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Warbanners are the standards, or flags, that identify an individual, whether he be a Force User or a Non-Force User, on the field of battle. The design, color, stripes, and charge of the warbanner help to identify individuals, while medallions identify those of leadership positions in the various clans or those that hold a Clan title.

Warbanners are created and updated by the office of the Herald. A member may design and submit a warbanner to the Herald's staff, however there is no guarantee that it will be accepted, as the Herald's staff are the ones who are in charge to design and uphold the quality of the warbanners.

Warbanner Example

Warbanner example.jpg

A warbanner has a wide variety of options. Fabrics, colors, shapes, stripes and support rail colors unlock as you progress through the ranks of the Brotherhood, as well as other options being available to you based on positions served and Society ranks such as the Grand Master's Royal Guard, the Shadow Academy Society and Inquisitorius.

Warbanner options unlock at the following tiers of rank:

When you request your warbanner, you will be asked to provide a crest. Your crest is a personal symbol that represents you. Certain copyrighted materials may be denied as crests, as well as the use of unit logos - these may be represented on your warbanner in other ways, but you do not own your unit logo (and can therefore not use it as a personal symbol).

Warbanner Colors

Each rank tier unlocks new warbanner colors for use, in addition to all previously unlocked choices available for your choice of Dark Path or Light Path.

  • JM 2-3: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Turquoise Gray
  • JM 4-EQ1: Yellow, Teal, Purple
  • EQ2-3: Tan, Brown
  • EQ4: White, Gray, Black
  • EL - GM: Custom Color
Available warbanner colours.

Warbanner Shapes

  • Journeyman 2-3 members may use the Basic warbanner shape, Bold, Stately, Holy, Fiery, Tribal, Rugged.
  • Knight-rank and Equite 1 members unlock the Batwing, Cloud, Crescent, Inner Curve and Ridged Crescent shapes. They also unlock the Bold, Stately, Holy, Fiery, Tribal, Rugged with trim.
  • Equite 2 and Equite 3 members add Beetle Wing, Leafling, Mid-Slash, Thorn and Ziggurath options. They also unlock the Bold, Stately, Holy, Fiery, Tribal, Rugged with additional ornate trim.
  • Equite 4 members add no new shape options.
  • Elders and Grand Masters may request custom warbanner shapes from the Herald.
Available warbanner shapes.

Warbanner Stripes

  • Journeyman 2-3 members have no available stripe options.
  • Knight-rank and Equite 1 members unlock the Bend, Chevron Up, Chief, Fess, Pale and Sneak stripes. These stripes may be of light color.
  • Equite 2 and Equite 3 members add Bend Sinister, Chevron Down, Cross, Exodus, Pile and Saltire options. They may request these stripes in light or dark colors.
  • Equite 4 members, Elders and Grand Masters may request custom stripes from the Herald.
Available warbanner stripes in light colors.

Warbanner Textures

Warbanners may be made in several different textures.

  • Journeymen 2 and above automatically gain the Hemp Cloth texture. This is the standard texture used on most warbanners.
  • Equite 2 and above receive the option of selecting between the Hemp Cloth texture and the Satin Cloth texture.
Available warbanner textures.

Warbanner Clan & Order Patterns

Background patterns are further available to add more depth to the warbanner.

  • Clan Patterns
    • Clan or House patterns are available if you meet the requirements for a medallion. You may request either a medallion or unit pattern, but not both.
  • Society patterns:
    • Grand Master's Royal Guard: Rank IV
    • Shadow Academy Society: Rank IV
    • Inquisitorius: Rank IV
Available warbanner Order and Clan patterns.

Warbanner Support Rails

Warbanner support rails hold medallions and tassets on the top of the warbanner. Certain tasset placements determine how many support rails are added to the warbanner. Rail colors are added as one's rank progresses.

  • Journeyman 2-3 members have access to white rails.
  • Knight-rank and Equite 1 members add copper rails to their selections. They may also request rails of their Order color.
  • Equite 2 and Equite 3 members add silver rails.
  • Equite 4 members add gold and black rails.
  • Elders and Grand Masters may request custom rails.
Available warbanner rails.

Additional Options

There are a wide variety of additional options that allow for further customization of your warbanner.

  • A warbanner tasset is a small medal that indicates membership in certain societies. You must meet the minimum requirements to request them as stipulated below:
    • Grand Master's Royal Guard: Rank I
    • Shadow Academy Society: Rank I
    • Inquisitorius: Rank I
    • Shroud Syndicate: Rank I
    • Order: JM4
  • A warbanner medallion is a larger version of a tasset that holds a Clan logo. The medallion option relates only to the Clan you have served in, not every Clan. The requirements are as such:
    • Quaestor, Proconsul, Consul, Dark Councillor for 3+ months
    • Rollmaster, Aedile, Battleteam Leader, Praetor for 6+ months
    • Clan title holder has NO time restriction
  • A warbanner Sash is reserved for members of the Dark Council or the Dark Summit, and their staff. They are given in the warbanner color and with the trim selected for the warbanner support. The left Sash holds the position and the right Sash holds the office the position is/was held in. Only members who have served six months or more in these positions may request Sashes.

Warbanner Gallery

Example Warbanners
GRD-JH Warbanner Knight Warbanner Equite 2-3 Warbanner
GRDwb.jpg DJKwbAED.jpg EQ2wb.jpg
Equite 4 Warbanner Custom Elder/GM Warbanner SA Society Pattern,
Medallion, Tassets & Sashes
EQ4wbAED.jpg Elderwb.jpg Sapattern.png


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