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This is an introduction to the methods of Sith Alchemy designed with Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood in mind. Sith Alchemy is both a Dark Science and an Art. Countless Darksiders have practiced the discipline, and it continues to evolve and be vital to this day. The accomplishments of the Sith Alchemists include many things designed to aid the seeker personally, socially, economically, or militarily.


The Sith Tradition has a distinguished history of being masters of the alchemical sciences. These powerful methods allowed the Sith to dominate the cultures that the various Dark Lords subsequently encountered.Interestingly enough, the Sith Cult was also able to absorb new technologies that they encountered later such as the lightsaber. This shows the dynamic and evolving grasp of the Sith tradition.

Be warned, the Art can be gruesome and terrifying. Perusal of the knowledge in ancient holocrons can be graphic and disturbing for the weak minded. This is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. This Sith Art has destroyed or driven insane many seekers of knowledge. Fortunately, we are Dark Jedi.


For thousands of years the Sith Alchemists have magnified the power of the Cult.

The Sith Race had a tradition of alchemy even before the encounter with the Dark Jedi who had fled the Republic some twenty five thousand years ago. Ancient Alchemists such as Bo Vanda plumbed the depths of the Dark Lore of Alchemy millennia before the current date. Vanda actually managed to preserve her knowledge in a Sith Holocron, a topic we will discuss later. Vanda committed the most disturbing and horrific experiments upon her subjects and victims especially captured Jedi. Those who seek her knowledge in a holocron are urged to perform the most ghoulish of studies under her guidance.

Later masters of the alchemical arts included ancient disciples like Naga Sadow, Marka Ragnos and Hafa Chun. Later, Exar Kun took up where Naga Sadow had left off millennia before. Hafa Chun created such monsters as the Sith Hound for her master Dark Lord Matih Jadoku, as well as horrible mutational battle Leviathans. Modern alchemists like Emperor Palpatine have found ways to incorporate current scientific thought and technology into the art of alchemy. The Sith continue to experiment even now….


The Sith had a tremendous facility with the metallurgical sciences. Sith metallurgy incorporated knowledge of subjects such as cortosis alloys, Sith swords, and Dark Armor.

Famous Sith metallurgists include Larad Noon, Ludo Kressh, Belia Darzu, and Naga Sadow. Sith metallurgy is responsible for granting the Sith cult a considerable advantage in combat. Such equipment has contributed mightily to the fearsome prowess and reputation of the Sith.

Cortosis Weapon


The cortosis metal is one of the most obscure inventions of the Sith. Cortosis fibers and alloys have been used primarily in armor and weaponry. They are extremely difficult to produce. This also makes cortosis exceedingly rare. Very few relics of this sort exist today.

Cortosis fibers have the ability to harmonically separate the beam of a lightsaber. This causes the beam to refract upon itself and shut down. Lesser cortosis alloys are merely resistant to lightsaber blows, and do not cause cancellation of the beam. It is rumored that the ancient Sith Warrior Larad Noon had a talismanic cortosis suit that actually would drain the power cells of an encountered lightsaber but this is unconfirmed.

These mineral fibers are made form a black metallic alloy found only in a very few places in antiquity. These included Dxun, Ziost, Korriban, Sepros, and an unconfirmed site somewhere in the Yavin system. All of these sites have now been completely mined out.

Modern scientists working under the programs of the Empire have found technological means of reproducing cortosis alloys and fibers. However, this process is extremely time consuming and expensive and thus cortosis alloys are still terribly rare in modern times.

The Emperor Palpatine trained and funded the Imperial researchers personally.

Sith Sword

Sith Sword

The Sith sword is another metallurgical triumph. These bladed weapons are composed of a secret mixture of alloys and Sith chemicals. Their creators then enhanced these blades using theDark Side. A Sith sword retains it’s hardness against lightsaber attacks. The blades are also able to deflect blaster bolts and projectiles like a lightsaber. The edge is supernaturally sharp, and becomes even more so with the increasing Force power of the wielder. Sith swords could also serve as talismanic focuses for other dark side abilities and powers. Also, Sith swords do not require power cells to operate.

