Graus Colvin

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Graus Colvin
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.9 m


87 kg





Personal Information
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Military self-defense

Chronology & Political Information

Smuggler, Covert Operative


Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master


Clan Arcona, House Qel Droma



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Character History

Early Years

Graus Colvin was born to middle class parents in Curamelle City, the capital of Corulag. Born to non-Force sensitive parents, Graus had a relatively normal upbringing. Graus was unaware of his connection to the Force aside from at times when he was emotional his reflexes were just a little sharper than that of a normal teenager. While his connection to the Force didn’t aid him much physically, Graus has an eidetic memory and can recall anything he’d seen, heard, tasted, or experienced. With no idea he was able to call upon the Force, Graus and his parents just looked at his memory skills as a gift not to be abused or taken for granted.

Colvin’s world was turned upside down however when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. In the early days of the Yuuzhan Vong occupation his family was captured and tried as insurgents against the puppet regime and quickly executed along with many other families, more as an example of the swift retribution one could expect if any attacks or insurrections were to take place. Ironically, it was this act that prompted a now orphaned Graus into joining the insurgency, where he began to learn important skills that would serve him well later in life. He learned basic hand-to-hand combat as well as firearms and explosives training. The one skill that Graus used to the insurgency’s ultimate benefit was the ability to completely shift into alternate personas. When he creates a cover identity, Graus fully immerses himself in the persona; able to act and behave in that mindset without fail.

By posing as anything from a local delivery boy, a crippled orphan, or even a general maintenance worker, he was able to easily sneak into sensitive areas and with his memory, read and retain sensitive information important to the insurgency. He carried out numerous covert assignments and one when he was interrogated; he was able to fool even the brainwave scanners they used to verify truth from lies.

Liberation of Corulag


When the Galactic Alliance fleet jumped in system and liberated Corulag from the Yuuzhan Vong in 29 ABY, Graus joined a number of recruits at the reactivated Imperial Training Center and after a hastened training program was conscripted into a Stormtrooper squad stationed aboard the Imperial Remnant ISD Starfall. Given the designation TX-1829, Graus immersed himself fully into the stormtrooper mentality, becoming a flawless soldier without remorse and ruthless in his dedication to duty.

After a number of successful engagements, Graus was given command of his own squad of troopers and promoted to Sergeant. His first command would be his last as shortly after receiving his promotion, the Starfall received orders to assist in the most important battle of the War, the Liberation of Coruscant.

Liberation of Cosurscant

Unit patch of the ISD Starfall

During the Liberation of Coruscant, the largest and bloodiest battle of the Yuuzhan Vong war, over 300 capital ships were destroyed in orbit over the planet. One of them was the ISD Starfall, which suffered countless plasma blasts resulting in the engine core exploding, nearly blowing the ship in half. Nearly all the crew was lost when the vessel broke apart and its superstructure crashed to the surface of Coruscant.

As the catastrophic explosions tore through the ship, TX-1829 and his squad, stationed near the hangar bay, were decimated as support girders tore free and fighter craft fell from their cradles. Knocked unconscious, TX-1829 would have died on board the shattered hulk with the rest of his squad if not for a pilot, designation SF-90-5, who found him pinned underneath wreckage.

His helmet shattered, TX-1829 was dragged from the hangar and pushed behind the pilot's chair of SF-90-5's TIE bomber. Why the pilot had rescued him, Graus never asked and SF-90-5 never volunteered. As the bomber cleared the shattered hull, SF-90-5 took the vessel out of the main battle and headed to nearby Anaxes, skillfully avoiding enemy coralskippers and Alliance military craft.


After recovering from the wounds he received during the destruction of the Starfall, Graus awoke to find himself in a darkened hovel surrounded by aliens of all races and types. Retrieving his armor and seeing his helmet was beyond repair, he snuck out of the hovel and made his way to a local holonet terminal where he learned that Graus Colvin, Designation: TX-1829 was officially reported KIA over Coruscant. Knowing he’d never be able to adequately explain his survival without implicating SF-90-5 for desertion, for the first time in his adult life, Graus had no idea what he was to do next. He went back and met up with SF-90-5, whose real name was Solomon, and accepted the other’s offer to join him in the exciting world of smuggling.

Deciding that his name would be flagged as either deceased or worse, a deserter, he shortened his designation and took the name of Tix. With his helmet shattered, Graus decided to cover his head with a white hood to help keep attention off his face. Solomon argued that he should abandon the armor as well, but Graus felt exposed without it and decided that he’d accept the risk of wearing it.

He partnered with Solomon and his retro-fitted TIE-Bomber on smuggling runs from one end of the galaxy to the other. Along the way he made contacts and learned the art of not only regular piloting, but combat piloting and standard evasion techniques. While he seldom did the flying, Tix was the ‘face’ of the duo on the ground. He quickly earned a reputation in the underworld circles as someone that was honest (a rarity for a smuggler!) and reliable, but also someone not to cross.

After a few years running both legitimate and illicit cargo, Solomon decided to retire and left the ship and all its contracts to Tix. With his reputation, Tix had no trouble getting work and he decided to expand his operation to not only include smuggling, but retrieving cargo as well. It was one such mission that opened up his newest chapter in his life, that of a Dark Jedi.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Graus as a new Dark Jedi Knight
Graus under the effects of the Horizons Plague


Graus's lightsaber

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master

Outstanding Achievements


  • Graus is allergic to Bacta and has to let his body heal naturally.
  • Application of Bacta to an open wound would cause over time a break down of the damaged tissue causing the wound to turn infectious.
  • (OOC) Graus was a Star Wars:RPG (WEG) character I had for many years. He wasn't Force Sensitive in the game, but he was a smuggler and former Imperial Trooper.