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Kieran Kodiak Erinos
Biographical Information

Unknown (Raised on Dxun)

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.8 Meters


100 KG


Brown, Short


Emerald Green

Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

New Jedi Order


Arcona, Dark Brotherhood, Mandalorian

Personal Ship:

Dream Prowler



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Character Biography

Kieran’s a Mandalorian’s Mandalorian, strong willed, determined and steadfast in the thickest of battles. Abandoned on Dxun by his dying father he was adopted into Clan Kodiak and thrived under the guidance of the Clan elders in every aspect of his training. He later sought out adventure in the profession as a Bounty Hunter enjoying his place in the Galaxy. However, his past caught up with him and upon learning of his connection with the force he joined the Brotherhood to learn more about his unique gift.

The Early Years

A Life Almost Lost

Kieran had a father once, along time ago. He may even have a mother, but the feeling is still foggy in his mind because this was before consciousness broke in the young infant’s brain. Old enough to identify who his parents were, but not what they were, to him they are a warm distant memory. His father had brought him to Dxun, but had made no more than a few steps before dying. Clan Kodiak was presented with another orphan of the galaxy, and as they had done before, they welcomed the small

The transport used by Kieran's Father to deliver him to the Kodiaks.

soul with open arms. The question of why his father had chosen to bring him to Dxun among the elders, a medical examination revealed he had died of a terminal illness, but it perplexed them as to why he had chosen the moon of all the places in the Galaxy. Still, Kieran began his life as the adopted son of the clan’s Patriarch.

A New Life A New Friend

He was brought up like any Mandalorian son and began his training. Kieran possessed a natural talent that many of his brothers did not possess. He learned at an incredible pace and out performed the majority of his brethren, however, he was always on par with one individual. Sashar, like Kieran, was an orphan, and they shared their adoptive father. Fate it seemed, had been smiling down on the pair, and later they would reflect on the involvement of the Force on their meeting.

Kieran and Sashar struck up a solid friendship, increased by the bond of brotherhood, but still they shared something more, something that their fellow clansmen did not. They entered Super-Commando training together and excelled, rising to meet every challenge. However, dreams plagued his brother, nightmares and stirrings inside him, something which the young Mandalorian could not understand, yet still feel a vague familiarization with it.

Mandalorian Clan Kodiak's insignia.

A Brush With The Force

Knowing that the answer lay deep in their clouded past, they searched in the Clan’s archives for an answer, their father’s journal seeming the likely place. They read of the Clan meetings, of discussions of the secret nature, it revealed that Sashar had ties with the Force. The Elders decided to keep it from him, concerned for his wellbeing and for the clan’s. But now, the pair knew their answer and followed one of Sashar’s visions, journeying to a planet called Onderon.

Upon entering the temple that was calling to his brother, Kieran felt a calming feeling, clarity crossed his mind and he felt more attuned with his body and his surroundings. His thoughts were that he was suddenly being awakened, but they soon turned to fear and worry. Sashar had collapsed into a coma leaving Kieran to drag him out and race back to Dxun.

The reception upon their return was not a warm one. Kieran had returned with one of the clan’s rising stars in a coma. Still, anger fell away to concern which was then lifted by relief. Sashar awoke one month later a changed person. He was distant and seemed distracted, Kieran felt a great guilt having brought his brother to the temple and now to see him fall behind in his training. Deciding to return his brother to the temple turned out for the best, as Sashar emerged strong confident, but with a sinister side to him none had seen before.

His brother soon left to join the Sith, the clan elders deciding it was for the better. Kieran completed his training, and became a man.

The Training

His life entailed continuous cycles of running, shooting, playing war games, learning survival techniques, and learning how to use explosives (an activity he enjoyed most of all). He learnt how plan and execute everything from single raids to a strategic campaign to take a planetary system. The Mandalorian Warrior Heritage was firmly instilled on the young man.

Early Weapons Training on Dxun.

They would often patrol through the moon’s jungle, patrol against patrol but they would always face the Zakkeg and the Drexl. They would pit it out and the winner taking the glory. Defeat always angered Kieran who had developed quite a competitive streak. His training finished, his armor forged, but more so he was a free man, now trained as one of Kodiak’s elite and at a moments notice ready to go to war for her. But life seemed boring for Kieran; he desired to fill the empty void the excitement of his training had once filled. He decided to strike out and leave Dxun to join the likes of the famous Boba Fett as a Bounty Hunter.

