Trepus Mine

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Trepus Mine
General information

344 BBY


Trepus on the planet Solyiat


Solyiat Mining Consortium

Physical specifications
  • 1400 personnel
  • 4000 visitng individuals

New Order era

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Trepus Mine, also known as Trepus Mine Base, is the primary operations facility for Clan Odan-Urr on Solyiat. Originally owned and constructed by the Solyiat mining Consortium to extract metal deposits beneath Trepus' central mountain range, the mine itself stretches for several kilometers beneath the mountain in a complex series of primary tunnels, natural caves, and man-made openings. This was then gifted to JTF Hoth following the arrival of the Jedi, and repurposed into a primary HQ for the House. The positioning of the base on the continent allows them to monitor and cover the surrounding local airspace for possible threats along with maintaining a constant watch of events in local orbit of the planet. Along with the close location of the Transfer Station, thus controlling the primary means of arriving and departing Trepus via airbrone means, this allowed House Hoth to keep multiple rapid response units on standby. These could counteract any threats while providing cover for the scattered townships across the continent against hostile groups.

When required, Trepus Mine retained the space to guard and protect several thousand civillians. The Mine could serve as a means of defending and guarding the continent's sparse populace from massed invasions and orbital bombardments. With the mine limited to only a few heavily defended enterances, guarded by both the mountain itself and military-grade shields along with heavy cannonade, it served as a symbol of Odan-Urr's might. Even following the dissolution of House Hoth, the base remained active as an outpost for House Sunrider and an essential linchpin in their defenses.


Original Role

Trepus Mine was established in early 344 BBY following an operation by the Vatali Empire to scan Trepus' mountainous ranges. The continent had been fully mapped centuries before and the outlying townships established to serve as ports, but the value of the inland regions had been disputed among various groups for years. Ground-based exploration was a hazardous endeavor due to the various predator species which had adapted to the mountainous regions, while orbital efforts had been disrupted by beds of Sarsirians absorbing and reflecting energy. The decision to launch a further investigation was only made when a geological examination and series of theories indicated valuable metals lay within the larger mountain ranges lining the Akux Sea. After several probing efforts by droids were made to establish early probing shafts, one of which met with some success. It was eventually discovered that while the area was rich in metal vital to starship construction, the veins were broadly spread out over a wide area. As such, the initial mine was established with the impetus of covering an extremely broad area and allowing for rapid divergences. These were heavily reinforced and supported, and over the years each would frequently cross paths with other main tunnels, forming a semi-chaotic maze which stretched deep under the mountain.

Using geothermal generators to power machinery, the mine was steadily expanded to incorporate new facilities. Internal scanners to monitor the mountain were dotted throughout the core of the facility, several artificial caverns were constructed to better allow for coordinated sweeps in search of new materials, and even internal bunk facilities were built to better accommodate its scale. As airlocks, security systems and internal rails were constructed, the mine in question gradually turned into a self-sustaining base. Over time this was further expanded with the addition of a transfer station, allowing for easier access to the facility from freighters and starships. For more than three hundred years it would remain in operation, until in 30 ABY all relevant and substantial metal deposits were thought to have finally been extracted.

New Ownership

The end of operations for Trepus Mine brought more problems than its long active period ever had. Besides the potential loss of income and employment for Trepus' populace, the mine itself retained a substantial amount of complex and heavy equipment. Removing it was a process that would take years, and certain essential systems were difficult to disassemble let alone fully transport. Many could simply be left to rust, but this was an option that did not sit well with any involved with the mine. For a time, the mine continued its day-to-day activities in scanning for further deposits, simply to avoid inactivity or the risk of abandoning it entirely. It was only later that in 34 ABY that a new option presented itself for all involved. As the Empress had permitted Clan Odan-Urr and the survivors of New Tython a home within the Vatali Empire, each was granted new territories to occupy and maintain. Land on Daleem had been given to House Satele Shan while House Hoth had been granted areas of Solyiat to serve as their new home.