Ludo Kressh was known to have created a Sith sword of masterful workmanship. It may have served as a talismanic focus for other Dark Side abilities.

Dark Armor

King Adas’ Dark Armor

Dark Armor has been a part of the Sith Cult since the beginning. The Sith Alchemists found ways to increase the protection of armor and flesh by incorporating various substances and chemicals. Often, this involved expensive raw materials, time, and the expenditure of Force energy by the maker. The very act of creating Dark armor drew the alchemist deeper into the embrace of the Dark Side.

Other features could include prowess enhancing chemicals, talismanic Force powers, stealth abilities, or other technological adaptations. An excellent example is Darth Vader’s imposing blackarmor. The Sith Lord’s armor enhanced the Dark Lord’s physical abilities, kept his shattered body functional, protected him and incorporated advanced sensor equipment. The armor was also environmentally sealed, and contained a functional air supply. The armor was also atmospherically controlled, resisting changes in heat, cold, pressure and ionizing radiation.

Lord Vader’s Dark Armor was burned when the Dark Lord was cremated upon the moon of Endor after his death. Much later, the possessed Jedi Kyp Durron left Yavin Four due to the whisperings of the evil spirit of Exar Kun. Durron sought remnants of the Dark Lord Vader upon the moon of Endor. Even after the cremation of Vader’s body, the remains of Lord Vader’s armor retained it’s potency as a Dark Side relic. Durron could sense it’s cold essence, even after Vader had returned to the light when he died.

Another fearsome female Sith Alchemist of old who had such modifications to her heavy Dark battle suit was Belia Darzu. Darzu was one of the Sith generals who kept the Cult alive before the Battle of Ruusan. Darzu’s armor alchemically boosted her strength far beyond that of a normal Human, and made her reflexes supernatural in speed and reaction time. This battle suit also incorporated a sealed atmosphere, as well as being a talismanic alchemical focus for the Dark Force Stealth ability. Darzu’s armor was lost, and remains to be found until this day.

The ancient Sith King Adas was also known to have a nasty suit of Dark Armor as he battled the Rakata. Almost every example of Dark Armor was made by the wearer and taken with them to the grave. Very few examples exist today.

Sith Crystallography

Crystallography is a subject that the Sith have mastered as well. The Sith Alchemists created synthetic crystals for many purposes. The Cult has also found the means of enhancing or tainting natural crystals. One interesting aspect of the Sith tradition is the use of red lightsabers, the color of blood that the Sith so dearly love to spill. These lightsaber crystals as well as the infamous red pyramidal Sith Holocrons are fashioned in a similar manner.

Darth Andeddu's Red Synth Crystal

Sith Synthetic Crystal

The interested alchemist must build their own forge using plans available from Sith Holocrons, old Sith texts or from a qualified Master. Rarely, a Master may allow a learner to use his or her forge, but this is generally not the rule. Very rarely a functioning forge may be found or removed from its current owner or resting place.

These forges are a very complicated matter. The Sith alchemist must build a device capable of reaching high temperatures with precisely controlled conditions. These forges operate in two manners. The more modern method uses much more sophisticated equipment, and crystals must be polished and cut after they are synthesized. The second and older method involves using the Force directly to shape the growing crystal.

A method of synthetic crystal production involves direct use of the Force by the alchemist involved. This is the first method fallen upon by the Sith when they began to construct lightsaber crystals. This unit is a much simpler and smaller device that has only a pressure vessel, raw materials, a heating unit, and very basic controls. The operator literally uses meditation and the Force to lay down every single molecule in the growing crystal structure with the power of telekinesis. This requires a high level of skill, control, and stamina. Once the process has begun it cannot be terminated without ruining the crystal. This can take several days.

It is a true test of the power of a Darksider to fashion a crystal in this manner. These crystals are perfect when completed, and require no further treatment. Darth Maul used this method to fashion the four perfect crystals needed for his double bladed lightsaber in the novel “Shadow Hunter”. It is rumored that other secret methods exist to synthesize and alter crystals of other colors and properties.

