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Scudi Ferria
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4 ABY (age 34)

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"Droids are the most unappreciated of all the arts."
Scudi Ferria

Scudi Ferria is a Chiss Slicer born on the planet of Csilla currently living in the domain of Plagueis on the Isle of New Raxulon. Scudi has earned a bit of a reputation in the underworld as a capable mechanic who can ensure technology remains running with less than ideal materials at her disposal, as well as a capable slicer. She is known to have visited several worlds formerly associated with the CIS and retrieved various pieces of technology she retains to the present day.

Character History

Early Life

Scudi was born in 4 ABY on the planet of Csillia. Her mother is known, but no reports of a father have ever surfaced. It is believed that Scudi's mother was the mistress of a local politician who couldn't let the information slip as it would have cost him his career to be seen consorting with a woman of low birth. Scudi's mother raised her only child in a medium-sized town on the outskirts of Csilla's capital city Csaplar. Scudi's mother tried to find a man in order to give her daughter a chance at a family but to no avail. As a result, the young Scudi was always seeing her mother tired from working to support her daughter in the hopes she could excel and gain a high paying job, maybe work for the Aristocra.

Recognising Potential

With a lack of money meaning Scudi was deprived of achieving the level of education afforded to most Chiss who are sent out into the wider galaxy, her mother decided to send her to a trade school instead. While the more affluent attended their ivory towers, Scudi was learning to repair common electrical faults. Scudi did feel lonely, as at the school she attended she was the only female student. Having to overcome the expectations of not being as good as her male counterparts, Scudi was regularly top of her class. Scudi's favourite teacher knew she was gifted and introduced her to the world of slicing. At first, she only learned the basics of computers, but soon after she was entering systems she wasn't supposed to. Her teacher faced some backlash for this and had to cut off Scudi's private lessons due to the school board's concern over how close two were becoming.

Journies Among The Stars

When Scudi reached the age of 18, her former mentor reached out to her with a proposition. He had some friends who were leaving Chiss space to make money selling antiques from the wider galaxy to members of the Aristocra and other wealthy Chiss. Scudi agreed to go with them as long as her mother would be cared for. After a teary goodbye, Scudi ventured to the spaceport to meet up with her new colleagues. The crew was lead by a Sephi who purported to know the locations of untold riches but lacked the Chiss contacts or mechanical knowledge to obtain them. The crew numbered 7 in total and lived aboard Chiss shuttle.

Lola Sayu

The first stop for Scudi and her band of merry men was the sulfurous, cracked planet known as Lola Sayu. The crew were there to hit the Citadel, a facility built by the Galactic Republic to hold Jedi that the Confederacy had taken over early on the Clone Wars. The defences almost took Scudi out on some occasions, but other members of the team kept her safe. Upon reaching the top of the facility's control tower, she was able to take control of a prototype Aggressor assault fighter by accessing it's Electronic Warfare Suite from the command console. While still in the command centre Scudi shut down the facility's defences, allowing the rest of the crew to plunder the facility. Scudi went to the ship, which she flew to the rendezvous.

The gang's Sephi leader demanded Scudi relinquish the ship to him, but she refused. Things were tense for a moment before she explained that she was capable of keeping it running and could easily ensure the gang were protected, thereby ensuring more successful missions and more credits for everyone. The leader agreed reluctantly and took Scudi's share of the pay for the Citadel mission as insurance.


Agamar was a barren, rocky planet in the Outer Rim and the location of the next retrieval op. When the crew arrived, they found remnants of a battle that had taken place maybe two decades earlier. Mostly wreckage from the Galactic Empire's vehicles and troops that had lain abandoned for years. Scudi, however, felt there was a greater treasure lurking on the planet. She implored the rest of the group to follow her and assured them that it'd be worth it. Her fellow Chiss were hesitant, they didn't want it to appear like they just did what Scudi said. Tension had been growing in the months since Lola Sayu, having her own ship meant Scudi could turn on them at any moment, not to mention how she stood up to the crew's leader over the ship. The Sephi leader permitted them to follow but warned Scudi if she came back with less men than followed her the ship she'd claimed would be forfeit. This angered the female Chiss, but she couldn't argue. After accessing a nearby Separatist supply ship's systems, she learned of an enhanced analysis droid designated 4N-D1 and where it was being stored.

