Trepus Mine

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Trepus Mine
General information

Trepus on the planet Solyiat

Physical specifications
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House Hoth Base of Operations (34 ABY to present)

The Trepus Mining Facility and its attached transfer station, have long since been abandoned when the mine was closed years before. Most, if not all, of its valuable resources having been mined to depletion by the local population over the years. The mine contains a rather large structure built into the mining caves itself and has been acquired by House Hoth as their initial primary base of operations within the system. Below the structure, a large net of natural caves and man-made tunnels are interconnected, allowing House Hoth future expansion.

The Trepus Transfer station will become the main landing site for all of Hoth’s personnel, equipment and supplies. Since Hoth moved in, all of the buildings were refurbished or re-purposed for House and Clan needs. Due to the proximity of the main operations base of House Hoth, the majority of living quarters and medical facilities were left untended and likely to remain as such. Some accommodations were maintained to accommodate the personnel guarding and working at the Station along with a few aid stations to handle emergencies.

Transport covering the 100km journey from the station to Hoth’s Base is largely in the form of shuttles and the underground transport system that can move men and material at all times. Unfortunately, for now, this system is still under the control of the local government and they seem to be slow with making it fully operational at this time.

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