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Exodus era.
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Conflict: Multifaceted
Date: 30 ABY
Location: Brotherhood Dominion



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Exiled from the Brotherhood and presumed dead, Zoraan sought to reclaim the Iron Throne he had once commanded in the mixture of fleet action and bio-warfare known as the Horizon event, the Horizons Crisis, or simply Horizons. The attack by Zoraan's fleet on Brotherhood space in 30 ABY struck all the Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood as well as the Brotherhood home system of Antei.


The root of the Horizon plague runs much deeper than Zoraan's attempted revenge against the Brotherhood which exiled him. First developed by Lysu Thren during his self-imposed exile in the Drongar System, it was discovered by a crew of twelve young Sith during an expedition and eventually reached the hands of Tulak Hord. Generations later, knowledge of the bioweapon would pass into the hands of Zoraan, a former Grand Master thought to have perished during the destruction he unleashed nearly a decade before on Eos.

The plague was released into the Brotherhood in 30 ABY in advance of Zoraan's campaign to reclaim the Iron Throne. Zoraan's lust for revenge fueled the fleets that assaulted each of the Clan and House holdings before jumping towards the Antei System to crush the Brotherhood that had exiled Zoraan and to return to the Throne.

The Horizon plague claimed the lives of thousands of force sensitives throughout the Brotherhood. In particular, it heavily affected Lyspair and the Brotherhood's youngest initiates and students, and the Shadow Academy was only partially quarantined and later nearly destroyed by its infected and erratic Headmaster, Ronovi Tavisaen. Its effects were eventually countered by an inoculation developed by Macron Goura Sadow, an alchemist, which was either administered by syringe or spread contagiously in the same way that the original plague had been transmitted.

The death toll from the following battles, including military and civilian deaths, is estimated at around 40 million. Accurate numbers could never be fully obtained due to extreme quarantine measures set in place. The orbital bombing of Karufr and the release of a bio-weapon on Kapsina meant that the civilian death toll alone was over 30 million.

The Horizons event was considered to stretch from the first outbreak of the plague to the death of Zoraan at the hands of Grand Master Muz Ashen, though it had lingering consequences as the Clans and Houses continued to deal with the remnants of Zoraan's fleets.


Week One

Riots have taken place throughout Ohmen City, on the planet Judecca. Ohmen City was once a place of tranquility, but instead had been overcome with a sense of hatred, causing immeausrable violence.

Riots broke out across the city, with localized pockets more intensely effected than others. Senseless attacks were a common occurrence across the entire city enveloped in chaos. Nothinges escaped the ravaging masses across the once great city.

At the heart of the violence, a Dark Jedi Knight was pinned down by blaster fire, and eventually was brutally murdered. He was identified as a member of Clan Arcona. It was uncommon for a Dark Jedinto be so easily dispatched, even surroujded by angry mobs and militias. The Headmaster, along with the Herald and Justicar, were the first to receive the troubling report directly from the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. After a brief discussion, they concluded that more information was needed, and the riots needed to be contained.

On Yridia, the leadership of House Tarentum were in their command center when they were approached by a group of seven Journeymen. They had blasters trained on the veteran Tarenti, causing immense confusion. The elder Tarenti quickly learned the Journeyman had been severed from the Force, and they were supposedly to blame. The Journeymen, led by Erskin Finn, attempted to kill their former masters in an unwarranted act of betrayal. The Tarenti leadership held fast, escaping the enraged Journeyman and taking refuge in the Tarentum Castle control room. The elder Tarenti were safe, and by sealing off the control room they maintained overall control of the Castle. Furthermore, after realizing a majority of the Journeyman in Tarentum were acting eccentric and wild, they concluded that something was infecting those less attuned to the Force. It would grant the young, usually inexperienced Journeyman great power in the Force before severing the connection, and eventually killing those infected. With no way to combat the unknown threat, the Tarenti contacted the Master At Arms, requesting assistance and a desire to be evacuated. In the end, Fremoc was evacuated, in the hope he could find Korras and help from the Dark Council to save their Clan.

Most of the Houses and Clans lost a majority of their Journeymen to the infection, with junior Equites also beginning to show symptoms. The Dark Hall on Antei could do nothing but gather information, still unsure as to exactly how they could combat the unseen threat that had been confirmed to originate from House Plagueis. Violence continued to spread to other systems, threatening the total collapse of the Brotherhood.

Korras contacted the Grand Master to explain that he massed a fleet, but couldn’t get allies until more information was provided. The details of the nature of this infection were obscure and still under investigation. Though they were no where near to a cure, scientists had determined that the infected Journeymen acquired extraordinary power with the Force, followed a complete loss of connectivity, and eventually death as the Tarenti originally discovered. Without further expertise abd research, no more could be lesrned about the unique plague. Grand Master Muz Ashen determined that the plague had to be contained, and the source discovered, before it was too late.

