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As an online organization, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood promotes and rewards activities that are almost exclusively internet based. Real world interactions between unrelated members occur on occasion, but the principal focus of the club is online activity. As such, rewards for activities are similarly internet based.

Pursuant to the Covenant, the Grand Master has authorized the Master at Arms to regulate the Brotherhood's rewards system. The Master at Arms has determined that offering real world incentives -- items of value -- to Brotherhood members as rewards for participating or placing in Brotherhood activities raises significant fairness concerns for the club as a whole. Therefore, any member wishing to offer real world incentives, including but not limited physical items, game keys, or art commissions, to other members of the club as rewards for Brotherhood activity must request permission in advance from the GM, DGM, JST, and MAA. The request should include a detailed explanation of the proposed reward including its monetary value, as well as clear and objective criteria for who will be eligible to receive it. Submitting a detailed request does not guarantee approval.

Any approved real world incentives may result in a reduction in other Brotherhood forms of recognition for the same activity.