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Your avatar image - the round image which appears at the top of your dossier page - gives a brief visual representation of what your character looks like. If you do not upload a customized image, then your avatar will default to the core unit logo you belong to.

Custom Avatars

Once you are a JM2 (Acolyte/Courier/Sergeant) or higher, you may request a custom avatar take the place of the defaulted logo on your dossier. This avatar must adhere to the Avatar requirements and Restrictions (see below) and must be of sufficient quality to appear on the main site dossiers.


To protect the DJB from legal ramifications and ensure that our dossiers remain presentable, images will need to meet all of these requirements:

  • You must have expressed or implied permission from the artist to use the image as your avatar. The name of the artist must be provided into the text box when uploading the image via the “Avatar Change Request” form. You must also click the box verbalizing understanding of the Small Print before submission. Note: If you are the original creator, then you must still state a source of this image though you can simply state yourself as the source.

  • Your avatar must be a reasonable attempt at a likeness of your character. A childish sketch or a stick figure will not be considered a valid request.
  • Your avatar must be a picture of your character's head and your character's head must take up a reasonable amount of space in the image. This cut off point is generally around or just below the shoulders/collar.
  • Your avatar must be 100x100 pixels and your avatar must be in color.


Additionally, there are some restrictions, too:

  • Your avatar must not be a photo or photo manipulation.
  • Your avatar must not be pixelated or have too many compression artifacts, scan artifacts, etc.
  • Your avatar must not be a direct clone of a copy-written character. We don't want to have 50 Han Solos and 23 Sephiroths floating around the site. If you create, receive, or commission a piece of art, it must be unique enough to be considered "yours".

Please note: the DJB currently does not create images for characters in any official capacity. If you happen to find your character in any official DJB artwork, you may use that image if it does not violate any of the above bullet points. If you need assistance with verifying that the size/quality of your avatar meets these standards, please email the current Herald office staff.


The Herald Staff, Grand Master, and Deputy Grand Master reserve the right to upload non-standard custom images in place of avatars for the purposes of: special events, occasional jokes, dunce-caps for serial policy violators, etc.

Requesting an Avatar

If you and your avatar meet the above requirements, feel free to use the request form on your Administration page.

Public Resources

Program Description Link
Photoshop File with layers detailing which to enable/disable before exporting Avatar Base 100 by 100 .psd
GIMP File with layers detailing which to enable/disable before exporting Avatar Base 100 by 100 .

If you do not have these applications to use the working files, you can use Photopea and this website will use these files.


  • Updated language and clarified requirements with examples. Added working files to assist in avatar upload. Both on 05/09/2022.
  • Removed the restriction on helmeted avatars in a report by the Herald on 09/12/2021.
  • Allowing game rendered avatars from TOR as per Justicar's and Deputy Grand Master's approval on 11/01/2015.