The Bounty Hunter Years

A Place in the Galaxy

Kieran traveled his way to Corellia to make is way in the Galaxy. The transition from the sheltered society on Dxun to the bustling Core World of Corellia was a strange one for the young man. His eyes were filled with wonders he had never before seen and he felt vacuum in his life begin to fill.

After obtaining his Bounty Hunting license he began his work building a reputation for himself. He started off with what he regarded as menial hunting; collecting over due debts and roughing up people who had offended the wrong person. Corellia became his oyster and his list of clientele grew quickly.

He made his first kill almost by mistake. His mark was the Marketing Director of one of the Corellian Engineering Cororation’s rival firms, the CEC had been angered over the man’s slander campaign and that he had been rumored to have paid a pirate gang to ambush and destroy cargo shipments in order to damage the CEC’s reputation. While the assassination had not been ordered, Kieran was told merely to rough the character up if necessary dispose of him.

Upon embarking on his career Kieran had known that reputation was everything in the Bounty Hunting world. So when the young Mandalorian found himself standing above four corpses, the Marketing Director and his four bodyguards (having decided not to let Kieran go about his business un-interrupted) he had feared that his career might be over. However Kieran was surprised to find the number of new contracts that were being sent his way.

A view over Coronet City.

It appeared that the Corellian sector had a market for his type of character and thus his trade increased. Soon he had amassed a suitable wealth and a reputation to match. He had a modest house in Coronet and was quite enjoying his thrilling line of work.

A Recall To Duty

A call from Dxun awoke Kieran one morning; the clan Elders had use of the young Mandalorian. Acting quickly, he organized he gear and raced back to his home. It appeared that the Elders had set a task for him. A pirate gang known as the Drexl Cry had established a base on Dxun to harass the system. While that had made little difference to the Clan they had began infringing on Kodiak’s territory. It had climaxed and a Mandalorian was injured while three of the pirates were killed. The Elders wished him to take a patrol into their base and destroy everything.

Kieran sent messages to his brothers and formed his old training gang together, only Sashar was not present. He amassed a platoon and set out into the jungle in search of their prey. The pirate personnel numbered sixty but it was no match for the brutal tactics of the

The Pirate Base on Dxun.

Mandalorians. Kieran led them into the base and killed every one, it was the Elder’s order to allow no survivors and that their deaths would serve as a warning to others. They suffered no casualties and the Elders deemed it a perfect success. Kieran had grown in their eyes into their future. He stayed at his home for a while, visiting old friends namely Juda; a fellow ner’vode and Super Commando. After several weeks he left once again for Corellia.

Friendship Founded

"Just drive damn it!" "Hey! I don’t like back seat drivers!"
―Derik Loran to Kieran during the speeder chase through Coronet City, friendly banter from the start.

Kieran was on his last lucrative mark for a while. He had been toying with the idea of returning to Dxun for a while, just to check the place out he would say. His target was a local crime lord and his pay check was being signed by CorSec. It appeared the local security enforcement had grown tired to trying to grab evidence and now they simply wanted him put away. Kieran was quite happy to oblige even though they had said that any screw ups and we would become just another criminal to them; still the fee had him looking twice.

He had tracked him down to a shopping plaza; it was a tricky job especially if he wanted to avoid civilian casualties. He’d settled on a straight pistol shot to the man and then a flash bang grenade to cover his escape and hopefully stop his mark’s bodyguards from shooting him down. It had gone well until at the moment he was to take the shot; another bolt lanced out from somewhere and took the man out. A quick glance told Kieran another bounty hunter had also been offered the contract, CorSec clearly not believing Kieran was up to it.

The Landspeeder used in their escape.

All hell broke lose and the two were the inevitable targets of the bodyguards, who proceeded to spray the area with blaster bolts without a care for who they hit, Kieran new at once his time on Corellia had come to an end. Soon the local authorities had joined the party and Kieran and this bounty hunter were drawn together to escape on a stolen Speeder. The bounty hunter introduced himself as Derik Loran. They escaped aboard Derik’s freighter and struck out together.

From the Shadows

Kieran was on Coruscant in a bar with his new companion Derik Loran. The pair had grown close, taking on numerous marks and happy to share the bounty between them. Kieran began to think of him as his family away from home, a ner’vode in the unlikeliest of places. Their hunts had taken them all across the galaxy and it was on one such hunt they came across the Dream Prowler, abandoned in space and drifting with no sign of the crew. They quickly adopted the ship and used it as a mobile home.