Setting off in the droid's direction, Scudi's cohorts found themselves stuck behind a ray shield. Taking the time to shut down the shield, Scudi warned the men to be careful. One of the men, named Jaraxxo laughed and said it sounded like Scudi cared about them. It was a running joke about her detached nature, some of them joked if she was some kind of advanced droid with a holographic disguise. Scudi playfully slapped Jaraxxo before proceeding on with the mission. It was a short trip to where the 4N-D1 was being stored; only there wasn't just one of them like the files had suggested. There were two. Scudi got Jaraxxo and one of the other men to carry them back to her ship where she'd put restraining bolts on them and then give the gang one as a reward for their help.

The only problem was, after seeing Scudi best him over the last mission, the Sephi wanted both droids. Instead of forcing the issue Scudi agreed to let the gang keep both droids. Turning them on, however, Scudi found that one of them was displaying what she thought was defective behaviour. It seemed to have a bond with her when the gang's leader demanded the mechanic change its programming she tried but found that it'd been hardcoded to personally serve the person who was able to retrieve it. Incensed, the Sephi male struck Scudi, thinking she just wanted to keep the droid for herself. The rest of the crew looked on in horror. The Sephi had the leads they were chasing down, but there was a kind of tribal affiliation with Scudi, she was one of them, a Chiss. Jaraxxo stepped in when it appeared the Sephi was going to go too far and his intimidating figure forced the old man to stand down. He wouldn't soon forget Jaraxxo's actions.


A few weeks after the debacle on Agamar, the Sephi dispatched Jaraxxo and Scudi to the planet Raxus, specifically the capital city of Raxulon. Raxulon had been the location for the Seperatist Senate and contained all manner of secrets. Jaraxxo escorted Scudi to the Senate building, and they marvelled at the impressive architecture. Jaraxxo had been an architecture student before he fell in with the criminal element on Csilla, the crew had been his way to escape all that. After Scudi reminded him they were there on a mission, Jaraxxo proceeded onwards.

Finding the office that would've belonged to the Head of State, Scudi accidentally tripped a security system and awoke an elite combat droid, an upgraded version of the B2 Super Battle Droid known as the Bastion of Raxulon. Scudi scrambled to rewrite the droid's friend or foe algorithms but not before it had clocked Jaraxxo square in the face with its metallic arm.

Informing the old Sephi of their retrieval of information and the unexpected arrival of Bastion, the Sephi informed Scudi and Jaraxxo that their services were no longer required. He had been waiting to dump them since Agamar, hence why only the two of them had been sent on a mission that should've required more manpower. Scudi took Jaraxxo and the droid back to her ship. She couldn't believe they'd just been dumped after all the money she'd made them. Jaraxxo informed her that this was how things worked. That the old man would've planned this for weeks. Scudi and Jaraxxo spent the night together on Raxus.


When Scudi awoke next to Jaraxxo, she began to panic. She'd always been told to keep business and pleasure separate and took it to heart. Now she'd violated that and she hated herself for it. Jaraxxo saw the state his friend was in and told her she could drop him off at the next station they came across. He cared for Scudi and didn't want him being around her to cause her the kind of reaction she was having.

The two arrived in what Scudi had name the Jewel of Lola Sayu, after where she'd acquired the ship. Jaraxxo didn't return when Scudi headed back to the ship after showering and picking up some supplies. As a parting gift, Jaraxxo had left his comm frequency so Scudi could get in touch. Alongside the frequency, there was another note explaining he was going back to his previous life as a criminal but he wasn't returning to Csilla and he urged Scudi not to go either. The man who had betrayed them had friends in high places, rumour alleged even among the Aristocra. She would have to stay on the move, just in case leaving her stranded was the least of what he had wanted to do to her.

Jaraxxo and Scudi kept in touch fairly regularly over the next 12 years, though they rarely met in person. Jaraxxo had worked himself up to be a lieutenant in the Guavian Death Gang after their leader Bala-Tik had met his end alongside numerous other important figures. Scudi was a travelling mechanic, though she primarily took on work as a slicer despite not being her primary area of expertise.

In late 36 ABY, Jaraxxo told Scudi of a rumoured CIS prison located on the planet Aliso. He sent Scudi the navigation data he and the Guavian Death Gang had, a gang of pirates had been almost wiped out over the planet a couple of years earlier and had been finished off by Jaraxxo's men. Scudi was secretly proud of Jaraxxo's achievement and thanked him for the tip.