As the military arm of their Clan in its former command structure, Hoth required a highly defensive and easily fortified HQ to serve as a primary base of operations. Trepus mine, while in a state of partial disrepair, fitted every need that they required. As the House would take over any costs and maintain its systems, it offered a way out for both investors and employees, a substantial portion of who would remain on-site to assist with the repurposing of the mine into a military base. Expanding upon the bunkhouses to form full barracks and tunneling deeper into the mountain, they were set to work on reinforcing the tunnel against quakes from possible artillery bombardments and establishing reinforced positions. Sensors were further expanded upon to allow for scans of the surrounding area and moving targets in the surrounding area. As tunnels were dug into upper areas of the mountain, the base soon established the foundations for heavy cannon emplacements and surface to orbit weapons.

The Trepus Transfer station also underwent a number of notable changes, with a group of point defense turrets established about the ring of the platform and pushed for some much-needed maintenance along with its main landing facilities. The system was also redesigned to both allow for larger dropships to utilise the area, and for far harder landings associated with rapid descents. Along with alterations to its main transportation network to fortify it against enemy attacks, every change was made to emphasize heightened efficiency and defensive capabilities. These endeavors became the main focus for the House during its initial years, as their members sought to repurpose and use anything on hand to establish a new home for themselves.

Hoth HQ

As the Odanites finished reworking the former mine's facilities and reconstructing essential areas of what would become Trepus Mine Base, thought was put into how best to utilise their new asset. Its location and role meant that House Hoth could effectively keep watch over the continent and guard the one major orbital drop point for several hundred kilometers, but given the House's low numbers direct and effective responses were difficult to maintain. As such, the base became a coordination point for wider efforts rather than being used as a singularly large fortress. Retaining only a skeleton crew of operatives, officers and a small garrison of soldiers, the majority of the House was instead tasked with focusing on street-level actions or assisting the fleet-based JTF Hoth. This detail was kept as a carefully guarded secret and, as such, Hoth was able to project the impression of acting with far greater numbers than they actually possessed.

As recruitment and support from the Vatali Royal Guard bolstered Hoth's position, they were able to steadily reinforce their position and further patrol the surrounding airspace. This would prove beneficial to Hoth as, between its existence and that of Sky Breach Base, Clan Odan-Urr was able to establish itself on its primary worlds. Along with granting the clan much-needed infrastructure to support its troops and warships, this served as a visual and definitive confirmation that the clan was ready and able to assist the Vatali in defending its territories. This would become essential in the following months, as Odan-Urr found itself embroiled in far more than its resistance movement against the Dark Brotherhood. The Collective, a fanatical anti-Force user crusade, declared open war on the Brotherhood and all associated with it, allies or enemies. This left the Jedi scrambling to respond as previously unknown spies and sleeper agents gutted portions of the Sentinel Network, before joining a massed assault on the enemy stronghold of Nancora.

During the opening stages of this new war, Trepus Mine Base was left undermanned and preparing for any strike which might be made against them. Running continual drills and remaining on high alert, the local staff prepared for anything from a skirmishing raid to a full-scale invasion by the Collective during this time. Although nothing would befall Trepus following the attack, multiple strikes on other Brotherhood Clan homeworlds confirmed that this was a definite risk, and that Odan-Urr would need to readily defend itself against a superior enemy at a moment's notice.


The Trepus Mining Facility and its attached transfer station have long since been abandoned when the mine was closed years before. Most, if not all, of its valuable resources having been mined to depletion by the local population over the years. The mine contains a rather large structure built into the mining caves itself and has been acquired by House Hoth as their initial primary base of operations within the system. Below the structure, a large network of natural caves and man-made tunnels are interconnected, allowing House Hoth future expansion.

The Trepus Transfer station will become the main landing site for all of Hoth’s personnel, equipment, and supplies. Since Hoth moved in, all of the buildings were refurbished or re-purposed for House and Clan needs. Due to the proximity of the main operations base of House Hoth, the majority of living quarters and medical facilities were left untended and likely to remain as such. Some accommodations were maintained to accommodate the personnel guarding and working at the Station along with a few aid stations to handle emergencies. Following Hoth's dissolution, House Sunrider took ownership of the base.

Transport covering the 100km journey from the station to Hoth’s Base is largely in the form of shuttles and the underground transport system that can move men and material at all times. Unfortunately, for now, this system is still under the control of the local government and they seem to be slow with making it fully operational at this time.

Primary Facilities


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