Lilly Nortor Erinos

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Lilly Nortor Erinos
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Mandalorian Soldier

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Lilly Nortor Erinos is a Mandalorian soldier who was selected from Arcona’s Mandalorian clan for the fade initiative. Lilly was selected for her prowess in combat against Force users and advanced electronic infiltration skills. Although she is still young, being selected at only 19, she was trained extensively in combat against force users. Lilly is loyal to Sight Nortorshin.

Fade Initiative

Physical Description

Lilly Is thin yet strong, her body curved in the right places though she hides it under her armor or loose fitting clothing. When in combat situations she prefers to wear her mandalorian armor which is black helmet and under armour suit with dark grey armor plates with Sight Nortorshin’s personal emblem emblazoned on the shoulders. When not in combat she is usually found in dark grey loose fitting clothing that borders on resembling robes. She keeps her shoulder length black hair partially tied back and with some hanging in her face. Her pale complexion contrasts her dark blue eyes, and black hair giving her a ghostly appearance in certain lighting. She freely expresses emotion with her body language and facial expressions. Over all her appearance is considered beautiful.


Born in 19 ABY, Lilly was classically trained in combat against Force users since an extremely young age and as such hand to hand fighting has come second nature to her. Around 10 years of age she started training in the extensive use of electronics and how to infiltrate them. During her service to Clan Arcona she became distinguished as being a skilled hacker and for her prowess on the field against force users. When she was selected for the Fade initiative she had only one condition, which was that she would not submit to a Force user unless they were able to best her in a one on one fight. Sight Nortorshin’s interest was peaked in her as he read through the reports of her exploits. Being the first to request Lilly as his Fade even agreeing to her condition. When the two meet for the first time in the arena the fight was short with the Krath emerging victorious. After she recovered from the fight Lilly formally pledged her undying loyalty to her new master, which is a pledge she takes to possibly an obsessive degree.

Since that day her loyalty has only been to Sight Nortorshin.


“Harm one hair on my masters head and you will find an early grave.”

Merely saying that Lilly is loyal to Sight is an understatement. To some it would appear the young Mandalorian woman has fallen for the older Krath, but it is undisputed that she would do anything he asks of her without hesitation. She even took a shortened version of her masters surname as a sign of her loyalty. To garnish her master’s attention she works to an obsessive degree upon whatever task she is assigned. However she is not single minded in her endeavors. Lilly is an extremely intelligent individual who chooses not to hide her emotions. She has a fiery attitude that gets her into trouble with her superiors on a seemingly regular basis. Combined with an iron will she is driven to perfect her craft having once told Sight that there was no security system that could keep her out.

Combat Specialization

  • Combat against Force users -- Lilly’s use of miscellaneous weapons and techniques reinforced by a lifetime of training allows her to take on a Force user with a high chance of victory. Some of these weapons include flame throwers, poison darts, explosives, ascension cables to wrap up arms and legs, and heavy amounts of blaster use.
  • Hacker -- Lilly is a highly skilled at infiltrating any type of electronic equipment. She has distinguished herself from among her peers in the Arcona Armed Forces by her skill and level of training in the topic.