Getting Started

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If you are new to the DJBWiki, you should also peruse the Wiki Step-by-Step Guide, Cheatsheet, Editing Help, Guidelines, Code of Conduct, and Editing Policies.

So you want to help with the wiki but aren't sure where to start? No problem. This article will be maintained to offer help on the questions that arise.

Do you want to...

... add a new page?

First, make sure the page doesn't already exist. Do a search for it. Remember that a lot of items can be lumped into a broad general category, for example Lightsaber Blade Colors should be under an article about Lightsabers.

To add a new page, simply do a search for it. If it does not exist, the Wiki will tell you so and prompt you to create it.

There is no page titled ":YourPage". You can create the page by clicking the Create this Page link on the blank template.

... add my character page?

Visit the Character Page Guide and follow the instructions there. Copy and paste the "Character Page Template" into your own page to begin.

... create a list?

Typically there are two types of lists: Those with order, and those without.

For ordered lists, use the Number Sign at the beginning of each line. Make sure each new item is put on its own line.

#A New Item
#Another Item
#Yet Another Item

This will be displayed as:

  1. A New Item
  2. Another Item
  3. Yet Another Item

For unordered lists, commonly referred to as Bulleted lists, use the asterisk.

*A New Item
*Another Item
*Yet Another Item

This will be displayed as:

  • A New Item
  • Another Item
  • Yet Another Item

... create Headings?

Headings are created by using the equals sign around a word or phrase. With different numbers of equals signs, you can create different levels of headings. This creates subheadings, and they should be properly nested in order to display correctly.

You do not need to create one for the article heading. That is done automatically when you create the article.

== Main Heading ==
=== Section Heading ===
==== Sub Heading ====

Rule of thumb: Section Headings use three; Section Subheadings used four.

... create a Table Of Contents?

The Table of Comments will be automatically created based on your article's length. The sections on a Table of Contents are named after your Headings and subheadings.

... add a picture?

Adding imagery is tricky, but once you get over the initial confusion it's simple.

The tag to add an image is:


Imagename is whatever you want it to be called, though try to make it unique to avoid duplication.

Extension means the image extension such as .JPG or .PNG.

After you have that in place, save the page. You'll see the image name as a link. Click that link to upload the image.

An image for your personal article should not exceed 250w by 350h. This is the best size for the template.

... make something bold or italic?

Bold and Italic are two helpful styles when writing articles. For wiki, the two codes are very similar.

''italics'' is two apostrophes around the word.

'''bold''' is three apostrophes around the word.

Also, if a word is the name of the article it's appearing on, if you make it a link it will be bold by default.

Typing [[DC]] on the DC article page will make "DC" appear bold.

... make a link?


Two square brackets on either side of the word you want to make a link indicates an internal wiki page as a reference.

To make a link to a page but call it something else, use the Vertical Line as a separator.

[[link|New Name]] 

See DJBWiki:Tutorial (External links) for more types of links.

For more info on this see Wikipedia

... sign a comment?

To leave your signature (your DJBWIki user name) on a comment, simply type the tilde key three times. Three is just your Username, while four attaches a Time/Date stamp to your comment as well.

The Tilde key is usually found next to the number 1. It's the little wavy bar ( ~ ) on the upper part of the ( ` ) key. type SHIFT-` to produce a ~.

Example of base signature: --

Result: Kaine Mandaala

Example of Time/Date stamp signature: --~~~~

Result: Kaine Mandaala 06:30, 7 September 2006 (Mountain Daylight Time)

NOTE: You can also hit the button at the top of the edit window that looks like this: Button sig.png.

... learn more about editing formats?

Check out the Wikipedia page on editing for more formatting information.