Sith Holocron

Sith Holocron

The second method type uses a flux melt of different elements and a base powdered crystal of some sort. This forge consists of a pressure vessel, a furnace, a raw element supply system and an advanced data processor and control unit. Under high pressure and temperature the elements gradually combine to form a fluid melt. A piston with a fine point is immersed in the liquid and slowly drawn out over a period of weeks. This slow cooling rate and constant withdrawal allows the molecules to collect on a seed crystal placed on the tip of the piston. As the flux is depleted, the new synthetic crystal grows to an acceptable size. A relatively large crystal can be produced this way, and is the primary method used to form the base crystal for the Sith Holocron.

Sith Chemistry

The manipulation of matter with chemicals and the Force is another interesting aspect of the Sith alchemical tradition. The Dark Lords of old were able to manifest a variety of methods and effects, including mutations, cloning, and other disciplines. These abilities increased their might, both personally as well as in regards to military power.

Unfortunately, the experiments could be gruesome and lengthy in nature. A proper alchemist always kept exacting notes, and performed as many experiments as they were able. Only the truly powerful and well funded Sith could produce effects of any consequence. This manipulation combined with the influence of the Dark Side produced staggering results.


Palpatine's Spaarti Cylinders

One well-known aspect of Sith chemistry is cloning. The Emperor Palpatine was known to have used this technique extensively, and had Spaarti Cylinders on Byss and Wayland as well as in other locales. Cloning allowed potent Sith Lords to escape the ravages of the Dark Side upon their bodies while maintaining their original abilities and physical appearance. The new bodies were prepared, and upon death or desire the alchemist used Spirit Transference to enter the new host.

Self Modification

Ancient Lords of the Sith were known to practice some unusual and fascinating disciplines. As we have all seen how Darth Vader was modified, it is not surprising to know that this art of bodily modification was practiced thousands of years before Lord Vader’s time.

Dathka Graush

One of the first known Sith Lords to perform the art of corporal modification was Dathka Graush. Over seven thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, Graush won a civil war on Korriban. He was a pureblooded Sith Lord of the old stock, and created alchemical zombies among other things. These zombies could spread through chemicals secreted by their bites, and they were always eager for twitching flesh.

Dathka Graush was most famous for other reasons. He removed his throbbing heart and replaced it with a Force-imbued crystal called “The Heart of Graush”. The crystal was rumored to make him invincible. It also absorbed the spirits of countless Darksiders during the bloody fifty-year reign of the Lord. It was similar in nature to the crystal that Exar Kun found containing Jedi spirits, except this one contained countless Sith. A later tomb looter in the valley of Golg found the Heart and was possessed by the spirit of Graush millennia later, illustrating it’s power.

Lord Andeddu One of the most enigmatic Sith Lords of old was Darth Andeddu. This Sith existed some years back in Sith history, and was apparently a formidable alchemist. This was not uncommon for the Sith of the time. However, he was also a necromancer of unusual ability.

Even his given Sith Lord name suggests a connection with the vile necromantic arts. “Andeddu” can be semantically broken down. “An” can be translated as “not”, and “Deddu” relates clearly to “Dead.” Thus, “Lord Not-Dead” would be an apt translation from the old Sith tongue.

Darth Andeddu’s body apparently died as a result of his experiments and the corruption that always ensues with serious deep study of the Dark Side. Somehow the mysterious Sith managed to keep it vivified with black methods of Sith Sorcery. He later imprinted his persona on a self-made holocron and stored his personal synthetic lightsaber crystal within.

Many millennia later Count Dooku would send Quinlan Vos to the tomb world of Korriban to retrieve the holocron as a test. Vos and his companion Tol Skorr found the tomb and battled Sith Hounds there. According to rumor, Vos lured Skorr into facing the beast in order to recover the holocron.

Vos was ultimately successful in retrieving the holocron and brought it back to Lord Tyranus. Dooku then gifted Vos with the red lightsaber crystal hidden within, marking him as a servant of the Dark Side. This holocron would eventually come into the possession of Darth Sidious.

