Prajna Berkana

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Prajna Berkana
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The Entourage

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Bar Brawl, Grappling

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Assassin, Soldier




Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dorimad Sol, Cerea

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Hello, I am K-Y27, Human-cyborg relations. How may I assist you?

Inquiry #53.27a: Prajna Berkana

  • Obelisk Templar
  • Guardian of Cerea
  • Liberator of Caina
  • Third Reclaimer of Scholae
  • Defender of Scholae

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An Obelisk is a pillar the shines in the... An Obelisk Templar is a fierce and cunning soldier of warfare...

Ah, Prajna Berkana. My first master and a true Crème D'Infame. His stories are renowned. I would guess that is why you seek of him from myself.

Cerean Life

Life on Cerean is what most Galatians would consider archaic at best. Daily life goes without most electronic technology that revolutionizes life. Only in the colonial space stations, mostly housing non-Cereans, does the high-tech life around the system show face. This comes from years of bloodshed culminating during the Battle of Cerea during the Clone Wars. Since, Cerea has restructured society to isolate themselves from trifles of galactic politics. Only a handful of rare, talented Cereans would ever leave the planet anyway. Some would go for advances in education, which would then be shared at home and integrated in the universities on the planet.


PJ, as he is often nicknamed by members of the Brotherhood, comes from Ta-Gal, a small city far removed from even the others in Cerean society. Perhaps this complete isolation explains why Ta-Gal has produced more outbound Cereans than any other place on the planet.

His mother was queen of Ta-Gal at the time of his birth and early childhood. Now she acts as the town's representative to the Council of Elders. This royal lineage made Prajna a local celebrity from birth. He has told me to great lengths of some of his devilish deed he would get away with, always because of his mother. One story he loves to retell talks of his dark beginnings where he would dip teachers' tools in mud, or swipe food from the elder women of town. He was quite a Daranu if you ask me.

He is also boasted of his records set for speed among his people. As a young boy he raced the older sons and daughters of the town who would next leave for Tecave City and the higher education universities there. In the race, though still small and under-developed physically, he won by minutes to even the promising and energetic teens. Another story is of Prajna stealthily snaring a baby aryx from under her mother's roost. He raised the animal, and later used her frequently to travel about before finally leaving the planet.


By his his eleventh birthday, Prajna had far outgrown the small town. Prajna's father took him to Tecave City the day after a large farewell and birthday party. However, many of the residence were celebrating a liberation from the increasingly evil pranks and thefts the child was committing. The Queen knew he was specially skilled, however, with speed and cunning that was not just natural. He just needed discipline and a clean outlet for his energy. This is why his father took Prajna to meet Lady Berkana, Guardian of Cerea sine the Jedi Purge.

Lady Berkana was not a Jedi, or even very Force Sensitive. However, she had trained under Ki-Adi Mundi and in fact been a mistress of his when she was young. Still, she was a cunning warrior, even as the signs of aging finally caught up to her. As Guardian, the Mistress lived in a modest palace surrounded by a hundred acres of gardens, all enclosed from the outside world of the city. For three years, Prajna did nothing by study. He would read piles of books, learning of history, art and culture. It was the warfare, though, that really attracted and inspired him to stay awake for days on end. Berkana brought him modern technologies, immersing him in their familiarity that he would surely need if he was to one day replace her when she retired. Prajna would especially search out details of battle tactics, studying everything from ancient Jedi basics to the extreme efficiency of the empire.

He was required to work hard labor in the gardens daily. This allowed him to properly grow into the body that now was showing signs of large growth, even for a Cerean. When he peaked height over his master at fourteen, it was time for her to begin to teach him more than just combat from books. Besides, he had read everything she could acquire already. Lady Berkana was said to be a master martial artist, skilled in Steal Hands and Shadow Fist. She had been taught by actual Echani when serving her Jedi idol. Even a special crab-like form had been shown to her. It was this unique grappling style that intrigued PJ the most, but it was this she knew the least and so held back.

She trained him in several unarmed combat styles, and also the Cerean legendary Shyarn-Ado. Prajna would always return bruised and bloody, but allowed him to learn first aid hands on. This is also when Prajna's master discovered his extraordinary ability of recovery. She had only seen it once before, but her idol and secret love was long dead. When Prajna was nearing his sixth year under the training of his master, she sat him down after a particularly successful bout in which Lady Berkana was more beaten than the younger Cerean. This is when she told him of what she knew of the Force. She also pronounced his training complete and banished him from the gardens.

Prajna became infuriated, to his Master's great surprise. They fought again, and Lady Berkana held nothing back, whooping the angry youth close to death before he finally withdrew.

Galactic Space

Prajna once laughed on how big he found the galaxy to be after six years contained in the gardens of the Guardian of Cerea. He traveled to the city-planet of Coruscant, the dessert-planet Tatooine, and the ocean-planet Mon Calamari. each was something far different from the plains, mountains, and jungles of his planet.

It was then that Prajna discovered cantinas. They had exotic women who could do things his binary brains had never even dreamed of. They had potent alcohol that far exceeded the mild drinks he had tasted in his secret excursions through the city around his garden prison. Mostly though, Prajna would go to cantinas for fighting. He found he loved to fight. He was larger than the weirdly shaped Humans with their shallow, pointless skulls. His training also let him viciously drop even groups of gangs who might try to jump him after too much drinking or a flirtatious gaze at one of their women. A number of cantinas added "Cereans" next to robots and other miscreants not allowed to enter. He really enjoyed causing too much trouble.

