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In order to properly identify Dark Jedi in Brotherhood communiqué, the following system of Identification (ID) Lines has been established. ID Lines can tell a great deal about any member of the Brotherhood. One of great status may have a very high rank and a wide assortment of awards that he or she has accumulated over years of service. Aspiring journeymen on the other hand will have very simple ID lines, indicating their lack of experience and power within the Brotherhood.

ID Lines

The following format should be used for all Brotherhood ID Lines:

Rank Name (Order)/Position/House of Clan [GMRG/ACC/SA: Society Rank]
Shadow Academy Degrees
* Italicized portions of the ID indicate awards, advanced education, or membership to societies which not all members may be honored with. You may only display these portions of your ID line if you have been granted such right.

Rank - This is your rank in the Brotherhood, such as Apprentice, Guardian, etc. The robe which is displayed on your dossier corresponds with your rank.

Name - This indicates the alias you use as a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Whether it be Bob, Jac Cotelin, or Billy, it is displayed as your name within your ID Line.

Order - Your order can be of a number of choices. If you are playing a Force-user character, you have the choice of the Sith Order, Jedi Order, Gray Jedi Order or Dark Jedi Order. If you are playing a non-Force user character, you may select from either the Loyalist or Mercenary Orders.

Generally, the color of your ID line will correspond to your Order: Red for the Sith Order, Gray for the Gray Jedi and Dark Jedi Orders, Green for the Jedi Order, Orange for the Mercenary Order and a light blue for the Loyalist Order.

Position - Nearly all Dark Jedi have a position (or job) within the Dark Brotherhood. Only Rogue Jedi are always without a position in the Brotherhood. Some members of Houses and Clans may also serve without positions - though they are generally less active than other members of the Clan. The following is a list of people who most often have positions within the Brotherhood:

Unit - This is the Unit to which you belong, in full detail. For example, if I was a member of the Disciples of Dreypa Battleteam in House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis, I would display: Battle Team Disciples of Dreypa of House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis in my ID Line. Members who do not hold membership to a House or Clan most often display "Rogues", or in even rarer circumstances are part of the Dark Council or Dark Council Assistants and display these locations within the ID Line instead of House of Clan.

Society/Guild Membership (GMRG, ACC, Inquistorius, Shroud or SA) - Those members who have been granted membership to the Antei Combat Center, the Grand Master's Royal Guard, the Inquisitorius, Shroud Syndicate or the Shadow Academy Society are granted permission to display this status in their ID lines. Each Society or Guild has its own set of ranks/statuses. Generally this status is included in the ID Line tag. For example, if I were a "graduate cum egregria" within the Shadow Academy, I would display [SA: XII] in my ID Line.

Awards - These are the medals you have earned in the Brotherhood. Merit awards (like the Diamond Sword, Sapphire Blade, Steel Cross, Dark Cross, etc.) are displayed first from highest to lowest. Following the merit awards are the non-merit awards (like Novae, Crescents, and Clusters of Fire). All awards are separated by forward slashes: /

Shadow Academy Degrees - After passing the Test of Lore, members are able to achieve higher learning from within the Shadow Academy. The reward for passing courses come in the shape of Academy Credits and Shadow Academy Degrees, only the Degrees you earn will be shown on your ID line.


Here is an example of how an ID line would look for a member:


Explanation of ID Line
Part Explanation
Rank Vanguard (Equite 3, Jedi Order)
Name Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
Order Jedi
Position Proconsul and Magistrate to the Grand Master
Clan Clan Odan-Urr


  • Merit Awards: Grand Cross of the Dark Side x1 (GC), Steel Cross x2 (SC), Dark Cross x1 (DC)



  • Crescents: Diamond Crescents x15, Ruby Crescents x11, Amethyst Crescents x38, Sapphire Crescents x14, Emerald Crescents x12, Topaz Crescents x3


  • Misc: Pendants of Blood x 30 (PoB), Clusters of Fire x1837 (CF), Clusters of Ice x208 (CI), Clusters of Earth x 17 (CE), Clusters of Graphite x48 (CG), Scrolls of Foundation x6 (SoF), Scroll of the Master x1, (SotM), Legion of the Scholar x2 (LS), Seal of Loyalty x3 (SoL), Seal of Unity x3 (S:3U), Seal of Wrath x25 (25wr)
Shadow Academy Degrees {SA: MVC - MVF - MVH - MVHL - MVL - MVLD - MVLO - MVPH - MVW - DPE - DPV - SGHL - SGT - SGWV - SVHL - SVL - SVT - SVWV - SVWP}

It is worth noting that a non-Clan Summit members of a Clan would have their House and Battleteam (if applicable) listed after their Clan in their ID line, as below:

Reaver Bob Example (Mercenary) / BTL / Battle Team Wildcards of House Hoth of Clan Odan-Urr [GMRG: I] [SA: I] [SYN: I] [ACC: Q] [INQ: I]