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Medals and promotions play a vital role in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood both as in-character roleplay and out-of-character member motivation and recognition. While a member’s accomplishments are key to any request, of near equal importance are the recommendations attached to it. A good request may be remanded because of a bad recommendation.

Each month, the Master at Arms selects one or two medal and/or promotion recommendations and highlights them to the Brotherhood at large as examples of good requests. These examples are not templates; they are guidelines of good writing and detail. Each selection is granted a crescent and a brief explanation of why it was selected as been provided. This list in conjunction with the MAA-related Shadow Academy courses, Leadership Rewards and Leadership Competitions, are designed to assist leaders and members in drafting requests that can be approved as seamlessly as possible.

2015 Golden Recommendations

February 2015, EQ3 Promotion

A wholesome retrospective on an Equite

As the requested rank or medal becomes higher, recommendations are less about the numbers easily searched on a dossier and more about accomplishments, projects, and leadership. Vivackus talks numbers first, then details Teylas’ leadership in Plagueis, his leadership in the Brotherhood, and concludes with more personal appreciation.

February 2015, Grand Cross of the Dark Side

A breakdown addressing activity in separate paragraphs

Marick prefaces Terran’s lack of leadership, thereby highlighting how impressive his project involvement has been. He starts with the personal, then gives brief numbers, noting DJB vendetta work in its own paragraph, but focuses on his project work, the meat of the medal.

March 2015, Dark Cross

A Journeyman merit medal that does not double dip

Merit medals for Journeyman can be difficult in relation to double dipping policies. Farrin specifies work only in the past month, specifies how impressive that work is for a new member, and concludes with appreciation for Jalen’s worth during a vital time in Tarentum. The recommendation highlights the numerics while also motivating Jalen with words of friendship.

April 2015, Knight Promotion

A supplemental recommendation that highlights a specific accomplishment

Kenath’s recommendation, a supporting one, first sums up Bobecc’s numerical work in passing; the details for Journeyman promotions can be seen on their progress bar. He instead talks primarily about Bobecc standing up as a leader and showing great promise and initiative, work worthwhile to recognize and make more aware of as a young member reaches a pinnacle rank.

May 2015, Dark Cross

A project specific merit medal

Dark Crosses are largely designed as one-off recognition medals, a show of appreciation for completing a specific project that may only take a few cumulative hours. Farrin succinctly highlights Caesar’s work for Tarentum in social media with a few numbers to back things up.

June 2015, EQ2 Promotion

A no fluff, to the point, Equite summary

A no fluff recommendation that highlights Mayda’s larger project accomplishments before diving into the numbers, all activity gained over a two year period. In contrast to Vivackus’ EQ3 promotion for Teylas, this is a good example of getting straight to the point when the activity speaks for itself.

July 2015, EQ1 Promotion

A summary of post-Knight continued activity

Equite 1 is largely a test of continued activity past the Knight milestone, typically an average of six months work. Nathan summarizes Zednich’s numbers in the first paragraph, staying away from just listing things, then spends the next paragraph discussing a specific project Zednich was involved in, here Celebration promoting, taking time to point out the exceptional IRL work accomplished.