It was after one brawl Prajna left four street thugs unconscious that he was approached by a hooded figure with yellow eyes. He had his first job. Prajna now was an assassin for hire. After his first kill, the mad Cerean lusted for more. He killed dozens of people, a few not even for money. However, his eighteenth birthday sobered him up enough to remember his Master, and her last discussion with him. The Force whispered to him, and Prajna disappeared to look for a Jedi.

He decided to return home, after more than a year of his hardening lifestyle. He had already acquired a Theta-class T-2c shuttle, refurbished after lifting it from one of his targets. Upon first entering Cerea, he ignored the communications tower, easily vaped two pilots on patrol duty, and then maneuvered into the atmosphere. Instantly, he felt chills: he was home.

The Entourage

General information
General information

Kyn-Nix `Pal


Prajna Berkana

Historical information

27 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

Kyn-Nix `Pal, Que Korrat, Qi Korrat, Ada Seirr


Cerea, Dorimad Sol


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Four Cerean females often accompany the Templar Prajna Berkana. They are followers of a special Force Power cult Ner Yan.

Member Discriptions

Kyn-Nix `Pal

Sister of the Jedi Padawan "Tap". Eldest of the Entourage. One of the original practiciners of Ner Yan. Physically strong, and wise from experience. Healer and leader.

Que Korrat | Qi Korrat

Twin daughters of the late Jedi Hunter Del Korrat, servant of the Emperor. Look identical, except Qi has a single red eye which is blind. Exotic and wild for Cereans. Fast. Warriors more than force users.

Ada Seirr

Cousin of the former Jedi Watchman, General and Jedi Knight Tarr Seirr. Prajna's favorite female, and by far the most beautiful. A moderate Cerean, though still more traditional than most anyone that would find themselves in the brotherhood. Strongest in the force of the four women.

Ada grew up with Prajna, and both always secretly watched the other from a distance. Prajna left the town much to young for anything to happen, but still he has caught himself in daydreams with her. Now that Ada has come with the Entourage, the two have begun to act on their past.


Cerea has a long tradition of remaining neutral in war. Still some members of the race have ventured out, eager to explore. However, these few were pulled away by a most violent event.

Ner Yan

While much of the ways of the Force still remain a mystery, it is thought the conjunction of two brains has increased the likelihood of Cereans to feel the Force. However, to be able to control this bond alone is even more rare than in Humans. Once in a group, then the strength of many becomes stronger than any part, and the Force can do anything. When several Cereans open their mind in meditation, they form a mind chord that creates a powerful link to the Force. This is the basics of Ner Yan.

It is not known exactly when it was discovered, as Ner Yan was always a secret society of Cereans. The cult was first brought to use by either the Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi or his successor, Jedi Watchman Tarr Seirr during the clone wars to help protect the planet while the Generals were fighting against the Confederacy. Kyn-Nix soon took charge of the cult, as a representitive to the Council of Elders. She did so upon the death of her Jedi brother during the Battle of Merson.

Defense of Cerea

The Council of Elders knew of the threat of the Alien Invasion from the Yuuzhan Vong through loose correspondence with the New Republic. Upon failing to contact the Fallen Guardian Berkana, they turned to Kyn-Nix. She knew that no power of the Force could protect the planet. Instead, she contracted a plan that involved moving a small Ner Yan away that would distract the Vong invaders. She selected four of the greatest practiciners of the art of defense and took them in a small ship.

The members of the flight group succeeded in hiding the location of the isolated system from the Aliens. However, the group were captured, and given as prisoners to a high ranking Priestess. She studied them in hopes to learn more about Jedi and the disconnected Force.

Aftermath and Entourage

The Priestess was in the battlegroup that devastated the Dark Brotherhood. It was only after the initial assault she discovered an ancient Temple on Juddeca. Here she held her prisoners in torturous cages.

On a raid to reclaim the temple and world that was home to Clan Scholae Palatinae, Prajna Berkana found the Cerean women. He killed the Priestess with help from the Ner Yan of the group. It was not done before the Priestess managed to kill one of the members of the Defense Flight, Hinder-Joliet.

With Cerea considered safe, the Entourage has joined up to help and aide Prajna. He works with them in efforts to discover new ways to use the new Force Power with his own heightened control. The Entourage also keeps in contact with the Council of Elders, in hopes that if Cerea ever calls, they can lure the true Guardian of the Pearl back home to her rescue.

DJB Facts

Prajna has had 3 master in the Dark Brotherhood. Locust was the first trainer when Prajna was still young and new to everything. He trained PJ in extreme combat, especially in the use of dual-sabers in the game Jedi Academy. Desdemonea was his second master, but here influence was minimal. His final Master was the young Braecen Kaeth, who traveled with him until Prajna finally achieved the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

Prajna has two apprentices, Bal Commas and Tollo.

Positions Held

Former Aedile of the greatest House to ever be a part of Clan Scholae Palatinae and the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi

Outstanding Achievements

PJ is still coming back after being around for over four years.

He is the second person in Brotherhood history to be granted the Dark Maven- Writing (DMW).

Prajna was named Third Reclaimer of Scholae and Liberator of Caina for his efforts in eradicating the Yuuzhan Vong from the Cocytus System in the aftermath of the Eighth Great Jedi War during the Reclamation of Judecca.

Prajna worked with two Consuls Braecen and Phoenix to host the Independence Games in 2008.


Prajna (pronounced Prahj-nuh) comes from Buddhism meaning wisdom or understanding. Berkana comes from the House Berkana of the Lost Order which Prajna was a part of in the Star Vipers.

Preceded by:

Thran Occasus

Aedile of Dorimad Sol

28 ABY - 29 ABY

Succeeded by:

Angelo Dante