Upon arriving at Aliso, Scudi was thoroughly questioned by a Bothan purporting to work for the planet's leader, one Arden Karn. After surviving the interrogation, Scudi asked about a CIS facility, and she was given directions to the Isle of New Raxulon. Upon finding it little more than a junk heap, Scudi couldn't shake the feeling that she'd been intentionally lied to. It didn't matter, it would help to live away from the local authority. Scudi began accessing files and did indeed confirm the location of a Separatist prison on Aliso. Only now it was known as the Pinnacle and was the seat of power for the ruling elite.


Physical Description

A sapphire blue Chiss of resplendent height, Scudi’s body, is ectomorphic, resulting in a body shape best described by comparing it to a ruler, lean with a relatively flat chest, along with her stomach and hips being equally in-line. Her long limbs are well-toned, much like her legs with her hands and feet being in proportion to the limbs they are attached to.

Scudi Ferria has a heart-shaped face that features her shaped, arched eyebrows narrowly above her cherry red eyes. Her short, thin nose is approximately 2.5 times as wide at the base when compared to the bridge, her full lips are narrow and midnight blue. Her jawline is of average size, smooth in shape and rounds off her near perfect facial symmetry. Her black hair is slicked back into a shoulder-skimming bob.

Scudi has both of her ears pierced and a couple of symmetrical scars on her face, both just underneath an ear and in the shape of an x. Just below her left wrist on the inside, she has her initials, SF, inked. On each of her feet, Scudi also has tattoos, on the left, she has a sun with petals protruding around the outside while her right foot is adorned by a crescent moon with a similar flower inspired design within it.

Scudi prefers to wear light clothing, regardless of if she's on a mission or working on a relatively benign repair job. "Function over form" is Scudi's defining fashion statement. If it doesn't have several pockets, the chances are Scudi will pass it over regardless of any designer branding.

Core Principles

Scudi is a firm believer in Meritocracy. Having grown up in the aristocratic oligarchy known as the Chiss Ascendancy, Scudi has come to the view that people must show themselves worthy of being given privileges such as the ability to vote or hold political office. This is because an individual must be tested to see if they can put the good of the people above their own personal desires. Because of this view, Scudi finds herself seen as a radical by supporters of most forms of government in the galaxy and the people who run them, but it has instilled in her a strong work ethic out of a desire to prove herself worthy.

Scudi is also highly wary of feelings being taken to their logical extremes. Scudi has seen the dangers of when people wholeheartedly commit to carrying out thoughts to their fullest extent, and she didn’t like what she saw. Because of the trauma inflicted on her as a child, Scudi is hesitant to fully commit to anything, whether it be a cause or a relationship. Because of this, she may be drawn into conflict with people who expect her to do more, while she can be saved from the pitfalls of over-committing.

Scudi isn't a pacifist; she sees the value in armed conflict on occasion, she's just hopeless at it. Scudi lamented the isolationist nature of the Chiss Ascendancy, wishing it would take more of a proactive approach to galactic affairs.



Despite living in their domain, Scudi has yet to interact with anyone from Plagueis, quite content to stay on New Raxulon and make a life for herself away from the Plagueian war machine. Though The Pinnacle is the reason she came to Aliso, Scudi knows that if she hopes to survive seeing the interior she'll have to make the jump, no matter how reluctant she is to do it.

In 37 ABY, Scudi was contacted by Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn, a member of the Plagueian hierarchy, for a special job. Tahiri was looking for someone to track down a brother she'd not been in touch with for a while and needed someone outside Plagueis to avoid having her connection to her brother used against her. Scudi took on the job and reunited the siblings, earning Tahiri's gratitude and drawing her closer to the ranks of Plagueis. However, Scudi still maintains her independence, though being her highest paying employer gives them a certain degree of preference should multiple jobs be on the table.

Ruka Tenbriss

Ruka is a Mirialan male, who isn't technically a member of the Brotherhood's clans, though his 'Master' for lack of a better term is a former Consul of Clan Arcona and his husband is similarly affiliated to Odan-Urr. Scudi met Ruka in a rather embarassing situation where she flirted with him before realising not only was he married, but he wasn't into women like that. Since that awkward encounter, Ruka and Scudi have become friends, primarily over their shared interest in mechanics. Ruka also came to Scudi's aid on an ill-fated mission on Nar Shaddaa, further deepening their friendship.


Calenhad first came to Scudi's attention when she was going through an archive and found that he was a supposedly still living member of the CIS. Scudi convinced Calenhad to meet her in person, though this encounter has yet to take place.