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Production information

Modified Armored Shuttle


Not For Sale

Technical specifications

27.5 Meters

Max acceleration:

3,730 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,180 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 3 Hyperdrive


105 SBD


53 RU

Navigation system:


  • 8 concealed laser cannons
  • 1 pilot
  • 1 astromech droid, R3-D8
  • 1 modified Phase II Dark Trooper, "Shuya"
  • Katsuhide
  • R3-D8
  • Shuya


Cargo capacity:

2.5 metric tons


1 month of food, water, and alcohol

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The Adraelech is a Scimitar-class shuttle belonging to Shikyo Keibatsu.


In exchange for a few Stygium crystals to perform research on, Macron Sadow used information found on a Sith holocron to help build this ship. While the Battlelord researched the blueprints, Shikyo left to obtain the crystals on the only known location for the crystals; Aeten II. Under the control of the New Republic, Shikyo had to go under the guise of a traveler to the planet, hiring a smuggler to transport him to the planet.

While on the planet, Shikyo made contact with an informant who knew the location of the last vein of stygium crystals on the planet. After killing the informant and a researcher-on-site, the young Keibatsu infiltrated the caverns to mine a few crystals for his adopted brother, as well as himself. Before he could escape the area, he was discovered by a Jedi and his padawan.

Shikyo focused on the Jedi first, using his Sapphire Blade to execute the Knight, while he used the power of the Force and his bare hands to crush the padawan's throat. Claiming their lightsabers as trophies for his brother, Rurouni left the mines and escaped the planet by stealing a different smuggler's ship.

Certain that the New Republic had placed a tracking device on the ship, Shikyo asked for the assistance of his elder brother, Shin'ichi. The two of them used the weapon systems on the Fallen Spear and on a Kiba starfighter to destroy the stolen transport. Assisting the engineers of Kyataru, Shikyo watched the birth of his ship through the guidance of Mononoke. In exchange for the ship, Rurouni handed over the two lightsabers of his opponents, the stygium crystals, and rare crystals found only on Kyataru.

Uses and History

When he is not on official business for Clan Naga Sadow, Shikyo uses the transport as his personal transport to Kyataru or any place of leisure. Training to use it in battle scenarios, the Keibatsu has equipped it with extra laser cannons and has received an "extra hand" to assist him for any intruders.



One of the droids on board the Adraelech, "Shuya" is a Phase II Dark Trooper with some slight modifications in its programming. It has been programmed to use swords, shivs, and a wide variety of blaster pistols/rifles. Shuya was created to serve as an additional enforcer for the ship's protection, as well as an assistant of Shikyo's during his travels as either a copilot or translator.


This astrodroid was a gift from Macron to help Shikyo navigate and pilot the ship until the young Keibatsu got use to the systems of the ship. It was also programmed to help with any repairs that may be needed on the inside of the Infiltrator.


  • Eldrad Sin was the designer of the graphics for the Adraelech.
  • Macron's assistance with the research on the ship specs and information on the crystals and their history helped to create the fiction needed for the ship's creation.