Their drinking crusade had grown to a dramatic finally with the entrance of Sashar. Kieran greeted him warmly but the talk soon turned from a one of a happy reunion to a serious discussion. It seemed the Jedi had come to reveal a secret of Kieran’s, one that he himself did not know.

Sashar explained Kieran’s force sensitivity to him and offered him a choice. He could join the brotherhood or simply continue with his life. Kieran dwelled on the question for several weeks after Sashar returned to the brotherhood. After much deep reflection Kieran decided to take up Sashar's offer of Apprenticeship and join the brotherhood. Derik went his way but paid numerous visits to the Mandalorian.

Sashar; Kieran's Master and Brother.

The Brotherhood

Early Years

Kieran arrived into the Dajorra System joining Clan Arcona’s ranks. He excelled in his early training, grasping the force with ease and excelling in his physical and combat skills. He felt at ease among the Clan especially with Sashar there as his Master to guide him. He joined the Soulfire Strike Team; becoming a valuable asset with his knowledge of military tactics from his Supercommando training. He participated in numerous of the clan’s military excursions building his reputation among his fellow Jedi.

The Strike at the Heart

A clan feud erupted; Scholae Palatinae had attacked Strategos (the clan’s Consul) while meeting to discuss a series of incidents concerning supposedly rogue Jedi. The clans geared up for war and Soulfire was called upon to strike out at Arcona’s enemy. They launched a daring raid deep into the Cocytus System.

Kieran fulfilled his role as the team’s demolition expert and they successfully destroyed a sensor relay effectively blinding the entire sector to pave way for the arrival of the fleet. Selene was injured by Koskian (posing as a Bounty Hunter on another of the Consul’s missions), thinking quickly he took her prisoner to escape on their ship. While aboard the sensor satellite they discovered the CSP (Clan Scholae Palatinae as it is colloquially known) Victory I Class Star Destroyer Excidium was rearming and refuelling at an asteroid base.

The Excidium docked at the Asteroid Refuelling Base.

Seizing the opportunity; Soulfire raced to the base and set about planting explosives on both the Star Destroyer and the asteroid base. Kieran and Zandro took to the base in search of the fuel rooms in order to plant explosives while Sashar and Timeros made their way to the Excidium. It was on their journey back to rendezvous with Sashar and Timeros when Kieran took shrapnel wound to the chest after being ambushed by a CSP patrol.

A call from Sashar had the pair racing with the Dream Prowler for the Excidium’s hangar bay in the hope to extract their companions. However, as soon as they crossed the threshold a barrage of PLX missiles destroyed the Repulsorlifts and beached their escape vehicle. Now facing overwhelming numbers and fire power the odds of survival seemed small.

At the last moment, revealing his cover, Koskian entered with Selene and turning the tide back in Arcona’s favor. The fire fight spluttered to a close with a last ditched attack from Soulfire. They boarded the Dream Prowler, and in true Jedi fashion, lifted her out of the hangar using the force.

Ascendancy in the Force

Kieran’s tutelage under Sashar ended in the way that few of the Master-Apprentice pairings did; with Kieran being granted the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. The inception ceremony was a quiet private one, as neither Master nor Apprentice cared for the flamboyant theatrics that so many of their fellow Jedi lost themselves into. The Consul Strategos Thanatos Entar and his Proconsul were the only other two beings present. Kieran had constructed his Lightsaber at his home on Dxun during a brief visit the pair had made in search of material. The young Mandalorian had already developed into a formidable duellist following Sashar closely in his mastery of Soresu although he had been making some headway into the more aggressive form of Shii-Cho.

A Name was Born

The Erinos family.

This event somewhat overshadowed the creation of Kieran’s family, the Erinos along will fellow Mandalorian’s Sashar and Juda as well as the Soulfire sergeant Zandro. Other members of the brotherhood were included in the roster but as of yet Kieran had had little dealings with them. Still, it was yet another body that Kieran swore loyalty to.

Kieran had taken some persuading to join the family but after careful consideration he acknowledged that it would be in his best interests in the Brotherhood and later, would come in use upon his return to Kodiak. Eager to lend a hand during the early stages of its creation he brought Malidir with him on a trip to Dxun. While Malidir was not a Mandalorian by blood or inception, he had proved on countless occasions that he had the grit to make it in their way of life. Kieran enrolled Malidir in the final stages of the training he himself had undergone, not to improve his companion’s combat skills but to learn a little about the heritage and way of life that several of the Erinos family knew so well. Kieran’s other purpose for his return was to recruit a number of his ner’vode to be at the disposal of the family. The Patriarch of the clan, his father, agreed in earnest once Kieran had outlined his plan to him and demonstrated how it would serve in Kodiak’s interest. And so they returned, with a seventy strong company of Mandalorian’s in their wake.


