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Taldryan Defense Force
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Kir Taldrya Katarn

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Formed from:

Taldryan Security Service


22 ABY


35 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Taldryan Defense Force was the military component of Clan Taldryan.

History of the Taldryan Military

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Branches of the Taldryan Military

Strategic Operations Council

The Strategic Operations Council was the body that oversaw and coordinated all of Taldryan’s military and security operations. The chairperson of the Council was War Marshall Lee Starr, the highest-ranked career officer in the Taldryan military, though final authority still rested with the Consul as supreme commander. The SOC included the heads of the Taldryan Army, Navy, and Gendarmerie Force as regular members, as well as the Military Prefect (who spoke for the Clan Summit should they be absent), and reserved attendance for the Proconsul and the heads of OSI and SRI.

Taldryan Army

Main article: Taldryan Army

Though part of a “Defense Force”, Taldryan’s army was mostly employed in offensive operations. The initiative led by then-Proconsul Ténama in 37 ABY restructured the Taldryan Army into two combined-arms regiments (with organic armour, artillery, and air support components), plus a third “assault” regiment containing two air assault battalions (9th “Derriphan” and 10th “Typhojem” Battalions), a walker assault battalion, and a shock battalion comprised of AT-M6 heavy artillery walkers.

Taldryan Navy

Main article: Taldryan Navy

In contrast to the army, the Taldryan Navy was tasked with both defensive and offensive operations. The day-to-day patrols of the Caelus System were carried out by the various cruisers and corvettes that made up the backbone of the fleet. The pride of the Taldryan Navy, the Secutor-class Star Destroyer Resurgent, most often made its presence known during larger engagements, where its twelve full fighter squadrons would be most effective.

As of 38 ABY, the Taldryan Navy was comprised of a significant number of capital ships: the Resurgent, two Victory-class Star Destroyers (Bastion and Relentless), four Vindicator-class heavy cruisers (Karufr's Dawn, Merach's Vein, Revenant, and Valor), the Interdictor Orthanc, and a variety of screening ships. The Navy's starfighter squadrons were equipped mostly with TIE/D Defenders and TIE/SF space superiority fighters.

Gendarmerie Force

Taldryan’s Gendarmerie Force fulfilled two roles. Their primary duty was to act as the Clan’s law-enforcement arm in areas they controlled, particularly the Taldryan Sector of Chyron. The TGF’s second responsibility was to act as a garrison in areas captured by Taldryan’s military during times of conflict.

Military Prefecture

Established in 37 ABY by then-Proconsul Ténama, the Military Prefecture was the Clan Summit’s eyes, ears, and voice within the Taldryan Military. In peacetime, Clan members assigned to the Prefecture acted as a secondary line of communication between the Clan Summit and Taldryan’s military personnel, as well as ensuring that those military units remain loyal to the Clan. The Prefecture also assigned members (particularly non-Force-users) to Taldryan military units to aid the members in developing military leadership skills. In war, Prefects coordinated between the military and the Clan’s Houses and Battle-Teams during joint operations.

Summit Guard

The Summit Guard was the Taldryan military’s designation for units placed under the direct control of the Clan Summit. These included the units of the Consul’s personal guard (Dark Fire Brigade and Hyperion Flight), the corvettes used by the Gatekeeper and Lorekeeper of Taldryan, and the flights of assault craft and shuttles reserved for use by Taldryan members on Clan business.

Interaction Between Taldryan Members and the Military

Taldryan’s members worked closely with the military throughout the Clan’s history. often fighting alongside each other during times of conflict. Despite that, the Taldryan military was considered an independent body, subordinate only to the Clan Summit. In 38 ABY, Consul Seraine “Erinyes” Ténama formalised the guidelines that had been commonly understood to exist regarding the relationship between Taldryan’s membership and its military.

The Policy

In normal circumstances, the Consul was the only Taldryan member who had authority over Taldryan military units. Only Summit Guard units were routinely under the direct control of Taldryan members; the military’s day-to-day operations were left in the hands of career personnel. During large-scale operations, the Military Prefecture (see above) was assigned to liaise between the Clan Summit and individual military units.

