The Viper Fang

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The Viper Fang
Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation


VCX-100 light freighter


Light freighter


150,000 Credits


Idris Adenn

Possession Item:


Technical specifications

43.9 meters


32.4 meters


14.5 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,025 kph

Engine unit(s):

Main Engines (2)
Secondary Engines (2)

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2
Backup Class 14


2 Dual Laser Turrets (1 top and 1 forward)


The Vaar’ika


Personal Starship / Home


Rise of the Brotherhood era
Exodus era
New Order era

Known owner(s):

Idris Adenn

Known crewmembers:

Idris Adenn
MJ Kilvaari
Ashara Kyl
Multiple Droids

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The Viper Fang is a heavily modified VCX-100 light freighter, owned by Bounty Hunter Idris Adenn. It serves as his primary home and base of operations. Attached is a VCX Auxiliary Starfighter known as The Vaar’ika.


The Vaar’ika - Auxiliary Ship

The Viper Fang is a VCX-100 light freighter, named in part due to Idris’ moniker The Red Viper. After being stole by Idris and the Wookiee Rayjax in 25 ABY, it had been stripped down and constructed to better suit their needs as Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries. The exterior of the Fang and its auxiliary ship the Vaar’ika have been painted a matte black with metallic red accents.

The ship has a nose turret gunner station underneath the cockpit section, with a dedicated gunner seat, and a 360-degree dorsal laser cannon turret midships. There are four main cargo holds, two located in the bow corners of the ship, two located in the stern corners of the ship. Several of these cargo holds were converted from holding cargo to having functionality such as holding cells and a medbay. There are four separate crew rooms, a galley, and rec room.

The Fang is also equipped with a VCX Auxiliary Starfighter the Vaar’ika which could mount at the top stern of the ship, just forward of the main engines. It pulls quadruple duty, as a shuttle, starfighter, an aft gun armament, and frequent home to a pillow and blanket fort constructed by Elia Adenn.

Crew Quarters

Sitting aft of the cockpit are the Fang’s four crew rooms. Each has been modified by their owners to better reflect their desires for a personal living space.

The foward-port room belongs Idris Adenn. It is decorated in an elegant but traditional Mandalorian manner. It’s bed is deeper than normally installed on a VCX-100, as Idris often likes to bring company in. It has a desk, small collection of books, and various tools for cleaning and maintaining his armor and weaponry.

The aft-port room belongs to Rayjax and Takkoo. Rayjax had designed his room much in the style of housing on his native Kashyyyk including natural wood. Takkoo, an Ewok, decided to bunk with the Wookiee, and installed a hammock above Rayjax’ bed.

The foward-starboard room belongs to Ashara Kyl. It is clean and bright, kept a very sterile white with teal accents. There are many medical books, diagrams, and biological specimens that line the walls of her room. She has an oversized video screen mounted on the wall, she claims is for research and watching medical procedures on, though it is most often used to watch reruns of her favorite dramas.

The aft-starboard room belongs to MJ Kilvaari. It is painted in many bright and vibrant colors. Many of the walls are covered with posters of new starships and speeders. She also has a collection of family heirlooms she took with her when she ran away from her family and arranged marriage.

Cargo Hold Modifications

VCX-100 light freighters came with 4 main cargo holds, outside of the entrance hold just up the loading ramp of the ship. Idris and Rayjax spent several years converting the interior of the Fang to better suit their needs. The foward-port cargo hold has been converted to a fully functional medbay. The forward-starboard into a series of holding cells. The aft-port hold was turned into a ready room. Only the aft-starboard cargo hold remains as extra storage for the ship.


The Viper Fang was originally constructed some time prior to the Battle of Yavin. It had a series of owners before falling into the hands of the Black Suns. In 25 ABY at the age of 17, Idris Adenn stole it from the Black Suns with help of his best friend and associate Rayjax. They spent several years working on the ship to better suit their wants and needs.