Physiological Profile

Kieran bares the typical traits of any Mandalorian son. Having been brought up on ration pack meals and hard physical training he is as solidly built as you would expect. Kieran has broad shoulders and stands just shy of six feet not a towering giant the Mandalorian’s had been reputed to be. He has a muscular body type; his large frame is adorned with the iron hard muscle tone that only years of rigorous training has brought. His skin is lightly tanned as one would expect from a man who had spent most of his life outdoors. His emerald green eyes, while startling in color and brightness (having been known to cut through even the iciest of hearts) they still convey a sense of age and authority, as though he has seen more than a man of his age should but has not let it bother him.

He bears few visually distinguishing marks. A single scar runs from his right hip to his sternum, an old wound from an encounter with a Boma on Dxun. He has but one tattoo, an ornate decoration of transecting and crossing lines that start on top of his right shoulder and worm their way down his bicep to curl round the elbow and finish on the forearm. The tattoo is rarely visible in its entirety and was painted on completion of his training, as a memento amongst his training squad. Kieran typically wears his brown hair short and in a mess adding to the roguish charm the man possesses. He is most comfortable wearing baggy synthetic trousers and a form hugging shirt of sorts, although his armor is like a second skin.

Psycological Profile

"Kieran, a Mandalorian's Mandalorian."
―Sashar remarking on Kieran's personality traits.
Kieran collecting a bounty on Coruscant

Kieran possesses a natural affinity for everything associated with warfare, and thus he epitomizes the Mandalorian way of life. However, Kieran is not naturally aggressive. His first instinct is to question and understand, a rather peaceful approach from someone with a culture of warfare, but then one hasn’t addressed the question as to why he has asked those questions. Kieran seeks to knowledge to bolster his ability as a soldier, a great believer in battles being won and lost on intelligence he has taken a similar view to Grand Admiral Thrawn, in that by understanding he is better able to destroy. His natural inquisitiveness, when coupled with his training on Dxun is what helped him excel through the Brotherhood’s ranks with ease.

Kieran finds comfort in socialising with friends and is widely known for his large group of friends, yet counter to this he has a problem with trust. Kieran finds it difficult to put faith in people outside of his ‘comfort zone’ a trait which has no doubt been incurred from the Mandalorian’s reliance on family groups. However, once trust has been earned, Kieran is eager to repay that person and often builds strong bonds with people.

Inside Kieran a turmoil of different emotions rage, he longs for his home and his family yet he is happy with his new friends in the Brotherhood. Frequent visits from an old friend, Derik Loran (now in command of one of Soulfire’s support squads) would bring him closer to his family on Dxun, but still the man feels it is not enough.

In short, Kieran is a strong willed and minded soldier; he questions everything and is eager to learn but only to learn how to defeat his enemies with increasing ease.

Fighting Traits

Hand to hand Kieran was unmatched on Dxun, here in the brotherhood with the force to consider as well, his skills have diminished somewhat in comparison. Never the less, the man is well equipped to tackle different types of enemies without a weapon. Kieran uses a form of boxing that can loosely be described as brawling; it has few recorded moves and utilizes the individual’s strengths to tackle the opponent’s weaknesses. Kieran’s inquisitive nature as lead him to a biomechanical knowledge of several different species, and with that, the knowledge of the different species points of weakness.

While a proficient boxer, Kieran’s preferred method of taking on his enemies is by looking through the sites of a blaster rifle. True to his Mandalorian way, Kieran is a great believer in victory through overwhelming firepower. Weapons of all sorts excite Kieran, but nothing surpasses his coveted twin Model 434 Deathhammers. Other than the pair of modified pistols Kieran makes do with the equipment he has helped design that Soulfire now sport on all their missions.

Melee weaponry wise Kieran is neither a novice nor an expert. He is quick with a knife and handy with a sword. His training with melee weaponry has increased since arriving in the brotherhood. His master eager wishes him to become a proficient Lightsaber user once he ascends to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

The Force

Kieran follows the Potentium view of the force; he sees it as a means for improving his ability to fight in true Mandalorian fashion. Although surrounded by the Dark Jedi, Kieran does not view their way as wrong but rather as lesson in the law that power corrupts. He seeks to understand both sides of the force as he sees benefit in both. The Dark Side provides Kieran with combat techniques and energy he can use to bolster his performance. The Light Side gives Kieran a balance, as well as knowledge of the Force and healing techniques.