Darth Krayt summoned forth the hoary spirit of Andeddu with the aid of the holocron later in the Legacy era. Lord Krayt sought a way to stop the corruption born of his Voduun Crab armor from consuming his flesh. The wicked shade of Andeddu labeled him a heretic and refused to aid him whatsoever. This shows some connectivity of knowledge between Sidious and Krayt but the significance is still hidden from us at this time.

Lord Simus

Darth Simus

Darth Simus is another example of body alteration and preservation techniques. Simus lost a battle to Marka Ragnos, and was going to die. Instead, he managed to preserve his own living head inside a crystalline casing. He existed for another hundred years like this, and instructed the mighty Naga Sadow in the ways of the Dark Side. As Sadow was one of the best alchemists before or since, Simus was an excellent teacher. He was undoubtedly a mighty alchemist.

Darth Sion

A Sith who also practiced bodily preservation was Darth Sion. Sion was an exceptional lightsaber combatant, and may have practiced the arts of Makashi, Dun Moch, Shien and Trakata. Somehow his body had become mangled severely, presumably in combat. It is possible that this occurred during his training at the Trayus Academy under Darth Traya. Traya was known to be unforgiving.

He had found the ability to channel his anger and hatred, literally keeping himself alive with the Dark Side. He was nearly immortal, and his mangled body fed on his pain to make it stable. It is almost certain that he practiced some form of Sith alchemy in order to ensure his continued survival. It is a known fact that he had developed a life-draining attack of great power, and perhaps this supplemented his body somehow.

Belia Darzu

Belia Darzu was another fearsome alchemical Sith figure. This powerful Sith Lord rose to greatness approximately 1250 years before the Battle of Yavin. Lady Darzu was a master of alchemy, and a changeling to boot. She was one of the important intermediary figures between Darth Rivan and the charismatic Lord Kaan.

Lady Darzu employed a forbidden Sith power known as “mechu-daru.” She infected her opponents with nano-gene droids and assimilated them into her Metanecron army. The droids literally rewrote the genetic code of her enemies and captives and forced them into involuntary service as hulking part-machine beasts.

A huge portion of her army was also composed of undead, animated by her black arts. These included Dark Side walking dead, and the more formidable Korriban Zombies. Her Sith incantations were obviously necromantic in origin. It is possible that she had studied the flesh-manipulating lore of her predecessor Dathka Graush but this is uncertain. There is a certain similarity of flavor in her works as related to those of Lord Simus and Lord Sion.

She also had a set of powerful Dark Armor. Her heavy battle suit alchemically boosted her strength far beyond that of a normal Human, and made her reflexes supernatural in speed and reaction time. This battle suit also incorporated a sealed atmosphere, as well as being a talismanic alchemical focus for the Dark Force Stealth ability. Darzu’s powerful armor was lost and remains to be found until this day.

Unfortunately, Mecrosa assassins that resented her intrusions into Tapani space stopped her furthering of the Sith Arts. She was secretly poisoned and died. Roganda Ismaren and Blackhole were able to discover and utilize her ancient scrolls in modern times and use them for their own ends as “Emperor’s Hands.”.

This woman serves as a perfect role model for modern female Sith of the Brotherhood. She shows us all clearly that the Way of Power is borne of ability and not gender. Woe to those who fell in battle or were captured by this awful woman. Even in death, you would be made to serve her indomitable iron will. She truly epitomizes the Sith tradition.


Mutations are another Sith specialty. The ability to create armies of altered warriors was known to be possessed by several Sith Lords, including Emperor Palpatine, Naga Sadow and Exar Kun. Other Sith spawned creatures include Naga Sadow’s huge Sith Wyrm, as well as Exar Kun’s experiments with Massassi Abominations. These creatures are collectively known by the term “Sithspawned.” Fortunately of the galaxy at large, they tend to be sterile. After the battle of Ruusan, Sithspawned creatures became quite rare.


