Evio Nezsa

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Evio Nezsa
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

1 ABY (age 37)

Physical Description





6'6" / 2.0 m


236 lbs / 107 kg





Personal Information

Idris Adenn

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Bounty Hunter


Rise of the Brotherhood era
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"I just want to live long enough to finally put down my blasters and rest, living out the rest of my days in peace."
―Evio Nezsa

Evio Nezsa is a prideful and impulsive Mandalorian and Mercenary. He was born on Mandalore as the oldest son to his parents, with only one younger brother by blood. He was raised with a traditional Mandalorian upbringing in a secret enclave on Batuu, learning to follow a strong code of honor and warrior's path of which he takes great pride.

Evio lives aboard his personal ship, a modified Gauntlet starfighter called Siha with the permanent company only of his droid, and temporary companions and friends he picks up but never seems to keep around long. Constantly in search of credits to support his Mandalorian family, Evio has found himself thrust into the mercenary lifestyle carving a name for himself and fighting for what he believes is right.

Character History

Early Life (1 ABY - 9 ABY)

Evio Nezsa was born in 1 ABY shortly after Bo-Katan assumed the Darksaber and assumed leadership of the Mandalorian clans. Clan Nezsa stood with the new Mand'alor but the entire Clan went into hiding, including young Evio.

As a young child Evio was often left alone as the clan leaders built and established a secret enclave on Batuu. Time where he learned to be independent but also an important part of a family as they stayed close in hiding as they established their home. A secluded underground enclave dedicated to promoting the Mandalorian traditions.

Born outside the enclave and brought in, while his parents were pregenant with his younger brother who was born inside its walls while Evio was only 4 years old. This would be the only brother by blood his parents would have before dedicating themselves to a life of fostering orphans and others brought to be raised in the enclave with no resources to dedicate to raising more of their own.

Mandalorian Training (9 ABY - 19 ABY)

As the enclave grew, so too did the knowledge of those inside it. Aided by a multigenerational family, the veteran Mandalorians who resided spent all their time training Evio and the other children everything they knew of combat and being a Mandalorian. With Evio himself becoming a teacher to the younger children where he learned patience and the value of family.

He grew particularly close in this time to a member of Clan Adenn who had moved into the enclave named Idris Adenn. Though seven years younger the two grew close and did everything together in their free time and trained. Though he still treasured his time alone training with or cleaning his blasters.

As the enclave grew, and his training grew complete and there wasn't much more Evio could learn from its residents. He grew closer to complete training.

The Mercenary (19 ABY - 26 ABY)

At the age of 18, having neared the end of his training, Evio's role changed to that of a source of income for the Mandalorian family. Clan Nezsa sent him to retreive the armor and ship they prized in the past, and he would return with his family's pure beskar Mandalorian armor, Mandalorian Vambraces and Gauntlet Starfighter. Equipment he would immediately put to use in his new line of work.

For seven years Evio worked alone building a name and reputation for himself in the galaxy.

(26 ABY - 33 ABY)

Idris Adenn begins work outside the enclave, and the two begin to work together. Starts to pick up companions and friends.

(33 ABY - Present)

Meets Evant Taelyan and the Inquistorius link. Dark Jedi Brotherhood work. Knowledge of Clan Vizsla. A visible arm of Mandalorians in the galaxy.



Evio Nezsa has an athletic with a lean muscle mass where outside his armor you can tell he's well conditioned, constantly keeping himself at peak physical form for endurance and agility. Yet his movements are much more rigid, so accustomed to being in his Mandalorian armor that even without it on his body still moves as if it's there and part of him.

His height gives him a presence in any room, though he doesn't like to be the center of attention. Keeping himself to the edges of any room and encounter and seeming disengaged in many cases. Preferring to watch, keeping an eye for an open shot or exit than to be up front in the action in any situation.

His face, by human standards, is quite striking and attractive. With a pale freckled skin, dark blue almond-shaped eyes that appear almost gray set on his chiseled face, and dark auburn colored hair that is always short and flared as if unstyled.

He is quite expressive, trying to enjoy live and not take it too seriously. Though he prefers to live to see another day, he takes no moment for granted as he encounters people and places across the galaxy and approaches each with a calculated cynacism and optimism that looks for the best. Though he's seen the worst the galaxy has to offer as a Mercenary, he's also met some of the best it has to offer as well and recalls his family.


Evio Nezsa has always worn Mandalorian armor, and feels it better portrays who he is than his own skin. Growing up in a constantly modified set of armor to fi this growing body, before fitting himself to his families set of pure beskar armor he has worn ever since. His armor is one of his most prized possessions and carries with it the history of Clan Nezsa which he does not take for granted and tries to make proud all those who wore it before him.

In addition to the armor, on his back is a Mandalorian jetpack and visible Mandalorian vambraces on his wrists. Both passed down from his family as well and normally always visible away from his ship. Along with his pair of WESTAR-35 blaster pistols that he has fired so many times before he is more comfortable with them than his own hands.

Evio is known to remove his helmet when not deeply engaged on a mission. Although the Mandalorian culture is deeply rooted in him, he is confident in his own identity. Even leaving his armor behind and wearing casual clothing out if a specific mission dictats it or his persona as a Mandalorian isn't the best for a situation. His style often adjusts to whatever planet or station he's on to fit in and not stand out. Since his Mandalorian armor does that job most the time when it's off it's what he's going for.

Personality and Beliefs

Evio Nezsa's primary identity is as a prideful Mandalorian warrior. Keeping that identity in mind as he forges his own reputation in the galaxy and what he represents. Yet he is humbled by his role in the galaxy and does seek a normal life and not one of grandeur. He is turned off by blatant displays of authority and looks at the person not the position when judging someones's worth.

He has spent years as a Mercenary fighting and doing anything to gain credits to support his enclave and Mandalorian family in hiding, and has seen enough betrayal to turn anyone cynical. Always second guessing motivations and actions as others. But will himself act out of impulse to do what's right to help someone in need and not worry about the implications. Hoping his own actions can help those see the Mandalorians as saviors and guardians of peace and justice.

Yet when it comes to combat the focus is simple. Blasters. Having cleaned and rebuilt his WESTAR-35 blaster pistols too many times to count it's like muscle memory. He's fired so many blasts he lost track before he was 10 years old, and constantly is shooting anything at any moment he can. With his own range setup across the length of his ship to keep himself sharp. Evio knows the value of a well placed blaster bolt and wants to be able to put a bolt wherever he wants. It's an art he's perfected. Yet he grew up practicing a range of skills and doesn't mind setting something on fire or blowing something in half either for dramatic flare and to make a statement.