Ranarr Kul

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Ranarr Kul
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

18 ABY (age 26)

Physical Description









Light brown



Personal Information

DL-18 Blaster Pistol, Neuronic Whip, Ryyk Blade

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:




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"Respect is to be earned. Power is to be gained "
―Ranarr Kul

Ranarr Kul is... a fighter. The young Cathar has already been through a lot, but he managed to keep strong. Ranarr fights his way past every obstacle and the Force grows stronger within him after each event.

Character History

Early Life

Ranarr was only a little whelp when his mother got taken away from his side. A Mandalorian named B'arin managed, with the aid of many Mandalorian soldiers, to overtake the city named Kuzil. The Cathar living in that city fought bravely but many male species died and females were taken to become slaves. This included Ranarr's mother.

This was the first time Ranarr felt The Darkness within him.

When the Mandalorians left Kuzil, the remaining young Cathar grouped together. Ranarr saw some die, some survived by scavenging bodies of those who died and searching the partly destroyed houses for food.


At the time Ranarr hit puberty he was on Kashyyyk under the care of a Wookiee named Nagbecca.

Nagbecca was crew-member of a Trading-Ship that made an emergency landing close to Kuzil. In Ranarr's city, or at least the remains of it, Nagbecca searched for reparation-parts for the ship. He found them, as he found Ranarr also. Ranarr didn't have much strength left, he hadn't eaten for several days. The nearly dead Cathar was taken by the Wookiee and they became friends.

It was Nagbecca that gave Ranarr his Ryyk Blade as a token of their friendship.

Becoming adult

"This is your hrrtayyk, get ready!"

Being on Kashyyyk and being seen as one of the Wookiee, Ranarr had to take part in a coming-of-age ceremony. Although he was Cathar, after his Test of Ascension, Ranarr's inner strength and rage were almost equal to those of a male Wookiee.

With the growing Darkness within Ranarr, the Wookiee could no longer control him. They made him leave Kashyyyk. Now Itshim started traveling from planet to planet.


At the age of 21, Ranarr joined The Brotherhood. He joined the order of the Krath and was assigned to Clan Tarentum. In the Clan he met Pel, a powerfull and wise human, who was willing to become the Cathar's Master.

Within the Brotherhood

As Pel was asked to meet Samael Ozriel, Ranarr (being Pel's Apprentice) joined them. Sam was the Leader of Battleteam Inmortuae and after a while, going on several missions, Ranarr fell in favor with him. The Cathar became Battleteam Sergeant.

One day Sam went missing and Ranarr claimed his quarters, making himself Battleteam Leader. He immediatly anounced that changes were at hand.

Physical Description

Ranarr is a muscular male cat-like humanoid. His entire body is covered in dark-brown fur and on his head he has light brown thick manes, nearly covering his shoulders. Rising up between those manes: two big, pointy ears. The right ear has a triangular rupture, a wound he got during his hrrtayyk ceremony. The eyes of the Cathar are intense green, the left-one is concealed with an eyepatch, no one knows what happened to that eye and no one dares to ask.


DL-18 Blaster Pistol

Bought for the price of 750 credits. When Ranarr found out he was charged a whole lot to much, he killed the individual who sold it to him.

Itshim's Ryyk Blade

Neuronic Whip

The weapon of the Mandalorian that enslaved Ranarr's mother. Ranarr managed to find and kill him.

Ryyk Blade

Ranarr's favourite weapon, probably because of it's high emotional value. Once owned by a Wookiee, now adjusted to fit the Cathar's hand perfectly.

Positions held

Battleteam Sergeant of Inmortuae of Tarentum.

Battleteam Leader of Inmortuae of Tarentum.

Battleteam Leader of The Order of the Trident of Tarentum.

Rollmaster of Tarentum.


  • Pel's mop-closet was assigned as Ranarr's quarters during his first days in The Brotherhood.
  • Ranarr Kul joined The Brotherhood under the name "Itshim". Being elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and obtaining his Lightsabre made him remember his name.