Week Two

Clan Taldryan found itself assembling its summit to meet with the Grand Master. They were hoping to address the various issues that plagued the Brotherhood, and Taldryan’s role for the future. The chaos that plagued the Brotherhood, and rumours of an unknown plague infecting Force-users was a serious concern for the Consul of Taldryan. However, a massive fleet appeared over their homeworld of Karufr, and the Grand Master was no where to be seen. With infighting rampant and this new fleet bearing down on the Clan, their resources were not available to the Iron Throne to help combat the raging disease or those who had introduced it into the Brotherhood. Taldryan was effectively cut off, though they still had the ability to communicate with the Dark Council and other allies.

The situation on Karufr was mirrored across the Brotherhood, with the exception of Plagueis, who had not been heard from since the plague had been first discovered. The various Clans and Houses found themselves fighting tooth and nail for their homes and home systems, deploying all of their available assets against a massive and coordinated invasion force that appeared out of no where. Little did the Grand Master know that a familiar enemy was leading the assault on the Brotherhood, though perhaps the use of aging Imperial tactics had slowly given away his identity. The end game of Zoraan, the man behind the plague and the massive invasion of Brotherhood space, was nearing its climax. As the Brotherhood was continuously bombarded into submission, he ordered his forces into what he called, “Phase Two”: an assault on Antei itself.

While the battles raged above the skies and homes of the Clans, Adept Shikyo was conferring with noted scientist and Sadowan, Macron Goura Sadow. They were investigating the "Horizon's plague", as they referred to it, and its ability to cut people off from the Force. Their research led them to examine the plague's subatomic structure. Due to Macron’s unique anatomy and circumstances, a simple liver replacement had, thus far, left him unaffected entirely. The Herald ordered that various scientific tests be conducted to determine if, perhaps, he was immune from the disease. If he was, a vaccination could potentially be created to halt or prevent the various from being transmitted, and it would put a serious stopper in the plans of the insane Zoraan.

Week Three

Zoraan’s forces managed to land on Antei, and his subordinates performed a complex ritual that granted Zoraan a more corporeal form. Infused with his rejuvenated body and his mad spirit, his hunger and hatred for the Brotherhood was paramount. He ordered that his forces destroy Antei, and all those associated with the Brotherhood. But it was clear that Zoraan’s personal target was the Grand Master himself, and those powerful enough within the Brotherhood that felt his polluted presence.

To the pleasure of the Dark Council and the Iron Throne, Macron managed to discover an antidote to the virus using a combination of modern science and ancient methods more attuned to the Force and less attuned to technology. The threat of the virus was nearly eliminated, and the leadership could turn their full focus towards the immediate threat, trusting in their subordinates and scientists to quickly manufacture the effective antidote for dispersal following the victory that they so hoped for.

In the Throne Room of the Dark Hall, Zoraan, Muz, and various members of both factions came face to face against each other. Evil clashed against madness, the establishment against the uprising, and the individuals who sought to be Grand Master channeled the Dark Side to the pinnacle of their abilities, fighting for the preservation of their own power, and a claim on more. In the end, Muz Ashen defeated Zoraan the Mad, and the Brotherhood and its Clans and Houses prevailed. Yet there was still much loss.

Plagueis was seemingly lost to the abyss, consolidating beyond the sight of the majority of Dark Councillors, licking their wounds and looking to the future as a united Clan once more. The rest of the Brotherhood found themselves picking up the pieces following the battle and diverting their resources to saving and inoculating those who had still not succumb to the powers of the Plague, hoping to preserve that which had not been lost, and the very base of their power. The veil of arrogance and absolute power under Grand Master Ashen had been shattered, and doubts of leadership and thoughts of power and glory began to bubble forth from the formerly subservient.

Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the veil of the Brotherhood, near Korriban, another darkness stirred. More sinister and less visibly mad than Zoraan, events had been manipulated to suit the end goals of this individual. Zoraan had been a front, as had his acquisition of the Horizon's Plague that had reaped havoc on the Force-sensitive ranks. This individual’s forces waited beyond the shadows, ready to strike when the word was given. The goal of this individual was not just the acquisition of power and control, but also one of complete destruction. And with the Brotherhood standing on the brink of collapse, it was nearly time to see the fruits of his labour come to bear.

Known Participants

Dramatis Personae - Antagonists


  1. Arcona
  2. Plagueis
  3. Scholae Palatinae
  4. Naga Sadow
  5. Odan-Urr
  6. Tarentum
  7. Taldryan

Champions of the Vendetta

  1. Solus Gar (First Hero)
  2. Raken
  3. Darth Pravus
  4. Legorii Kryotek Entar
  5. Ronovi Tavisaen
  6. Socorra Erinos
  7. Marick Arconae
  8. Arden Karn
  9. Thran Occasus
  10. Graus Colvin


  • The Horizons event took place from September 28, 2012 to October 19, 2012

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