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Several Dark Side-related topics are elaborated upon in this section of the Codex.

History of the Dark Side - Herein are presented the basic philosophies and tenets of the Dark Side of the Force. The Dark Brotherhood serves to maintain and collect Dark Side knowledge.

History of the Compendium]- Within is detailed how Emperor Palpatine began his "collection" of Dark Side knowledge. Selected portions of Palpatine's Codex are now part of the Dark Brotherhood Archives. In addition, brief descriptions of Palpatine's Books are presented. Much of Palpatine's works and secrets were lost with his death or are hidden deep away on Byss...only a fraction are contained herein.

History of the Conflict - This section contains historical information regarding the Old Republic and the Empire. For us to know where we are going, it is important to note where we have been.

Dark Side Adepts - Before the Battle of Endor there were the Emperor's Dark Side Adepts. This circle of Palpatine's former advisors has provided the basic philosophy of the Dark Brotherhood.

Grand Master's Royal Guard - Herein is contained a history of the Grand Master's Royal Guard, the elite cadre of Dark Jedi assigned to the protection of the Grand Master and the assassination of the Jedi Knights.

The Star Chamber - What little is known about the mysterious, ancient, and powerful Over-Clan of the Brotherhood is presented herein.