Tarentum Military

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The Tarentum Military is the organization that encompasses all of Clan Tarentum's armed forces. The Tarentum Military is responsible for ensuring the security of the Yridia system and all Clan Tarentum assets.

The military is organized into three branches: Tarentum Navy, Tarentum Army and Tarentum Starfighter Corps.

Brief History

Ostensibly the youngest service of any of the Brotherhood's military units, the history of Tarentum's military runs parallel to the history of not only the Brotherhood, but the Emperor's Hammer. Initially the troops available to House Tarentum were the pilots of Tau, and their retainers. With the acquisition of the VSD Corsair, the first capital ship awarded to any unit within the Brotherhood, Tarentum saw a need to have some standing military. Utilizing his command resources, Oberst shuffled mid-level and junior technicians, officers and crewers to the Corsair from the Infiltrator Wing. While serving as a Command Attache within the Hammer, Master Zero would further bolster the troops. As the years passed, the Clan would add more ships to its nascent fleet - eventually seeking to expand its influence within the Yridia System. Where the Clan once sought to remain insular, ignoring the goings on of the feudal people on Yridia II and the criminals of Yridia IX, the position would slowly change to one of bringing all elements of the system slowly under their control.

Eventually, the Exodus would form the basis and impetus for the extreme changes in the Clan's outlook and disposition. The Clan leadership would work in concert to bring the entire system under its grasp, forming a parliamentary government that authorized the formation and deployment of the military - beginning with the consolidation of all capital ships into the Navy and the beginnings of the Army and YCDF. That work has evolved into what is known as the Army of Tarentum and Tarentum Navy within House Tarentum.

With the departure of the Sith King and his chief lieutenants from the Yridia sytem, Consul Sith Bloodfyre and Proconsul Rax Von-Klug decided it was time to consolidate and secure their hold on the Tarentum Military. In an effort to not disrupt the operational ability of the armed forces, Proconsul Rax decided to appoint Battlelord Hades as Chief of Naval Operations and Warlord Fremoc Pepoi as Army Chief of Staff.

Command Structure

Supreme Commander: Rax Von-Klug
Tarentum Naval Command Tarentum Army Command Tarentum Starfight Corps
  • Chief of Naval Operations: Admiral Hades
  • Vice Chief of Naval Operations: Admiral Pel Tarentae
  • Chief of Staff of the Army: General Fremoc Pepoi
  • Vice Chief of Staff of the Army: General TBD
  • Chief of Staff of the Starfighter Corps: Air Marshal TBD
  • Vice Chief of Staff of the Starfighter Corps: Air Vice-Marshal TBD



The Army is the offensive ground arm of Tarentum, headed by the Chief of Staff as selected by the Proconsul. If an objective must be taken, and cannot simply be blasted out of existence from orbit, or if a protracted defense must be conducted, the Army is called in to do it. The Army fulfills many roles, from fielding the large tanks to building bridges, cisterns and defensive structures.

Structure and Organization

The Tarentum Army is comprised of one Legion, the Retribution Legion. Retribution Legion is further organized into three Regiments

Tar Legion Org.PNG


Enlisted Ranks Officer Ranks
E-1 Private (PVT) O-1 Second Lieutenant
E-2 Corporal (CPT) O-2 First Lieutenant
E-3 Sergeant (SGT) O-3 Captain
E-4 Staff Sergeant (SSGT) O-4 Major
E-5 Sergeant First Class (SFC) O-5 Lieutenant Colonel
E-6 Master Sergeant (MSG) O-6 Colonel
E-7 Sergeant Major (SGM) O-7 Brigadier General
O-8 Major General
O-9 Lieutenant General
O-10 General


The Navy comprises all spaceborne vehicles - capital ships, transports, starfighters and freighters. It is commanded by the Fleet Admiral, who, like the High General is selected by the Marshal and Prince.


The Navy is split into two service branches:

  • Naval - These are all capital ships, freighters, shuttles and transports.
  • Fighter - The starfighters and bombers of the Clan.


Fighter Command
  • Air Group - A collection of 3 or more squadrons. The full Air Group of a Task Force is coordinated by the Commander, Air Group (CAG). Assisting him are Deputy Commanders (DCAG) aboard any fighter bearing capital ships in the Task Force.
  • Air Squadron - The standard tactical deployment of fighters. 12 fighters make up a squadron. Each squadron is commanded by a squadron commander who is usually at least a Lieutenant.
  • Flight Group - The smallest deployment of fighters, a Flight Group is commanded by a Flight Leader who is at least a Lieutenant Junior Grade.
Naval Command
  • Fleet - The largest operational naval unit. A fleet usually comprises 2 or more battlegroups. A fleet is usually commanded by a full Admiral.
  • Battlegroup - A battlegroup is a war time coordination and deployment of ships - usually 2 or more squadrons. A battlegroup is normally commanded by a Vice Admiral.
  • Squadron - A naval squadron is the most common deployment of ships with over 30 cruiser class ships forming the main battle line. A squadron is normally commanded by a Rear Admiral.
  • Task Force - The work horse of the Navy, a Task Force is usually deployed and moved as needed to project Naval power. A Task Force is usually specialized - Carrier Task Force, Cruiser Task Force, etc. A Carrier Task Force is formed around at least 1 fleet carrier and one escort carrier, with accompanying capital ships. A Cruiser Task Force is usually 7-10 cruisers, with at least 1 Heavy Cruiser and 2 Medium Cruisers. A Task Force is usually commanded by a Commodore or Senior (Post) Captain.


The Yridia Civil Defense Force is the Clan's answer to defense of the system when resources are stretched thin. As part of mandatory service from the age of 21 to 29, Yridian citizens serve as constables, law enforcement and militia troops. Deployment is usually to either the hometown of the serving troop or to University cities. The YCDF exists to aid the Clan and civilian populace in the following 4 ways - Preparation, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.


The YCDF is organized into 200 man precincts, each headed by Precinct Captain. Precincts are then sub-divided into 10 man teams called "patrols." A patrol is headed up by an Inspector. Each member of a patrol is a Constable. Precincts can be grouped together to form a Civil Force. Each Civil Force corresponds to a metropolitan area, and is headed by an Inspector General. Civil Forces are as large as necessary to ensure and maintain order. For example, the Civil Force of Taras may be upwards of 20 precincts, while that same number may be deployed to defend just a portion of a port on Yridia X, and only 1 precinct would be necessary for a small farming community.

Training & Equipment

As they are still members of the military, YCDF members are still expected to maintain top physical performance and combat training is continuous. YCDF will be afforded equipment as if they were the standing military, having access to military grade weapons, vehicles and armor.


The YCDF are first responders. If war is declared, the YCDF is mustered to maintain local order, while reserves are brought in to fill roles within the standing military. In the event of invasion, the YCDF splinters into its local precinct, and is expected to act as a guerrilla cell. In this event, each cell will receive its orders strictly from High Command (Governor-General, JWC, Marshal or House/Clan Summit). The role of each cell will be to disrupt enemy communications, supply and harass units and garrisons. Multiple cells can coordinate to achieve these objectives, and cells can be brought under the auspices of a given Division commander at the behest of Home Command or higher authority.

Tarentum Order of Battle