Estle-Eden Axis

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Exodus era.
Estle-Eden Axis
Political Information
Founding Document:

Treaty of Kessel

Commander in Chief:
Societal information

Galactic Credit Standard

Historical information
Formed from:
  • Arcona
  • Tarentum
Date of Establishment:

22 ABY


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Established by the Treaty of Kessel in 26 ABY, the Estle-Eden Axis is a coalition of the Yridian Theocracy and Keadean Confederacy of Tarentum and Arcona, respectively. The member systems enjoy a formal military alliance (including the guaranteed independence of one another), as well as preferential trade rights.


Though not known by its formal name until 28 ABY, the alliance between Arcona and Tarentum has existed since approximately 22 ABY, initially in an informal manner under Consuls Mejas Doto and Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae until it was officially (and secretly) ratified by the Treaty of Kessel nearly three years later. By that time important members of both Clans such as Sashar Kodiak Erinos, Kessian Armus, and Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae had become involved in the negotiations and would go on to influence the blooming inter-Clan politics for several years. It has been known by several different names, including its codename, "TARCONA."

Around 28 ABY, Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae and her cohorts in control of Tarentum and the Yridia system, along with Consul Sashar Arconae and Timeros Caesus Entar, as well as Braecen Kaeth as Proconsul in Estle City, felt the need to mold the Treaty and relations a bit more to their own style. With both governments dominated by strong-willed and tyrannical oligarchs, the alliance became publicized in both systems informally as the Estle-Eden Axis, a name which has gained notoriety, and is still used by the aforementioned governments.

The Treaty of Kessel

The Treaty of Kessel is a document formally declaring the alliance between Arcona and Tarentum. Negotiated and signed in secret near Kessel in 28 ABY, the Treaty was the work of much behind the scenes dealing prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

Key Points

  • Formal military pact between the two units.
  • Trade and economic concessions.
  • Establishment of joint research arm.


  • The signers for Arcona were Dark Jedi Master Mejas Doto and Exarch Sashar Kodiak Erinos.
  • The signers fo Tarentum were Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae and Battlelord Kessian Armus.
  • Adept Maxamillian von Oberst signed as witness to the negotiations.


The text of the Treaty, unaltered, is as follows:

In times past, there has been discord and disharmony between the Clans. Many have allowed the rifts to expand and grow. Many are guilty of fostering even more animosity between two Clans as third parties. And this internal strife has allowed outside forces to wage war and defeat the disunited Clans. So then it is in the spirit of one day hoping to ensure that further outside incursions result in such crushing defeats of our enemies that His Excellency, The Guardian of Arcona, Overlord of Dajorra, Lord High Justice of The Doctrine, Consul of Arcona, Master Mejas Doto, di Primus Tenebrous Arconae, and His Royal Highness, The Prince of Yridia, Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum, Consul of Tarentum, Master Sith Bloodfyre, Baron, Tarentae; underwritten by The Honorable, Exarch Sashar Kodiak Erinos; The Honorable, Admiral of the Navy, Battlelord Kessian Armus; witnessed and negotiated by The Honorable, Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum, Marquis of Yridia II, Adept Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae, do willingly and willfully agree to the mutual and grand advancement of Clans Arcona and Tarentum by concurrence of the issues attendant.


A non-aggression pact shall exist between the two parties. That into the perpetuity of this Alliance neither faction will seek harm, both and either directly or indirectly against the other.


Upon violation by outside party in any manner resulting in the engagement of forces; violation of sovereignty; loss of property; loss of life, the terms of this Alliance bind the other to offer succor and aid.


Embassies shall be directed and built within the other's territory, to be supplied and financed by the host system. Estates shall be directed and built for use by the Summits and their representatives of the foreign Clan.


Arcona does knowingly and willfully recognize the sovereignty of the Yridia System and its dominion under King Justinian Arcanious Khyron; and is represented by The Prince of Yridia, the reigning Consul of Clan Tarentum.


Tarentum does recognize the rule of the Shadow Guard over the Dajorra System, represented and headed by the reigning Consul of Clan Arcona.


The Clans of Arcona and Tarentum agree to the founding and joint running of a research institution devoted to advancing the technological and scientific advancement of both Clans which will include, but are not limited to, facilities devoted to engineering, physics, chemistry, plant biology, animal biology, energy and environmental research.

The location of the facility is to remain secret until completion, and then accessible only to staff and senior personnel of each Clan as directed by the Summits. Both Clans will afford the facility a budget, which will be split evenly. This budget will be audited independently by a body of the choosing of both Summits, once per 2 years.


Clan Tarentum grants economic concessions to Clan Arcona in the form of preferential access to seasonal harvests. In addition, Arcona shall not have taxes levied against it for use of Yridia’s markets in excess of three percent (3%).

Clan Arcona grants economic concessions to Clan Tarentum in the form of premium grade ores and manufactured raw materials at a rate discounted against the galactic market median.

In Testimony of the aforementioned articles, and for His Royal and Most August Majesty, Justinian Khyron, King; the Barons of Yridia; the Tarentae; the Members of Parliament; His Royal Highness Sith Bloodfyre Tarentae and The Honorable Kessian Armus do sign.

In Union of the antecedent signatory and Prior articles, for The Princeps, The Consistory and The Stewards of Dajorra; The Assembly of Dajorra; The Arconae; His Excellency Mejas Doto di Primus Tenebrous Arconae and The Honorable Sashar Kodiak Erinos do sign.