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Vasi Khess
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Vasi Khess was a Yuuzhan Vong Shamed One at the time of the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Formerly a Shaper Initiate, he was used in a number of experiments by Master Shaper Niiriit Phaath to investigate the entity the Jeedai knew as the "Force".

Vasi was shamed when his body rejected Niiriit's attempts to graft yammosk tissue onto his brain in a failed attempt to grant him a connection to the Force. Deformed, the young Shaper took the fall for the Master Shaper's nearly-discovered heresy. Despite him hating Niiriit for his condition, she actually found his new predicament an improvement for he was no longer in a position to object to her conducting further experiments on his body.

His anger towards her intensified, but strapped up to an Embrace of Pain almost permanently, and experimented on countless times, his bodily afflictions becoming even worse, he could do little to protest. As the months went on, he developed a resentment for his own race. Many Shamed Ones in his position would have turned to the Jeedai heresy, but his hatred for the Jeedai was no less than his hatred for Niiriit Phaath; instead, he vowed that one day he would get his revenge on all of them, Vong and Jeedai alike. That is, at least, if he lived long enough to see it.