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Tau Squadron
Unit Information

Dark Brotherhood / Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps




Grand Master's Escort Squadron


M/CRV Tripidium


The Dark Avengers


L'Outil de Douleur--The Tool of Pain


Nurse Abbey Danger


A-9b Vigilance Starfighter


Pink Stars


Magnus Kaerner

Notable commanders:

Magnus Kaerner



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Tau Squadron was the Elite Squadron of the Dark Brotherhood associated with the TIE Corps of the Emperor's Hammer.

Though Tau Squadron had been stationed in many places, it's last staging ground was from aboard the M-CRV Tripidium, the personal ship of the Grand Master - used while abroad on business that did not require more overt displays of military power.


In days before the first reign of Grand Master Jac Cotelin, a squadron, separate from the rest of the Brotherhood, formed. This squadron was known as Tau Squadron. However, as the Dark Brotherhood became engulfed in internal fighting, Tau Squadron under the command of DeathWatch abandoned the Dark Brotherhood with the infamous, Crona. When Grand Master Cotelin ascended the Iron Throne, Tau Squadron was not re-commissioned and was all but forgotten as the Iron Throne moved to restore order within the Dark Jedi ranks.

Upon the ascension of Grand Master Khyron, from the plea of Dark Jedi throughout the Brotherhood, Tau Squadron was returned to full status under the command of Dark Side Adept Magnus Kaerner.

Within months of re-commissioning, the Iron Throne demanded that Tau Squadron either join an existing House or create their own. Rather than tie Tau to any of the one Houses in existence that wished to exploit their skill, Kaerner opted for the latter. For the short time Kaerner remained as Quaestor, all Tau members were members of Tarentum. When Kaerner ascended to the position of Knight Commander of the Brotherhood, the practice was abolished. Tau retained its strict requirements, and with the exception of Kaerner, the entire squadron remained a part of Tarentum.

Tau Squadron continued in existence under the command of General Kaerner. However, his ties to the Empire proved stronger than his loyalty to the Grand Master, so he and the squadron were left behind during the Exodus. With their departure it was decided that a new unit would not be created to replace them - the role was filled by the GMRG.


Tau Squadron is the personal bodyguard of the Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. They escort him at all times that he is not residing in the Dark Hall and on business throughout the galaxy. What the Grand Master's Royal Guard is on the ground, Tau squadron is in the air and space.


A-9b In Nebula Camo

By direct order of the Emperor's Hammer Fleet Commander, Tau Squadron was awarded with the exclusive use of the specially modified A-9 Vigilance Interceptor (A-9b). This fighter craft was specially modified for members of the elite Squadron, to be able to use their force powers in combat to increase maneuverability and speed. It was also stripped of an eject button, because Tau didn't accept failure.

Tau was also awarded with the Marauder Class Corvette Tripidium in order to act as their Escort/Fleet Carrier. The adventures and hijinx that carried on within the Tripidium's corridors are legendary, though seldom spoke of due to confidentiality agreements.

Medical Team

Blurb about Abbey, Pics

Special Awards

Discuss the Amazingness of the Pink Stars

Hall of Fame

General Magnus Kaerner

Service Dates: 1997-2005
Rank held in Tau: General
Pink Stars:
Longest Serving Commander in Tau History, Simply known as "The Commander"
Crazy Swede with actual Real World Experience at Being a Badass due to his Elite Ranger Training
SP/MP Specialist
Founder of House Tarentum
Longtime Knight Commander of the Brotherhood

General Erich von Reinthaler

Service Dates: Varied & Long
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
Long Time Tau Exectuive Officer
Squadron Webmaster
Recruited Abbey Danger to be Squadron Nurse
Integral in Leading the Change from Tau being SP to MP Based
SP/MP Specialist


Service Dates: 1995
Rank held in Tau: Commander
Pink Stars:
Commanded Tau Squadron
Was Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood
Long Serving EH Executive Officer
SP Specialist

"Pappy" Renegade

Service Dates: 1996, 1998-2000
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
Member of Tau under Deathwatch
Founder of IWATS & The IW
EH Executive Officer
Rejoined Squadron under Kaerner
SP Specialist


Service Dates: 1995 - 1996
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
Gave Tau it's Nickname & Named the Different Flights
Began the Tau tradition of naming the A-9b’s which was done years before the general EH membership picked and started doing so.
Left the DB During the Crona Incident, for whom he was the DGM
SP Specialist


Service Dates: 1996
Rank held in Tau: Commander
Pink Stars:
One of few Tau members who wasn't an ace pilot, but contributed in Artwork/Website work
Responsible for the Recommissioning of the Squadron while Grand Master.