An ancient example of Sith a mutation is the Silooth, a huge armored beetle-like creature. Originally mutated from womp rat-sized beetles, these acid-spewing creatures can grow to the size of a bantha or larger. The beasts are tenacious masters of destruction and ferocity. The ancient Sith Empire used these monsters at the Battle of Kalsunor. The local culture proved to be very resilient, and was resisting the influence of the Sith.

The Silooth monsters were left to run rampant across the planet, and quickly destroyed any resistance. Unfortunately the monsters proved too much of a hazard for colonization afterwards, and the planet Kalsunor was subsequently abandoned. Later Dark Lords were known to keep individual Silooths as a prestige symbol.

Sith War Behemoth

War Behemoth

It is a well-known fact that the ancient Sith used a wide variety of creatures as weaponry and support for their land forces. The Sith War Behemoth was one of the most imposing. The massive mutated herd creatures stood from 12 to 15 meters tall at the shoulder. The quadrupeds could weigh in excess of 10,000 Kg. They possess thick hides with a leathery texture, a scale-armored back, tusks, horns, and coarse fur. They were used as battering rams, troop carriers, and platforms for heavy weaponry.

The shaggy creatures were natives of Khar Delba before being acquired and warped by the Sith. Sith Alchemy twisted the herbivores into omnivorous monsters. They will eat almost anything, including their opponents. The masterful Sith Lords were able to breed the beasts for many centuries and thus clarified and improved the genetic stock.

War Behemoths were often equipped with gun turrets strapped to their backs, possessed dark vision, and could swallow opponents whole. Their minds were easily mastered by Force wielders due to the manipulation and intentional weakening of their wills by the Sith alchemists.

Sith Hound

Sith Hounds

Sith Hounds have enormous strength and speed, and a keen intellect surpassing that of a common animal. Spawned of alchemy and dark magic, this horned and twisted mockery of a hound can grow to huge sizes. Tuk’Ata are sentient to some degree, and can speak limited versions of the old Sith tongue. They are known to have extremely long life spans, and were sealed in tombs as guardians to await intruders.

These fearsome beasts with glowing red eyes are the stuff of nightmares. Created by the ancient Sith as tomb guardians, the horrid beasts continue to lurk on Korriban today. Even now, they await those who would plunder the tombs of the Sith Lords.

The Sith Hounds are jet-black, have four strong legs with ripping claws, a set of bug-like grasping arms growing from their shoulders, and four claw-like tendrils embedded in their foreheads. The arm-like appendages had stingers with a numbing poison that can be fatal. The murderous monsters also possess many rows of sharp teeth that continually grow, much like a shark’s.

Naga Sadow's Works

Naga Sadow

Naga Sadow’s Sith Wyrm was a mutated larval space slug that provided amusement for the Dark Lord. Sadow added size and power to the creature, as well as both reptilian and insect qualities. The Sith Wyrm nearly destroyed Exar Kun hundreds of years later when Kun first traveled to Yavin Four. This attests to the power of the creature as well as its longevity and mettle. Exar Kun was only able to destroy it using a deadly Sith Amulet.

The original Massassi race was altered by Naga Sadow to become fearsome combatants with an enhanced physique. They appeared as frightening vicious red warriors with an insatiable lust for violence and the ability to use the Force. The Massassi used weapons such as the Sith Lanvarok and alchemical blades, blaster type weapons, Sith Amulets, and Dark Armor. Naga Sadow, who went into hibernation, left the Massassi slaves upon the fourth moon of Yavin.

Exar Kun's Creatures

Exar Kun was drawn to the moon of Yavin Four by the spirit of Freedon Nadd.The Massassi then tricked Kun into a battle with Naga Sadow’s ancient Sith Wyrm. Kun won the battle by taking up a Sith Amulet and destroying the Sith Wyrm. Kun then destroyed the remaining spirit of Freedon Nadd with the amulet, thereby establishing himself as the master of the Massassi. Exar Kun then decided to experiment upon the Massassi that he had encountered.