When members were sent on missions on behalf of the Clan, the Clan Summit sometimes provided units from either the Taldryan military or the Vornskr Battalion. In those cases, the expectation was that the Taldryan member would inform the commander, in general terms, of what needed to be done (such as telling a squad sergeant to “hold this position” or a ship’s captain to “get us to Arx”), then leave the commander to sort out details like where troops should be deployed or the route a ship would takes.

The reasons for the policy of separation were twofold. First, Clan members were regularly sent on assignments on behalf of the Clan Summit or their divisions, which made it difficult for them to oversee the day-to-day activities of a particular unit. Second, the role that a Taldryan member would be required to fill when commanding a military unit was normally a bad fit for their skills, whether by limiting them unnecessarily (in cases where the member is more skilled than the average combatant) or forcing them to take on responsibilities to which they were unsuited (for non-combat-focused members).

The Reality

Although the Taldryan Summit fully intended for the policy to be followed as it was laid out, circumstances on the ground sometimes resulted in a different approach. When a Clan member had significant military experience or was otherwise skilled in strategy and tactics, the senior military officer might ask the Clan member for advice, or even defer to their judgement. Other Taldryan members sometimes imposed their wills upon military personnel by force. However, this behaviour was strongly discouraged by the Clan Summit, reasoning that a damaged relationship between the Clan and its military would make both forces less effective on the battlefield.

Taldryan Military Ranks

Like most militaries, Taldryan maintains a common rank structure across all of its branches, with certain variations in title by branch. This system is made more complex by the need to integrate with both Clan members who fall outside a conventional military structure, and the military of the Iron Throne.

Note: Taldryan members were only given command of units in which the commander was the same or lower rank as the Taldryan member. For example, a Loyalist Captain (grade OF-2 equivalent) might be given control of an Army company or Starfighter Corps flight (both normally commanded by grade OF-2 officers), but not a battalion (normally commanded by a grade OF-3 officer). When interacting with the Taldryan military, Taldryan members will normally be addressed by the Loyalist equivalent of their rank, except the Consul and Proconsul (who are addressed by their titles) and members of the Military Prefecture (who are addressed as "Prefect" regardless of rank).

DB Rank Code DB Rank Title (Loyalist) TDF Grade Army and Gendarmerie Navy Starfighter Corps Marines
GM Grand Master
EL3 Grand General
EL2 Moff OF-10 Field Marshal * Fleet Admiral * Corps Marshal * Captain General *
EL1 General OF-9 General Admiral Chief Marshal General
OF-8 Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Marshal Lieutenant General
OF-7 Major General Rear Admiral Vice Marshal Major General
OF-6 Brigadier General Commodore Commodore Brigadier General
EQ4 Colonel OF-5 Colonel Captain Colonel Colonel
EQ3 Lieutenant Colonel OF-4 Lieutenant Colonel Commander Commander Lieutenant Colonel
EQ2 Commander
EQ1 Major OF-3 Major Lt. Commander Major Major
JM4 Captain OF-2 Captain Lieutenant Captain Captain
JM3 Lieutenant OF-1 1st Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant Ensign Flying Officer 2nd Lieutenant
JM2 Sergeant OR-9 Sergeant Major Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Master Sergeant Master Gunnery Sergeant
OR-8 Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant Master Sergeant
OR-7 Sergeant First Class Chief Petty Officer Flight Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant
OR-6 Staff Sergeant Petty Officer 1st Class Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
OR-5 Sergeant Petty Officer 2nd Class Sergeant Sergeant
OR-4 Corporal Petty Officer 3rd Class Corporal Corporal
JM1 Private OR-3 Private First Class Leading Crewman Crewman First Class Private First Class
NV4 Trooper OR-2 Private Crewman Crewman Private
NV3 Cadet OR-1 Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit
NV2 Apprentice
NV1 Initiate

* The Chair of the Strategic Operations Council is granted the rank of "War Marshal" upon assuming that position, and assumes a grade OF-10 rank after leaving that position. Other Taldryan Military officers are effectively limited to grade OF-9 ranks.

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