experience for our ancient malaise
Through this one, we shall find much
Power and glory, nothingness and peace
We wish you good fortune, and strength
Against this challenge from others
To be proud, and well praised
In your time of adversity
We see you in your own eyes
You shall be influential
And want for nothing
For in this land of nightlong malice
We are watching you walk
Through the shadows and sideways
Through the deepest part of midnight
The moon never lit upon your face
Will you stand proud before us?
Or will you falter?
For in this game of consequence
We shall take you before chaos
None shall be left standing before us
All shall be humbled
We see your steps
And we count your days
Your moments live out
One by one
Until you shall stand before us
Awash in your triumphs, our triumphs
When we shall finally remember
Remember our hatred, and our hope
Perhaps even remember our own name
All before oblivion; our fondest desire

Verse One:

There is a great vibration in the Tapestry...from somewhere beyond time we are being watched. In a moment of distraction, and of apparent victory, the broken thread will pierce the Weavery with a lance... My sight is blind, but I know that it sees. It sees with a thousand eyes, and as many lifetimes. In its sight it sees; in its sight it knows existence, but it has forgotten something in its eternity of memory...Our foundation will be cracked by a mighty dishonor, and the shards shall be smelted in a crucible as ancient as the void.

Verse Two:

We remember. A small glittering tumbler is raised to our lips.The sound of rain is echoing in our ears-A knife is dripping blood onto the floor-.We have existed for millions of years; we remember memories from the longest days and the shortest nights. We have existed for the space of a minute, the sparkling of a trillion stars on a million worlds. We have never existed, have we?

Verse Three:

In another moment, another lifetime was revealed to us. More memories than we had seen in a million sights...there was much anguish and fear revealed to us... until we found the next... slowly our sight clarified, and we remembered three names... three names long accursed to us... We found seven more than would be broken before our visions of chaos and death. We smiled in the darkness, our teeth grinding against the glass with a noise like entropy. Our hatred broadened with each new sight that was added to our own.

Verse Four:

As do the pages of ancient parchment, dry leaves and crinkled skins; our voice is dry and hoarse. The fires of war have left our throat raw, and our vision seared. The smell of burnt flesh hangs heavy and deep over the depths of the blackest waters of memory. Long have we suffered and long shall be the suffering of those who resist us. Oh foolish sons, you have reclaimed the outwards signs of your power and your learning. Do you not see that they are mere trifles? Do you not see that we are consuming you? Do you not see that your sight is our sight? Do you speak with your voice or ours? The war is over; the flames flicker and die. Our voice is rapt with the all-consuming fire. Stand back and see your fate, our fate. The void has claimed you.

Verse Five:

My vision cannot see beyond the final choice. There is yet a power that I do not understand, that I cannot see through. The penetrating darkness has covered my vision with a cloak of forgetfulness. Perhaps the Lord of Darkness shall uncover the ancient riddle as he again stands at court from the Iron Throne. Perhaps we shall find peace restored when our Lord does return to his domain. The enigma claims all whom it has touched, its great eyes again grow heavy with sleep and forgetful dreams. At the merger of the Past and the Future, we shall find peace through a great battle. Out of chaos, peace; out of entropy, pattern. My sight is blind, yet I know that it sees no longer. It sleeps dark and deep. As the crucible grows cold, only a lingering flame remains. Woe to the Heirs of the Final Way at the end of the Sixth Night, lest they forget that the sleeper may yet return to wakefulness.