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The term Robes is used to denote the dossier items located in the attire slot. It covers a wide variety of attire that members can choose from, including armors, uniforms, casual attire, formal attire, Jedi robes, etc. Members unlock robes as they advance through the ranks. Robes are chosen from the “Robe construction tool” located in the administration page.

The Herald has the final word on which Robes may be used on the website.


Robe Construction Tool interface

Any member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood may use the Robe Construction Tool found on their administration page to choose a set of robes for themselves, based on their rank, Society status and Clan allegiance.

The tool is located on the administration page, under "My Dossier". Once inside the tool, the member select robe, style and color and, once satisfied with the desired look, press the "Submit" button located below the three drop-down menus. This robe will then be displayed on their dossier. Robes may freely be changed at will, depending on the member's preferences and aesthetic tastes.

All modern robes come in at least three different styles, five different colors and a male and female variant, while older robes may only have up to three styles, three colors and only a male or female variant depending on the design.

All robe designs are available through Possessions.

Types of Robes

Selector Robes

The term “Selector robe” denotes any robe available through the Robe Construction Tool for all members equally, based solely on rank. The Brotherhood currently has around 200 robes for members to choose from.

Examples of Selector Robes
Commander Robes Legion Flight suit Death Watch armor Brash robe
CommanderM-Merc-LCloakBelt.png Legsuitf-plain-helm2.png DeathWatchKrath.jpg Brash-male-krath-regular.jpg

Unit Robes

The term “Unit robe” denotes any robe available through the Robe Construction Tool for all members of a specific unit, like a Clan or a House. They are usually unlocked at a certain rank, much like Selector robes. These Robes are usually gifted to the First Clan in a Great Jedi War.

Examples of Unit Robes
Arcona Perseverance Robe Taldryan Fidelity uniform Plagueis Avail armor Scholae Sovereign uniform
PerseveranceFemaleRobe.jpg FidelityFemaleBlackHat.jpg AvailKrath.jpg SovereignKrath.jpg

Society Robes

The term “Society robe” denotes any robe available through the Robe Construction Tool for all members of a specific Society, such as the GMRG and others. They are all available at Journeyman 4 rank, however require a certain Society rank to be unlocked.

Examples of Society Robes
Chief Inquisitor robe SA Researcher robe ACC Gladiator robe GMRG Royal guard armor
Chief Inquisitor Armor(f)-Black-Hood(nomask).png Researchersith.jpg GladiatorKrath.jpg RoyalSithCloak.jpg

Custom Robes

Custom Robes are individually created robes for certain members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. These Robes are severely limited and exist outside the established rank system. There are specific guidelines for these robes:

  • Members of the sitting Dark Council, regardless of rank, gain access to Custom Robes after 3 months in office (they may not be requested retroactively)
  • Custom Robes can be given to any winner of the annual Herald comps held specifically for this reason
  • Elder Robes: Members holding the rank of Elder 1 and above may request Custom Robes through their administration panel
  • Custom Robes may be gifted to exceptional individuals by the Herald and the Dark Council

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please review the Requisition Limit to view restrictions.

Examples of Custom Robes
GM Pravus' Robe GM Pravus' Armor Herald Morgan's Robe Comp winner Gresee
6381-robes5.jpg 6381-robes4.jpg 6463-robe-armor.png 13090-robes.png