Service Dates: April 1997 - 1998
Rank held in Tau: Major
Pink Stars:
SP Specialist
Joined House Tarentum in it's inception under Kaerner
Served as DGM of the Brotherhood
Creator of the famous “Top Gun” style lockers which was displayed on the squadron homepage.


Service Dates: Nov. 1995 to Oct. 1999
Rank held in Tau: Lieutenant
Pink Stars:
Commander of Multiple Ships in the EH, Most Notably the SSD Avenger
Deputy Grand Master and Grand Master of the DB.
SP Specialist


Service Dates: April 1997 - January 2000
Rank held in Tau: Major
Pink Stars:
SP Specialist
Won invitation by performing spectacularily in a competition against Cyclone Squadron which Jupiter then Commanded.
Otherwise best remembered for his crazy feats of endurance races (such as endurance running).


Service Dates: Late 1996 - Late 1997
Rank held in Tau: Lt. General (Major)
Pink Stars:
Was a Personal friend of Commander Kaerner
Was a member of Rage Squadron when Tau reopened, and Transferred En Masse with the Rest of Rage Squadron into Tau
SP Specialist


Service Dates: Unavailable
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
Flight Leader of Flight II
SP Specialist
Not the Taldryan Shadow


Service Dates: January 2001 - March 2001
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
Former Praetorian Member
Founded House/Clan Naga Sadow
SP Specialist

Charles Spencer

Service Dates: March 2002 - July 2002
Rank held in Tau: Major
Pink Stars:
AKA Demos
Was Commander of the Guard
MP Specialist


Service Dates: June 2002 - December 2002
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
MP Specialist
Known as Shupsy
Served as the DB Headmaster

Baron Fel

Service Dates: October 1999 - January 2003
Rank held in Tau: Commander
Pink Stars:
MP Specialist
Earned his Stripes in the TC MP Squadron Avenger
Regarded as the biggest lagger in Tau history.


Service Dates: 1998 - February 2003
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:'
A Former SSD Avenger Commodore
SP Specialist

Keirdagh "Yacks" Cantor

Service Dates: June 2000 - February 2003
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
Commonly refered to as "A Fat Canandian".
MP & Rebel Craft Specialist
Founder of the TIE Corps Multiplayer Battlegroup the Avenger Strike Force
Acting Tau Commander & Executive Officer while Kaerner was in Ranger Training
DB Sith High Warrior where he maintained strong ties between Tau and the Brotherhood.
Forced to retire from the Squadron due to the Split of the Dark Brotherhood from the Emperor's Hammer. Yacks got to keep his A-9b as a souvenir. Later became Justicar.


Service Dates: June 2000 - April 2003
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
Former Admiral, XO of the CD, Grand Moff of the EHDIR
Commander of the IW Elite Squadron: Ares
Former SSD Avenger Commodore
Clan Satal Keto PCON
About a year he came out of retirement to advise SHW Yacko as his Magistrate. When Yacks retired Hades took his place as SHW and later DGM until the DB separated.
SP Specialist

T'vra Kiriska

Service Dates: March 2000 - May 2003
Rank held in Tau: Captain
Pink Stars:
The musically talented Kiri was the posterchild for birth control.
MP Specialist: His skills in XvT were only shadowed by his not so good looks.

Rivian von Donitz

Service Dates: July 1996 - August 1999, July 2001 - March 2004
Rank held in Tau: Colonel
Pink Stars:
An old school pilot that served in nearly every position the EH had to offer from Flight Member to INQ to Science Officer.
SP/MP Specialist

Other Notable Members

  • Adren Silvori
  • Binagran
  • Brie: Daughter of Pappy
  • CrimsonFury
  • Daavak Tron
  • Death
  • Diastorm
  • Dras Hempor
  • Ensun Kelric
  • Glauron
  • Lacey: Daughter of Pappy
  • Mazzic
  • ShadowXX
  • Tek Selkirk
  • Timber
  • Xura Verr