Massassi priest and warrior

Exar Kun’s Massassi Abominations were a masterful manipulation of Naga Sadow’s earlier work. Exar was full of spite and hatred, and swore to make an example of the Massassi who had put him through his earlier ordeal. Using Sadow’s massive apparatus, Kun was able to enhance the Massassi genotype further by force. Kun sought a higher note of agony in the symphony of the Massassi physique. Exar was able to incorporate naturally dense armor in the skin of his subjects as well as other trait

Zythmnr is a perfect example of one of Exar Kun’s most wonderful Massassi abominations. Exar altered the old Massassi priests’ body by fusing his skin with biometallic alchemical armor and a godlike physique. The Massassi’s hide grew from a thick hide to become hardened alchemical plates. His arms now ended in naturally razor-clad gauntlets and became vicious weapons of destruction. Kun then instructed the new Sith warrior in the potent ways of the Dark Side. This Massassi Dark Warrior slew many Jedi before being destroyed himself.

Kun also continued another of Naga Sadow’s great legacies. The Dark aura of Sadow’s temples on Yavin Four had mutated the local fauna such as the Hydra lizard. Exar Kun encountered these reptilian creatures much later.

Kun then experimented upon the beasts, altering their physiology further to become Battle Hydras. He incorporated Sith armor alloys, making them less susceptible to damage from energy weapons and lightsaber attacks. Their mental state was also altered, as Exar made them quite susceptible to mind altering Force abilities. He also enhanced the toxicity of their natural poison substantially. Even millennia later, his spirit was able to command their descendants to attack Skywalker’s students at the Jedi Academy on Yavin Four. Unlike most Sithspawn, these reptiles were capable of reproduction.

Chrysalide Rancor

The Emperor Palpatine was also a master of mutational chemistry. Palpatine created a horde of different monsters, and among them was the Chrysalide Rancor. Otherwise known as the “Chrysalis Beast,” these monstrosities grow to maturational size inside enormous alchemical cocoons.

These creatures can be gargantuan in size. Chrysalide Rancors were first used against an Alliance strike team that had almost reached the Emperor’s inner sanctum on Byss. In his book “The Creation of Monsters”, the Emperor shares his evil thoughts on the subject of mutational alchemy.

Lesser Known Lifeforms

Other life forms have also been created or altered chemically by the Sith. The creation of Homunculi, Leviathans, Sith Warbirds, Tecnobeasts, War Worms,Korriban Zombies, and Sith familiars is a lesser-known art. These creatures served as excellent spies and reconnaissance agents. Another fierce and little-known creature is the Terentatek.

A Sith Warbird and Rider

Alchemical Physique Enhancement

Various Dark Lords have used Sith alchemy to enhance their personal physiques as well. Lord Vader’s armor contained Sith chemicals provided to him by the Emperor. These chemicals enhanced his personal strength substantially, as well as increasing his ability to heal damage. Belia Darzu’s suit enhanced her prowess alchemically as well.

These chemicals could increase the strength of the warrior in question, accelerate healing and negate fatigue. Lesser-known disciplines included chemicals to reduce the need for food and increase the dexterity of the user. Of course, they had side effects that could sometimes be ameliorated by the use of the Force.

Some direct applications in bodily mutations apply as well. For example, known effects included such things as multiple heads, armor skin, poison claws/tail/horns, dark side stealth, fiery/lightning/acid breath, extra arms/legs/other appendages, darkvision, tentacles, wings, increased speed/strength, and other changes.

Sith Poison

And finally, Sith Poison is arguably one of the most famous, rare, and mysterious of the Sith Alchemist’s arsenal. This poison literally infects the victim with the Dark Side, causing tremendous agony and forcing the afflicted to call only on the Dark Side of the Force. This is traditionally used on Force using beings. Overcoming the debilitating poison is a lengthy and painful process, as the venom tends to linger in the system of the being in question.

Satal Keto used Sith poison on the Jedi warlord Ulic Qel-Droma. The poison clouded Qel-Droma’s mind, and tainted him with the Dark Side. The poison was instrumental in turning Ulic by helping to release his full fury in a battle with Keto. This battle proved fatal for Satal Keto, and completed Ulic’s fall into Darkness and his ascent as a Krath.