Evacuation of Lyspair

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Exodus era.
Evacuation of Lyspair
Conflict: Eighth Great Jedi War
Date: 21 ABY
Location: Lyspair
Outcome: Shadow Academy evacuated and abandoned
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" There’s no way we can get all the staff, students, and materials on the ships that we have available."

One of the concluding events of the Eighth Great Jedi War, the Evacuation of Lyspair resulted in the abandonment of the Anteian moon, as well as the Shadow Academy that resided there.


Despite its status as a neutral ground, where all members of the Brotherhood could gather and learn, the Shadow Academy had also been turned into a battleground on more than one occasion. Under both Headmaster Kaiann and Headmaster Spears, the Academy was destroyed or severely damaged caused by the fighting amongst the clans. It narrowly avoided this same fate in the Sixth Great Jedi War. Headmaster Anshar spent a good deal of time and resources to build up the institution's defenses, believing that another attack on the Academy was only a matter of time. However, as with the rest of the Brotherhood, the Shadow Academy was unprepared for what was to come.


With the end of the Rite of Supremacy known as Second Darkness, Grand Master Sarin called for an assembling of the Brotherhood to present awards and to celebrate the successful completion of the event. Leaving Dranik in charge of the Shadow Academy, Anshar took the Mnemosyne to the assembly.

While there, the Brotherhood’s assembled fleet fell under the attack of Force-devoid alien warriors. The Mnemosyne was destroyed, with only Anshar surviving. The destruction of the fleet and subsequent chaos resulted in the communications being cut off, isolating the Shadow Academy. Unable to contact the fleet or Anshar, Dranik ordered the Shadow Academy to full alert. Though some within the walls of the Academy believed the action to be hasty at the time, Dranik’s foresight would prove vital in helping the Shadow Academy evacuate without major loss.

Anshar eventually returned and took over coordinating the evacuation. However, the Shadow Academy no longer had enough room to take everything on its own ships. The arrival of the six clans, pursued by the Aliens , offered an opportunity to save more of the Academy’s possessions, and for the clans to loot the institution for useful supplies.

The Evacuation and Beyond

" Whatever the clans take for safekeeping will have to be returned."
Anshar's Z-95 Headhunter, the last vessel to leave the Academy

Rather than risk turning the Academy into a battleground, Anshar opened the doors to all the clans, inviting them to take whatever they could get a hold of for safekeeping. Some clans took more than others, but by the time Grand Master Sarin returned, the institution had largely been stripped of important texts, artifacts, weapons, food and medical supplies, and students. Some went with the Shadow Academy fleet commanded by Dranik, which remained out of the fighting, but the rest went to the clans for the time being. Anshar was the last to leave, taking the last remaining Z-95 Headhunter. He almost destroyed the institution with a self-destruct code, but instead chose to completely shut the building down instead.

The Shadow Academy was transferred to the Khyron-class Dreadnaught Arcanum, though some of the clans still retain texts or artifacts from the evacuation. Meanwhile, the old Shadow Academy structure remains atop the cliffs on Lyspair, empty and abandoned.