Maxyn Vonnisia

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Maxyn Vonnisia
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

5 ABY (age 38)

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Personal Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Violet (Curved Hilt)
  • Red (Staff)
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Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter (formerly)


Sith Lady


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"In the name of the One Sith."
―Maxyn Vonissia

Maxyn Vonnisia is a female Kiffar and former Sith Lady of Darth Krayt's One Sith organization. Having grown up constrained by her conservative family, Maxyn abandoned her previous life to become a Bounty Hunter, becoming a feared stalker of the underworld. Using her natural talent for psychometry, Maxyn was able to easily track her targets across the Galaxy by extracting information from both people and objects. Eventually, this talent and her latent Force-sensitivity placed her under the One Sith's radar.

She began her apprenticeship in 30 ABY with fellow student Yobd Nan. However, due to the instant and vicious hatred the two had for each other, Krayt took direct control over Maxyn's training until she was awarded the title of Sith Lady. Her powers of psychometry and pyrokinesis made her a valuable asset to the burgeoning One Sith. She quickly rose through the ranks and was given command of the Sith forces assaulting the planet Rhelg.

Due to a fateful encounter with the Dark Brotherhood Jedi, Shadow Taldrya, Maxyn was captured by the leaders of the Brotherhood and exploited for her power to uncover intelligence to help sway the course of the war in favor of the Dark Jedi. In 37 ABY, near the end of the Crusade, she was freed from her imprisonment and sent on a mission to rescue Shadow Taldrya, who had been missing for months. When she learned the truth of Shadow's fate, Maxyn severed ties with the One Sith and disappeared.


  • Based on event write-up/canon entry

Early Life (5 - 29 ABY)

  • Born on Kiffar into Clan Moxla.
  • Large family, eldest daughter
  • born with the power of pschometry
  • bit about kiffar and clans

Clan Moxla

  • rivarly with brothers, overshaded at a young age
  • proved herself through conflicts with rival clan, Clan Konshi
  • traveled off planet to become a BH
  • disowned for dark nature/obsession with wealth

Bounty Hunter

  • supernatural hunter, used her power to trail her targets became feared by both targets and employers
  • she reveled in her use of psychometry to mess with people's heads
  • black sun affiliate

One Sith (30 - 36 ABY)


Darth Krayt
  • recognized as Force-sensitive by Darth Krayt in 30 ABY. Brought to Korriban for training as a Sith Apprentice.
  • fellow apprentice Yobd Nan, rival, and instant dislike of each other
  • Krayt was forced to separate them (event?) so they could learn the Siths teachigns properly
  • rival gained the title of sith lord shortly before she did.
  • years of tutelage in the dark arts, Krayt nurturing her unique gifts for psychometry and pyromancy.
  • mastery of the deadly saberstaff. Uses the Force to choke opponents before impaling them on her blade. Fast and lithe, graceful to watch in a fight.

Sith Lady

Maxyn Vonnisia, Sith Lady
  • rumbling of war with a dark jedi organization, failures in the krayiss and x systems
  • first big assignment: Rhelg. sent to seize and occupy ludo kressh's private fortress. 'do not fail me'.
  • preparations underway, but Brotherhood assault comes early.
  • Maxyn orders a number of her men to go secure the fortress, while she joins in battling the Brotherhood's forces in a (ship)
  • Decimates a troop transport, but shortyl after is taken out by debris.

Rhelg (37 ABY - Present)


Maxyn and Shadow bond on Rhelg


Forthcoming... (final crusade phase)

Kindred Spirits

Forthcoming... (post-final crusade phase)

Physical Appearance

Maxyn Vonnisia

Maxyn Vonnisia is a Kiffar female in her mid-thirties, though she no longers carries the markings of her Clan, Moxla, having removed them after breaking ties with her family. Her lithe frame and soft curves are built towards flexibility and grace, rather than raw power. She possesses a dark, ephemeral beauty that she wields to draw the attention of others, often leading the weak-minded to their unsuspecting deaths. With her crimson hair, bright blue eyes, and flawless complexion, Maxyn is a striking figure that few can dismiss.

Maxyn favors form-fitting clothing over the traditional style of loose robes and cloaks. She enjoys flaunting her looks and loves using her appearance to disarm unsuspecting opponents. Her outward appearance speaks to her years spent as a Bounty Hunter, rather than the Force Adept she has become. She has a strong preference for the color black, though this doesn't prevent her from choosing an outfit to best fit a situation--as long as it benefits her to do so. As a prideful creature, Maxyn rarely attempts to hide who and what she is, brazenly displaying both her hand-crafted lightsabers and staff on her belt with no regard to who may see them.

Personality and traits

Maxyn is proud, stubborn, and aggressive. Her life was one of luxury on Kiffu, but she grew bored with the sedate life of a protected princess. She had a deep-seated lust for power and wealth that drove her to abandon her home and seek thrills as a professional mercenary. Maxyn grew to love the rush of tracking and eliminating targets. She basked in the wealth her abilities earned her and used her seductive looks to insinuate herself into the Black Sun organization at a young age.

When she was first inducted into the One Sith, Maxyn learned to unleash her cruelty. She came to believe her power was absolute, second only to her master. Wealth began to mean less to her and power became her one and only drive. The teachings of the One Sith twisted her until darkness was all she saw. She delighted in playing mind games and toying with the emotions of others. She used her gift for psychometry to rip secrets from people, lording over those that fell to her powers until the very act of using her power was like a drug to her.

However, after her imprisonment and subsequent escape from the Dark Brotherhood, Maxyn desire to inflict pain and fear on people diminished. Confinement and torture changed her—maybe even broke her for a while. Most believe it was the supposed death of Shadow Taldrya that caused the real shift in Maxyn's personality. Since that time, she has become more detached and emotionless. She spends more time in quiet reflection, no longer living for sin and glory as she once had. But, despite having matured and grown out of her Sith nature, Maxyn still retains a great deal of pride in her own strength and she is, perhaps, even more stubborn when it comes to the people and things that matter to her.

Powers and abilities

Maxyn, playing with the Force

Lightsaber: Saberstaff/Juyo Lightsaber2: Makashi

Force Powers

Pyrokinesis: how acquired, why special.


Psychometry: About one in a hundred Kiffar had the ability to read the memories of inanimate objects—including formerly animate objects like corpses—by touch, an ability known as psychometry. It was not, however, normal for a Kiffar to be able to read the living. Quinlan Vos was a rare exception to this rule because of his training under Count Dooku.

Maxyn however is perfectly willing to use her psychometric abilities on living creatures, in order to tear their memories from their actual brains. While psychometry is not always useful in live combat, the Sith Lady has mastered it thoroughly in order to use it quickly and instinctually in order to “scan” her opponents.



Maxyn's Lightsabers
Maxyn's Bounty Hunter weapons



  • Maxyn was an NPC created for Phase I, Chapter II of the Dark Crusade vendetta
  • This page was created using information from the event, and the canon entry
  • Post-event character details come from an expansion of the canon entry and are subject to change if the character is re-used later in the vendetta
  • Page created by Shadow Taldrya

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