An astute observer may comment that while Kieran sits on the fence, he is leaning closer to the dark than the light. Kieran would argue that it isn’t true, and that careful observation (of both the techniques he uses and the reasons for use) that he is a Gray Jedi focused on combat and warfare.

Character Possessions


Kieran owns an assortment of different weapons, some he has collected from bounties and during his travels across the galaxy, others he has purchased or has been given. Kieran guards his weapons closely and will often spend hours disassembling and cleaning each individual part;

One of Kieran's Model 434 Deathhammer pistols.

to him it is a sort of meditation. His actual inventory is vast and due the implementation of standard kit for Soulfire, they feature less and less on his person. However, the two that see regular appearances are:

  • Model 434 Deathhammer (2)

Kieran’s Deathhammer pistols are similar to any other Deathhammer pistols in that they look nothing like their brothers. The owners of the reputed pistols are well known to modify their pistols to the user’s desire, and Kieran’s are a shining example of that. The pistols are an exact match for each other.

Like any good soldier Kieran has his trusty knife. Opting for simplicity over looks in this case the knife is the least exotic of his personnel cache of weapons. The blade is four inches long and dead straight; on one edge you will find a typical micro angled blade while the other is the same until it reaches an inch below the guard. There its edge waves slightly but still maintains its sharpness, this is to allow easier cutting through denser materials.


To a Mandalorian, his armor is his soul. Kieran’s armor is relatively new, him being of a young age and having no birth father to pass armor down from. He found it on Dxun under the supervision of his adopted father and began its design. Kieran wanted simplicity over flamboyant colors and chose a soft grey, one that shined, but never reflected the light from its surface. On a sunny day, the armor would appear a very light shade of grey, yet dark at the same time, while at night, the armor would appear almost black. The trimming is yellow; as would befit the son of a clan elder, and a prominent warrior in the clan.

Kieran in his full armor.

Since his days with Clan Kodiak, Kieran has made some minor adjustments to his armor. The jet pack that is normally worn on the back has been removed in order to reduce weight and the fact his new abilities have erased the need for it. In its stead, a small life support system, which is wired into the flexible membrane suit worn underneath, has been introduced. Together, they make the armor vacuum proof for half a standard hour of exposure.

The flexible membrane suit also carries with it some advantages. The suit acts as a simple medical droid, able to treat minor wounds, control blood flow, body temperature and enhance muscle oscillation to increase the wearer’s endurance. While being the least protective part of the suit, it is still able to withstand kinetic and blaster fire (to a degree) due to its honeycombed structure.

The weapons systems are basic, but suit Kieran’s needs well. The gauntlets house contractible vibroblades for use in melee combat. The left gauntlet has a Datapad built into it with a Holoprojector to display a message without using the helmet’s HUD (Heads Up Display). The right gauntlet sports a concealed blaster pistol with enough power for twenty shots should he lose his weaponry.

The helmet contains a plethora of devices to augment his combat abilities. It contains pattern recognition software to help him identify tactics and strategies being used by his enemies as well as an advanced targeting system. An inbuilt comm system is also included as well as telescopic zoom, infra-red imaging and a heat sensor. From the helmet, Kieran can control different aspects of his weaponry, access his datapad, and receive, as well as process, information he has observed and received through the communications antenna. The helmet control is performed by the wearer focusing on the part of the HUD in question and accessing and controlling it through a series of different blinking patterns and speeds allowing for quick and silent control. While the system is complicated to a new user, years of wearing has conditioned Kieran so that it is second nature.

General information


Planet of origin:


Physical characteristics
Average height:

1.3 meters

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Meela is not known for her affection to anyone other than Kieran. Like all felines she is inherently lazy and enjoys her time spent sleeping and bathing herself in a way they only can. However, while she may appear distracted and lethargic she is still every bit of the astute lethal predator Neks are supposed to be.

Unlike most Neks found in the galaxy today, Kieran has shone away from making too many neurological enhancements to her, preferring her normal behaviour and demeanour to that of one governed by a machine. Neurological implants have rendered her control to Kieran while still maintaining a great degree of her own free will. The implants have allowed Kieran to send her detailed information concerning targets and orders making her the perfect "war hound".